NICHOLAS E. GEORGE was born in Camden, New Jersey on July 29, 1922 to Paul and Josephine George. His father worked as a butcher for the Campbell Soup Company. Besides Nicholas the family included older brothers William and Frank George, and a sister, Josephine. When the Census was taken in January of 1920 he family was living at 619 South 3rd Street. By 1924 they had moved to 548 Pine Street. Nicholas E. George remained at that address through at least the fall of 1959.

Sadly, brother Frank George died while serving with the United States Army in Italy in September of 1944. Nicholas George was then in the Army, stationed at Camp Cooke, California. He later served overseas in a tank battalion.

Nicholas E. George was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on January 31, 1951. He reported the next day to Engine Company 3 at 1815 Broadway. On June 16, 1951 he was reassigned to Engine Company 6 at Front and Linden Streets.

On May 16, 1953 Nicholas George was transferred to the Camden Fire Department's training school as assistant drillmaster, along with Captain Anthony Dzinski, who was named drillmaster. Health reasons caused a transfer to an assignment as temporary clerk at the Chief Engineer's office in August of 1963.

Illness forced an early retirement in 1967, after sixteen years of service. Nicholas E. George was a resident of Cinnminson, New Jersey when he passed away in April of 1969.

548 Pine Street

Camden Courier-Post * August 19, 1957

Firemen Here Get Advanced First Aid Course

More than 40 members of the Camden Fire Department have completed the Red Cross course in advanced first aid according to announcement today by Howard F. Keller, Collingswood, chairman of the Camden County Chapter's first aid committee. 

Instruction sessions were under the direction of Fire Chief William V. Pfefferle, Drillmaster Anthony Dzinski, a member of the local chapter first aid group, assisted by Nicholas E. George, were instructors. Dzinski is a member of the Red Cross faculty at the National Aquatic School held in this area each year for instruction in advance safety techniques. Dick Harris, director of Red Cross safety services, supervised.

All members of the graduating class are personnel of several units housed at fire department headquarters here. These include the Headquarters Company, Engine Company 2, Rescue Squad 1 and Truck Company 1. These groups include: 

Rescue Squad: Captains Arthur Batten, Philip A. Stinger and Albert Weller; Edward Brendlinger, Harrison MacNeir, Robert Olesiewicz and James W. Smith.

Headquarters Company: Raymond Banford, John K. Voll and John W. Yates.

Truck Company 1: Captains Daniel Jiannetto, Robert E. Dukes and Otto V. Kaiser; William Watkin, Chester Gedrich, George Baxter, John Mogck, George C. Hennessy, Charles Devlin, Ambrose W. Faust, Joseph McTaggart, Howard R. Taggart, William G. Winstanley and Elmer Johnson Jr.

Engine Company 2: Captains James R. Asher, Thomas Winstanley; Carl Wirtz, James McGrory, Edwin V. Decker, James Stewart, Francis X. McTaggart, Anthony T. Orme, Mario D. Fattore, James O. Jones, Francis P. Stibi, William Hopkins, Robert E. Briggs, John Guiliano, Casper Martelli, Harold H. Pike, John J. Vane, William Stibi, John DiMaggio and Harry Kleinfelder.

Graduation of Probationary Fireman
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Graduation of Probationary Fireman (from left) Chief John Graham, Captain Anthony Dzinski, Assistant Training Officer Nicholas George, Firemen Herman Reed, Bertram Dahl, Joseph Dowhy, Joseph Simpson, Edward Morgenweck, Charles Christensen, Joseph Wolfinger, George Dixon, Edward Ulrich, Reginald Laws, Grant Keller, and Chief Edward MacDowell.

Camden Courier-Post
January 4, 1962

Howard Doerschner
Edward R. MacDowell
Nicholas George
Leo Tompkins Sr.
Walter Burgin
Walter E. Klaus











Camden Courier-Post
April 5, 1969

Camden Courier-Post
April 5, 1969