NEWTOWN GRANT ASH  was born in Pennsylvania around on July 6, 1870 to Phineas Alexander Ash and his wife, the former Rachel Strong Irwin. He was named after his uncle, Newton L. Ash. The Phineas Ash family moved to New Jersey by 1875 and by the time of the 1880 Census enumeration included a sister, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Ash, and two brothers, Howard Ash and Samuel Ash. Phineas Ash worked as a machinist. The family lived at 267 Sycamore Street when the 1887-1888 and 1888-1889 City Directories were compiled,. and had moved to 269 Sycamore Street in time for the 1890-1891 compilation. 

After attending grade school in Camden, Newton G. Ash acquired a trade. He first appears in Camden City Directories in 1890. He was then living with his parents at 269 Sycamore Street and working as a shoemaker. 

Sadly, older brother Howard passed away in 1894, and both Phineas and Rachel Ash died in 1896. Older sister Lizzie had married George Smith in the early 1880s; by 1900 Newton Ash was living with the Smiths and their children. 

Newton Ash married Anna Durant around 1900. He took an interest in local politics as a member of the Tenth Ward Republican Club, which in 1904 nominated future police chief Arthur Colsey for City Council.

The 1906 City Directory shows Newton Ash working as a boilermaker and living at 646 Willard Street. Younger brother Samuel resided a few doors away, at 640 Willard Street. Samuel Ash and his wife Susan later moved to Cramer Hill. Samuel Ash passed away in 1928, his wife in 1933.

By 1910 Newton G. Ash had joined the Camden Fire Department. He had already or quite soon after learned to drive motor vehicles. When the Department acquired motorized apparatus, Newton Ash was among the first drivers, working at Engine Company 2. By 1909, he and his wife Anne were living at 636 North 8th Street in North Camden, and were at that time childless. They were living at 636 North 8th Street as late as 1924. By 1927 Newton and Anna Ash had moved to Cramer Hill, where they resided at 840 North 30th Street. Newton Ash was still employed as a fire fighter as late as 1947. He was still living at 840 North 30th Street as late as the fall of 1956.

Newton Grant Ash later moved to Westville NJ. He passed away around on October 28, 1958 and was buried at Arlington Cemetery in Pennsauken, New Jersey..

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 5. 1903

William Meggett
Newton Ash
Fred Ellis
North 8th Street
Willard Street


Philadelphia Inquirer
September 4, 1904

William Bechtel
Newton Ash
William Bodine
Arthur Colsey


Trenton Times - November 16, 1907

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 28, 1907

Newton Ash - Ephraim Hires - Gardner Corson - John H. Lennox - Herbert Hibbs
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott - Charles H. Ellis - E.G.C. Bleakly

Philadelphia Inquirer - August 28, 1909

Camden Post-Telegram
January 3, 1910

Harry Selby
Samuel S. Buzine
Arthur Wingate
Richard Marter
Samuel S. Elfreth
George B. Wade
Peter B. Carter
Peter S. Gray
John A. Dold
Newton G. Ash
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Maxwell
Harry S. Burrough
William Elberson
Henry "Harry" Green
William Tatem
John Lennox
John Lutts

Charles H. Fitzsimmons IV

John Gardner
Charles Minckle
Harry Lee
Charles Hose

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 6, 1910

John H. Vickers - William O. Sawyer - Newton Ash
William Miller -
Samuel Lodge - William Rose
William Elberson - Scott Franklin - Andrew Miller


Camden Daily Courier
June 14, 1910

Howard L. Currie
Robert Brice
Clarence Madden
William Cason
William Laird
George Boone
Edward Simpson
John McTaggart
Roy A. Smith
James Ora Burris
William Buzine
Thomas J. Nicholas
Joseph Maxwell
Daniel Smith
Arthur Wingate
Newton Ash
Henry Knowles
Engine Company 7





Camden Post-Telegram
March 16, 1914

Charles Worthington
John A. Stockton
George B. Wade
James White
Newton Ash
James Orrington Burris
William Laird
Joseph T. Johnson
Martin Carrigan
Charles Cook
William B. McCauley
William Elberson
William Cason
Harry Hankins
Conn L. Mack (Dan McConnell)
Joseph Allen

Camden Post-Telegram
April 6, 1914

Joseph Johnson - James White
Charles Worthington -
John A. Stockton
George B. Wade - William McCauley
William Laird - William Elberson
Harry Hankins - Charles Cook
Newton Ash - James Miller
Joseph Allen -
Martin Carrigan
William R. Cason - Conn L. Mack

Engine Company 2

The Department's first motorized pumper with driver, Fireman Newt Ash. This 1914 American LaFrance triple combination, 750 gpm, gasoline powered apparatus was delivered on February 10, 1914 and entered service at Engine Company 2 on February 12th.

Driver Newton Ash and Lieutenant James White are pictured with the 1916 Boyd 2-in-1, 750 gpm pumper assigned to Engine Company 2.

Hook & Ladder Company 3, Hose & Chemical Company 1 & Engine Company 9 - 1924

Hook & Ladder Company 3: Captain Joseph B. Ayres, FF Dave Humphries, Al Dukes, John Mulligan, Bill Mountney, Bill Hopkins. Hose & Chemical Company 1: Captain Charles H. Robinson, FF William E "Pud" Jaeckel, George Townsend, Ken Naylor, Howard Gick. Engine Company 9: Captain John H. Vickers, FF Irv Lederman, Newton Ash, Joe Gentlesk, Al Palmer

Camden Evening Courier - December 13, 1930

William Foehl - Charles Schultz - Newton Ash - Irvin K. Lederman
Engine Company 9 - Engine Company 11 - Ladder Company 3
East Camden - North 27th Street - Hayes Avenue - Federal Street

Camden Courier-Post * December 20, 1932
Charles Laib Charles J. "Jeff" Kay Theodore Guthrie Howard Smith
J. Oscar Till - Louise F. Walsh - John W. Golden - Charles H. Ellis - Charles Humes
South 2 4th Street - North 25th Street - North 4th Street - Penn Street - Fiore Troncone - Chestnut Street
Sheltering Arms Home - Newton Ash - William Michalak - John J. Robinson - Roy R. Stewart

Camden Courier-Post
January 3, 1934

The Newton Ash referred to is Newton L. Ash, the uncle of Newton G. Ash. He died in 1931.

Camden Courier-Post
February 4, 1935

Roy R. Stewart
Walter Smith
John Trout
Newton Ash
George Clayton
Harold W. Bennett
John J. Robinson
Elisha A. Gravenor
Charles H. Ellis
David Kates
Ralph Bakley
Joseph Carpani
Louis Schlam


Camden Courier-Post - October 29, 1935


Importance of neighborhood business was stressed last night at an open air meeting sponsored by the Cramer Hill Businessmen's association, at Veterans Park, Twenty-sixth street and Hayes avenue. Businessmen of the section were praised in brief talks by Mayor Frederick von Nieda, Mayor Joseph H. Van Meter, Collingswood, and Joshua C. Haines, recorder of deeds.

Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Newton Ash, 840 North Thirtieth street, electric refrigerator; Walter Conine, 1809 River avenue, radio, and George Blanck, 1026 North Twenty-first street, vacuum cleaner.

Officers of the association are Frederick Wolf, president; Charles Till, vice president; Richard Liebert, secretary and George Stiefel, treasurer. Trustees are: Edward Wenner, Joseph Till and Sylvester Onesty.


Engine Company 9 & Ladder Company 3
Engine Company 9 & Ladder Company 3 - circa 1946
John Mulligan passed away on July 28, 1947

E9 Tim Shanahan, Howard "Waxie" Harrington, Howard Gick, unknown, Newton Ash
Johnny Mulligan, Dave Humphries. Clarence Madden, Harry Allebach , unknown, Henry Zook

Camden Courier-Post
October 29, 1958

Newton Ash
Ionic Lodge No. 94, F. & A.M.
State Street Methodist Church