MORTIMER WILSON was born on October 14, 1845 in Pennsylvania to Thomas Alexander Wilson and his wife the former Harriette Barry. His father, a house carpenter, had brought his family to Camden's South Ward by the time the 1860 Census was enumerated. When the Census was taken Mortimer Wilson was the oldest of six children then at home. The younger siblings were Anna, Thomas, Alfred, Harriet, and Caroline. Two more children were born after the 1860 Census, Mary and Levi.

In the 1860s Mortimer Wilson joined Independence Fire Company No. 3, one of Camden's volunteer fire companies. In time he served as treasurer of the organization.


The 1870 Census shows that Mortimer Wilson had married. He was living in the South Ward with his wife Corrilla and one year-old son John B. Wilson, in a house next door to his parents and siblings. Mortimer Wilson was then working as a house painter. Mortimer Wilson had a talent for art, and when the 1878-1879 Camden City Directory was compiled Mortimer Wilson was working as a "scene painter". Sadly his wife Corrilla died in 1875 at the age of 23, leaving Mortimer Wilson with three sons, John B., Mortimer, and Lloyd Wilson. On January 18, 1877 he was again married, this time to Charlotte E. Leach. The Wilson are listed in the 1878-1879 Directory at 810 Kaighn Avenue. The 1879-1880 edition shows them living at 209 Bailey Street in North Camden. The 1880 Census, taken on June 21, shows the Mortimer and Lottie Wilson at 840 South 6th Street with Mortimer Wilson's three sons. A daughter, Ida Kendall Wilson, was born in June of 1880 in Camden. Mortimer Wilson and family remained at 840 South 6th Street through 1890. He was still living at that address when he was appointed to the Camden Fire Department as Foreman of then yet to be organized Engine Company 3, at 18134 Broadway. 

On June 1, 1890 Engine Company 3 of the Camden Fire Department was organized on Broadway near Ferry Avenue. Charter members included Mortimer Wilson, foreman, Samuel Lodge, engineer; John Helmbbold, stoker; Joseph Reed, hoseman; William Deno, driver; and John Ware, hoseman. John Helmbold resigned on August 1, 1890, and Joseph Reed was promoted to Stoker. George Shields joined the company on August 14, 1890 as a hoseman, in the spot made available by Reed's promotion. Mortimer Wilson was still foreman of Engine Company 3 in the spring of 1891, however, in the spring of 1892 he left the Fire Department, and William Deno had been promoted to the post of foreman at Engine Company 3. Mortimer Wilson and family were still living at 840 South 6th Street in 1892.

The 1893-1894 and 1894-1895 City Directories show Mortimer Wilson at 640 North 2nd Street in North Camden. He had gone back to work as an artist. Mortimer Wilson's son Mortimer died on February 8, 1894 and was buried at Evergreen cemetery in Camden.

The 1895-1896 Directory has him living at 527 South 2nd Street. The 1896 Directory gives his address as 633 White Street in South Camden. The Directories for 1897 ad 1898 show Mortimer Wilson at 207 Washington Street. He was by this time working as a painter for the Pennsylvania Railroad. He does not appear in the 1899 City Directory in Camden, the 1900 Census, or the 1906 City Directory, and it is evident that he left Camden.

Mortimer Wilson appears in the 1920 Census living with his daughter Mrs. Ida Beard and her family in Woodbury, New Jersey. He died on September 1, 1923 and was buried at Evergreen cemetery in Camden.

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 21, 1889

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