Camden Courier-Post - March 28, 1932

Married Couples Herded in Patrol by Lieutenant Ward; Disorderly Charge Denied

Complaint against policemen who raided her home early yesterday and arrested four women and eight men participating in a party there will be made today by Mrs. Velda Mosely, 23, of 521 North Third street.

The woman charges the police had no right to stage the raid without a complaint or warrant. Her husband, Robert Mosely, 26, still is being detained at police headquarters in lieu of $100 security wanted to assure police of his appearance at a hearing today.

A Camden policeman and the son of another policeman were included among those arrested. Two of the other women were married and were accompanied to the party by their husbands, while a fourth woman was accompanied by her fiance.

The raid was staged at 1:00 AM by Lieutenant George Ward, commander of the First Police District, and District Detective John Trout.

At police headquarters those arrested were booked under the "disorderly act," of Section 422, City Ordinances, which prohibits the con­gregating of disorderly persons.

Raid Puzzles Woman

"I can't understand why the raid was staged," Mrs. Mosely said last night. "We were all bundled into the patrol wagon and taken to city hall after Lieutenant Ward and another officer had knocked on our door at 1:00 o'clock,

"At that time I asked Lieutenant Ward to come into the house and inspect the place. He refused to do this and said ‘I’ll give you five minutes to get your hats and coats on and come out here,' He stood by the doorway all the time.”

 “No liquor was seized because there was none there and furthermore no search was made to find any.”

"I asked my neighbors in the building this morning if they had made any complaint against us and they told me they had not. The caretaker of the apartment house told me we were making a little noise dancing and laughing but that he had received no complaint," Mrs. Mosely continued.

"I think the police made a mis­take in arresting us. They could have told us to discontinue the party and we would have complied with their wishes. I intend to enter a formal complaint against Lieutenant Ward with his superiors tomorrow.”

 Cop Gets Patrol Ride

The patrolman arrested was Edward Wright, attached to the First District under Ward, Herbert Bott Jr., son at Patrolman Herbert Bott, of the Third District, also was taken, Both were made to ride in the patrol and booked at police headquarters.

Others arrested were: John Olsen, 26, of 950 North Twenty-seventh Street and his wife, Eleanor, 19; Alda Prickett, 23, of 920 Fern street; Benjamin Harris, 27, of Sewell; William C. Grey, 38, of 519 North Third street, and Henry Ronson, 24, of 116 Elm street.

Nearly all of those arrested live in the neighborhood of the raid and have been friends for some time. Mrs. Mosely said, She said that three of the women work together at a local factory, two of whose husbands are out of work. All but Mosely were released in $10 security for the hearing.

Camden Courier-Post * March 28, 1932

Taylor Avenue Man Sent to Jail for 50 Days When Unable to Pay $50 Fine

T'homas Fleeyne, 54, of 515 Taylor Avenue, who was arrested when police raided his home, was sent to jail for 50 days in default of a $50 line Saturday by Police Judge Pancoast. Fleeyne entered a plea of guilty to permitting disorderly persons to congregate at his home. He said he had been without work since coming to Camden.

Fleeyne's wife, Margaret, 42, was unable to appear in court on account of illness, and her $25 bond was returned; Josephine Lorento, 30, of 350 Tree Street, Philadelphia, also held as a material witness, was freed when she said she had visited the house to see Mrs. Fleeyne,

Michael Bratses, 49, of 210 Market street, and Thomas Kretekos, 48, of 529 South Broad street, Philadelphia, were fined $25 each as inmates. John Kershaw, 32, of 515 Taylor Avenue, forfeited $25 bail when he failed to appear. The raid was made by Lieutenant George Ward, commander of the First district police, and Patrolman John Trout, on complaint made by Dominick Madden, 46, of 455 Haddon Avenue..

Camden Courier-Post
June 6, 1932

Benson Street
Kerr's Chickery
Frank Schubert
Walter Smith
John Trout
Harry Kyler
Tony Prucella aka Tony Basile
Clinton Street
Joseph Girgenti
Benson Street
South 4th Street
Berkley Street
South 6th Street

Camden Courier-Post * June 6, 1932

John Trout - Joseph Carpani - George Ward - George Zeitz - Howard Smith
Al Dubowski - George Rumble - Frank Marcone - Bernard Franz - Robert Tully
Broadway - South 2nd Street - Fillmore Street - Kaighn Avenue

Camden Courier Post * November 3, 1932

Herbert Anderson - Robert Ashenfelter - Walter Smith - John Trout - South 6th Street - Harry Kyler
Humphrey Toomey - Frank McClernan

Camden Courier-Post
January 12, 1933

Allen's Court - Judson PlaceLinwood Street - Herbert Anderson - Walter Smith - John Trout

Camden Courier-Post * February 6, 1933


Abe Block had a burglar scare at 1 :30 a. m. Saturday in his tailor shop at 527 North Eighth Street. Block was passing the shop on his way home when he saw a light in the basement. He thought thieves were ransacking the place. He telephoned police and Detectives Walter Smith, Edwin Mills and John Trout sped to the shop.

Letting themselves in cautiously, they made their way to the cellar, and found that occupants of the second floor of the house were fixing the heater fire for the night.

Camden Courier-Post * February 10, 1933


Two brothers were arrested yesterday on charges of larceny of a suit of Charles Parker, colored, of 225 Stevens Street. The men held are Alfred Scott, 18, of 839 Bridge Avenue, and his brother, Norman, 20, of the Stevens Street address. Both are colored. The former admitted they had sold the suit. They were arrested after an investigation by Detectives Walter Smithh and John Trout.

Camden Courier-Post - February 11, 1933

It's' Agin the Law' To Sell Rum Here Without a License

Somebody opened a "store" at 15 South Fourth Street yesterday, without the formality of first obtaining a “soft drink license’.

Lieutenant Herbert Anderson and District Detectives Walter Smith and John Trout were the first customers. They entered the place after reading that chicken dinners could be purchased for 20 cents. But, according to police, "they didn't find an  egg" in the place.

But what they did find was an improvised bar, a quantity of whisky and several cases of home brew. They dumped the liquor, they said, and told the proprietor to "close up until he got a license." They didn't bother with the name.

Camden Courier-Post - June 1, 1933


Detective John Trout has a real job on his hands. 

His son, Gilbert, 15, has been missing from his home at 546 Newton Avenue, since Memorial Day. After investigating alone without obtaining, any clues to the youth's whereabouts, Trout notified his fellow policemen last night.   

The youth attended Camden Junior High school.

Camden Courier-Post * June 1, 1933


A man who was arrested twice in one day on charges of being intoxicated, and another who had to be taken home three times before getting a ride in the patrol wagon when he insisted upon disturbing neighbors, will spend the next 30 days in jail.

James Callahan, 53, who said he had no home, was arrested Tuesday by Patrolman Ray Carson. He was released several hours later and before the day was over Callahan was back in the "cooler." taken there the second time by Patrolman Walter Patton.

“Twice in one day is too many times to be arrested," Judge Pancoast said. "I'll bet vou won't be arrested twice in the next 30 days, for you are going to be in the jailhouse."

Leo O'Brien, 30, of 213 Burns street, according to Detectives Walter Smith and John Trout, refused to stay put when taken home three times so they put him behind the bars Tuesday night to await a hearing. The detectives said they found him creating a disturbance near his home and each time they took him home he would reappear to make more noise.

"Where was this party where they served such awful liquor?" Judge Pancoast wanted to know. O'Brien couldn't remember. So Judge Pancoast said: "Well, perhaps you will be able to remember during the next 30 days while you are staying put in the county jail."

Camden Courier-Post * June 6, 1933


Samuel Thompson, 70, and his brother, Henry, 57, of 433 Riley Street, were arrested late last night when police raided their home and seized a 150-gallon still and a quantity of mash.

They were held for violation of the city disorderly house ordinance and will be arraigned in police court today. The raid was made by Lieutenant Herbert Anderson and Detectives Walter Smith, John Trout and Harry Kyler.

Camden Courier-Post * June 6, 1933


Detective John Trout is passing out the cigars.

He became the father of an eight pound son, born last night to Mrs. Trout at Cooper Hospital. The Trouts live at 546 Newton Avenue

Camden Courier-Post * June 7, 1933


Mrs. Bessie A. Gaunt, of 4115 Westfield Avenue, yesterday appeared in police court and charged her husband, Emerson Gaunt, 32, of 840 Pearl Street, and Mrs. Nellie Olsen, 33, of 408 North Seventh Street, with misconduct.

The Gaunts have been estranged for some four years. Mrs. Gaunt told Police Judge Pancoast she had been keeping her husband under surveillance of late and on May 15, followed him to the Olsen home. Mrs. Gaunt said she parked her car near the house and saw her husband enter.

Detective John Trout and Walter Smith arrested both Gaunt and Mrs. Olsen in the latter's house at 8 p. m. on May 30.

Judge Pancoast held Gaunt and Mrs. Olsen in $500 bail each for the grand jury.

Camden Courier-Post * June 19, 1933


Two men and a woman were arrested by police in a raid Saturday night on an alleged disorderly house at 610 South Second street. Freddy M. West, 34, and Mattie Watson, both of that address, were held in $500 bail each. West was charged with being the proprietor, and the Watson woman held as a material witness, along with Thomas R. Bunting, 62, of 560 Highland Boulevard, Gloucester. The raid was made by Lieutenant Herbert Anderson and Detectives Walter Smith, John Trout and Harry Kyler. The defendants will be arraigned in police court this morning. 

Camden Courier-Post * June 22, 1933

Cops Use New Device on Girl After Battle, But She Still Kicks

Bessie James, 16, colored, no home given, gave police plenty of trouble last night while they were arresting her for breaking parole. 

Bessie, who has been sought by Mrs. Mary Barton, state parole officer, for several weeks, was seen shortly before dark yesterday at Second and Benson streets by District Detectives Walter Smith and John Trout. The officers' grasped the girl by the arms and told her she was under arrest. 

Then she went into action. Before the surprised officers knew what it was all about they had been beaten, bitten and kicked by the irate girl who broke Trout's straw hat and Smith's glasses during the melee. The impromptu bout ended when one of the detectives put the, "iron claw" on their scrappy customer. 

But Bessie wasn't through yet­ not by nine or ten kicks, which she delivere4 to Patrolman Walter Patton enroute to the city jail in the patrol. 

She will be given a hearing this morning before Judge Pancoast on charges of assault and resisting an officer. 

Smith was treated at Cooper Hospital for bites on the hand, following the brawl. .

Camden Courier-Post * June 28, 1933

13 Still Operators Jailed By Pancoast
in Effort to Smash Huge Chain

Police Nab Men and Woman in Early Morning Raids

Camden police believed they had broken the first link in a chain sys tem of stills yesterday when Police Judge Pancoast sentenced 13 persons, several of them from Philadelphia, to 90 days each in the county jail None was able to pay a $200 fine.

 The prisoners were arrested in three raids by District Detectives John Trout, Walter Smith and Vernon Jones early yesterday. All the defendants are colored.

"I believe you're all implicated in this chain system," said Judge Pancoast in sentencing the first group. "I believe it is directed in Philadelphia and that the police have broken the first link.' I think your stills are scattered all through Camden."

 Smith and Trout arrested Martha Norman, 38, of 833 Jackson Street; Margaret Baner, 35, same address; Jessie Fife, 23, of 1120 Carpenter Street, and Jolie Brandy, 33, of 618 North Forty-sixth street, Philadelphia, in a raid at 432 Senate Street.

 The detectives testified they had been watching the place for some time. Trout, alone, saw Brandy drive up and take three bags of sugar inside. Trout left to get Smith and when they returned all four defendants were sitting in Brandy's automobile: The Norman woman, they said had a. one-gallon can of moonshine on her lap.             ,

 Inside the detectives stated, they found a 50-gallon still in operation and four barrels of mash. Brandy denied he was the operator and said the owner was a man, known only as "John."

 Ray Shedrick, 22, of 433 Senate Street, pleaded guilty to operating a 50-gallon still in his home. He said he sold his whisky where he could but refused to name his buyers. He also was arrested by Trout and Smith.

James Green, 32, of 749 Division Street, admitted operating a 25-gallon still at that address but, said it was for his own use only and that he sold none of it.

 Arrested with him were Marion Smith, 26, of 615 North Forty-fifth Street; Charles Marton, 34, of 2131 North Twenty-first Street; Felix Carroll, 31, of 2006 North Gratz Street; Gladys Little, 28, of 612 North Forty-sixth Street, and Beatrice Hill, 32, of 5733 Commerce Street, all Philadelphia.

 The alleged operators all were charged with violating the city speakeasy ordinance, which prohibits gathering of "disorderly persons." The others were charged with being material witnesses or frequenters.

Camden Courier-Post
October 11, 1933

George Hetterick
Moore Street
Michael DiOrio
Ralph Di Servio
James Licchetto
South 3rd Street
Gustav Koerner
Walter Smith
John Trout
Marshall Thompson


Camden Morning Post

October 13, 1933

Grand Theater
Roy R. Stewart
Walter Smith
John Trout
Willard Bishop
Liberty Street


Camden Courier-Post
February 4, 1935

Roy R. Stewart
Walter Smith
John Trout
Newton Ash
George Clayton
Harold W. Bennett
John J. Robinson
Elisha A. Gravenor
Charles H. Ellis
David Kates
Ralph Bakley
Joseph Carpani
Louis Schlam


Camden Courier-Post * February 29, 1936

Police Seize 2 Decks of Cards, Pair of Dice; Miss Cash

Seven men were arrested last night when police raided a private home I after receiving a "tip" that a card game was in progress. 

William J. Stephan, 29, of 403 Friends avenue, the scene of the raid, was arrested as the alleged proprietor and held in $2000 bail for a hearing today before Judge Lewis Liberman.

Others arrested are John H. Ridge, 42, of 418 North Third Street; Ernest Ridge, of Milner Hotel, Delaware avenue and Market street; Nat Green, 34, of 562 Carman Street; John Podhar, 31, of 1944 Bristol street, Philadelphia; Charles Luffy, 32, of 1418 Erie avenue, Philadelphia, and Robert Ramsey, 23, of the Camden Y. M. C. A. All were held in $100 bail as material witnesses.

Detectives John Trout, John Kaighn and Patrolmen Marshall Thompson and Earl Hamby conducted the raid and said they confiscated two decks of cards and a pair of dice. They said a quantity of money on the table was scooped up by the players before they reached the playing room.

Camden Courier-Post * February 29, 1936
Victim Continues Fight Despite Blow on Head From Pistol 

Two armed bandits and an accomplice took on a tough job last night when they attempted to hold up Walter J. Brown, 38, of 430 Rand Street.

 Brown. a sturdy clerk employed by the T&B Tobacco Company, of Kaighn Avenue near Broadway, slugged one of the holdup men, suffered a gash when slugged by a second, and caused the three thugs to retreat.

In a report to detectives, Brown said he drove his automobile into the garage at the rear of his home and was about to close the doors when he was confronted by a masked man who ordered him to "stick 'em up."

Instead, Brown let both fists fly. Thereupon, a second thug appeared and struck Brown with a pistol.

He battled with the pair with his fists and observed a third man appear from behind the garage. So furious was Brown's attack that the three bandits took to their heels running in the direction of Baird Boulevard.

After summoning Detectives John Trout and John Kaighn, Brown received treatment from a nearby physician.

He described the masked man as five feet six inches in height, weighing about 150 pounds. He wore a tan overcoat, Brown said.

The second bandit who wielded the pistol was described as five feet eight inches tall, weighing 140 pounds and wearing a gray overcoat. Brown was unable to give a description of the third man.

Camden Courier-Post * July 1, 1941

Resemblance of C. C. Chalfonte, state motor vehicle inspector, to a salesman, resulted yesterday in an automobile driver being arrested on charges of drunk driving.

Chalfonte was sitting on his porch at 752 Wright Avenue when Raymond Stafford, 26, of 218 Glenwood Avenue, Merchantville, drove up in a car.

Stafford had an engagement to meet a salesman at Haddon and Wright avenues, and on seeing the inspector, thought he was the person. Stafford urged Chalfonte to "hurry up and get in the car," but the inspector, observing Stafford's condition, called police.

Patrolmen John Trout and George Weber Jr. took the driver to police headquarters where he was ordered held for a hearing in police court this morning.

Camden Courier-Post * October 9, 1944

Tennie G. Hutchison
North 22nd Street
Eleanor Knighton
Rev. Newton C. Conant
Gustav Koerner
John Trout
August Pflederer
George Ellis
Peter B. Carter
Veronica Hutchison
Tennie G. Hutchison Jr.
Kenneth Hutchison
Douglas Hutchison
George H. Hutchison
Clinton Street

Camden Courier-Post * November 21, 1947
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