JOHN SKOLSKI was born John Edward Jaskolski on May 24, 1883 in Camden, New Jersey. He had begun using the name surname Skolski by 1906 and used the Skolski surname professionally throughout his career with the Camden Police Department, during which time he was mentioned in many newspaper articles. At least two other Camden police officers of that era also changed their names for professional reasons, Clarence Bunker (Julian Clarence Bunkowski) and John Kowal (John Kowalczyk). Both Bunker and John Skolski had sons who followed the same practice, Lawrence Bunker with the Camden Fire Department and Anthony Skolski with the Camden Police.

Married to Pelagia "Polly" Stankowski, around 1903, the family was living at 1003 Sycamore Street when the 1906 City Directory was compiled, and had moved to the 1100 block of South 10th Street, between Chestnut and Sycamore Streets by the time the 1910 Census was enumerated. John Skolski was working as a blacksmith, shoeing horses, in these years. He worked as machinist at Camden Forge when he registered for the draft on September 12, 1918. The family then lived at 785 Mount Vernon Street

John Skolski was appointed to the Camden Police Department on January 20, 1920. Around 1923 the family moved to 1028 Liberty Street around 1923 and is still there as of April 2009. 

John Skolski was promoted to Sergeant on April 16, 1930, ad to Lieutenant on March 23, 1943. He retired on pension on May 15, 1944. On September 9, 1949, while vacationing with his son Anthony in Cape May County, John Skolski died of a heart attack.

John and Polly Skolski were the parents of 17 children, 15 of whom survived to adulthood. The two who had passed had come early in the marriage, their deaths happening prior to 1910. The surviving children were, in order of birth children were Paul, Josephine, Anthony, Frances, Polly, Anna, Katherine, Elizabeth, Maria, John, Edward, Margaret, Florence, Theresa, and Loretta. 

On May 16, 1937 John Skolski's son Anthony Skolski was appointed to the Camden Police Department, where he had a long and distinguished career. By the mid-1960s he had been further promoted to Captain.

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 3, 1913

Albert L. Cornog
Camillus Appley
O. Glen Stackhouse
John Kowalczyk aka John "Happy" Kowal
Harry McCaffrey
William Jordan
John Skolski
Frank Kabinski
Mechanic Street
Mt. Vernon Street
Walnut Street
Sycamore Street
Haddon Avenue
Louis Street

World War I Draft Card

The Jaskolski Family - 1922
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Above, From Left: Edward, John, Mary (Minnie), Elizabeth (Libby), Anna, Catherine (Kasia), Frances (Pat), Polly, Josephine (Jo), Agnes (Aggie), Anthony (Tony), Paul, My great-grandmother Stankowski, Grandmom Pelagia holding my mom Margaret (Peggy), Grandpop John Skolski (John E. Jaskolski).

Left: This picture is of the youngest two, my Aunt Teasie and Aunt Dolly. Teasie is standing. Theresa (Teasie) and Loretta (Dolly) were born in 1924 and 1926, respectively

Gary E. Soule
April, 2009

Camden Courier-Post
November 22, 1927


John Golden
William Dolan
Rox Saponare
Frank Truax
Anson Kelley
Ralph Bakley

John Potter
John Skolski
William Whaland
James Clay

Camden Courier-Post - January 16, 1928


 Vincent Raczykowski was elected for the third consecutive time as president of the Camden County Polish-American Republican Club at the annual meeting held in the clubhouse at Tenth and Liberty streets.

Other officers elected were: B. Bubnowski, vice president; Frank Bleja, financial secretary; A. Grzeczkowski, recording secretary: Joseph Kracvyk, treasurer; A. Pepiak, S. Sobieski and J. Szkemo, auditor; and John Skolski, usher.

Mr. Raczykowski was also named as county political leader of the Polish community. B. Derowski Sr., was named Thirteenth Ward leader; B. J. Wilinski, Seventh Ward leader, and S. Wojciechowski, Eighth Ward leader..

Camden Evening Courier - September 19, 1928




John Kowal 
Lewis Stehr
John Skolski
John W. Golden 
James Hollis
Clarence Arthur 
Clarence Bunker
Thomas Cheeseman

Sylvester McGrath
Lawrence T. Doran
Dr. David S. Rhone
William D. McDonaldson
Frank Leonard
Father McCorriston

Joseph "Mose" Flannery"  
Joseph Moll - James Bonner - 
William Bonner  - Rita Leslie -  James L. Hawkins
Hotel Royal - Walter Novak - Joseph Novak - Garfield Del Duca - Frank Moll 
Eugene Murphy - Russell Sage - Joseph "Cuzzy" Scarduzio - Patrick Driscoll 
Front Street - Kaighn Avenue - Fairview Street - South 3rd Street
Camden High School - West Jersey Hospital - Sacred Heart Church

Camden Courier-Post * December 11, 1930


Lewis H. Stehr  - Dr. David S. Rhone - Charles V. Dickinson
Arthur Colsey - George A. Ward - John Kowal  - Donald Swissler
Clarence Phifer - Archie Reiss - John Skolski - Herbert Anderson
Thomas Cheeseman - Harry Kyler -  George Nowrey - Frank Truax  
Ralph Bakley -  Clay W. Reesman - Clifford A. Baldwin
Winfield S. Price - Clifford A. Flennard
Camden Local No. 35, P.B.A. -
Cooper Hospital
B.C. Schroeder - Broadway - Royden Street

Camden Courier- Post December 12, 1930

Lewis H. Stehr  - Dr. David S. Rhone - Charles V. Dickinson  
Arthur Colsey - George A. Ward - John Kowal  - Donald Swissler 
Clarence Phifer - Archie Reiss - John Skolski
Herbert Anderson - Thomas Cheeseman - Harry Kyler
George Nowrey - Frank Truax - Ralph Bakley   - John J. Breslin 
Cooper Hospital - Rev. Edward T. Weeks
Union Methodist Episcopal Church

B.C. Schroeder - Broadway - Royden Street
Sixth Ward Republican Club

Camden Courier-Post * October 21, 1931

Young Girls Accuse Married Man of Attacking Them in Bungalow

Three pretty girls, a married man and two youths were arrested last night on charges growing out from an extended whoopee party in a Blackwood Terrace bungalow.

Two of the girls, all of whom are related, are said to be runaways from Philadelphia. One of these and a Camden schoolgirl charge they were attacked by the married man.

The girls gave their names as: Julia Barkowski, 17, of 923 Florence Street, Camden; Mary Holod, 16, and her stepsister, Vera, also 16, both of 1325 Tyson Street, Philadelphia. Both Julia and Mary allege they were criminally assaulted early last week by Samuel Read, 31, who gave his address as 2847 Congress Road, Camden.

Linked as material witnesses in the case are John Barwick, 19, of 543 Fairview Street, and William Murdock, 19, of 548 Gordon Terrace, Camden.

According to the story gathered by Police Sergeant John Skolski and Patrolman John Larson, the three girls were strolling along Broadway on the night of October 12, when they were "picked up" by Barwick and Murdock, in an automobile. The girls related they were taken to a bungalow in Blackwood Terrace where they said they met Read. The two youths then left, they said.

The Barkowski girl and Mary Holod allege they were attacked by Read while Vera Holod told police she averted assault by fighting.

Return of the girls to the Barkowski home yesterday was followed by arrest of all six revelers. Mrs. Bertha Barkowski, mother of the Camden girl, summoned police. Read was lured to the house and placed under arrest and apprehension of the two youths was then made.

Julia was charged with being incorrigible by her mother. Police held Mary and Vera as runaways and as witnesses against Read. The Philadelphia girls are said to have been missing from home several weeks.

All are to be given hearings today before Police Judge Garfield Pancoast.

Camden Courier Post
June 7, 1932

Roy R. Stewart - Charles T. Humes
Herbert Anderson - George Ward
Ralph Bakley - Edward Hahn
John Garrity - George Jefferis
James Wilson - Edward Carroll
John Skolski - Stiles Whitaker



 Temporary changes in the police department to offset the absence of Lieutenant George Frost, head of the First District, who is ill, and Lieutenant George Ward, of headquarters, who is away on police business, were announced yesterday by Chief Arthur Colsey

Sgt. John Potter, of the Third District, is made acting lieutenant and placed in charge of the First. Patrolman Louis Schmidt, of the Third, replaces Potter as acting sergeant.

Lieutenant Herbert Anderson, of the Fourth District, replaces Ward at headquarters, with Sgt. John Skolski acting as lieutenant in charge of the Fourth.

Sgt. Gustav Koerner, of the Second District, who has been working in plain clothes, Is to report in uniform.

Patrolman John Kowal, of the Second District, is shifted to the First district, with Patrolman William Schultz going from the First district to the Second district. 

Mary Kobus - Arthur Colsey - Ralph Bakley - Herbert Bott - Louis Shaw
John Skolski - George Frost - Walter Welch - Nathan Petit - Frank Evans
Gus Koerner - Edward Hahn - Harry Newton

John & Pelagia Jaskolski

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World War II Draft Card

Camden Courier-Post - September 9, 1949