JOHN S. ROBERTS was born in Philadelphia PA on July 10, 1858 to George Harrison Roberts and his wife Sarah W. (Stoddart) Roberts. He first came to Camden in 1883, and began a wholesale tobacco business at 4th and Royden Streets which, by 1897, had grown to be one of the largest such businesses in the state of New Jersey. He made his home at 603 South 4th Street. John S. Roberts became prominent in Camden politics, and as a Republican, was elected to City Council from the Third Ward. He also served on the Water Commission, which awarded a contract to George Pfeiffer to build Camden's water works, and later as the Secretary on the City Tax Board.

On April 7, 1880 John S. Roberts married Annie Holden. The Roberts had four children, Howard S., George H., John S. Jr., and Sara W. Roberts. Annie Holden Roberts passed away in 1913. He remarried to a woman named Anne Clark.

By 1922 John S. Roberts was working in the City Clerk's office. He resigned under accusations of graft in May of 1922 and moved to Margate, New Jersey. John S. Roberts passed away on July 21, 1923, and was buried at Harleigh Cemetery.

As of 1897 John S. Roberts was a member of Camden Lodge No. 15, A.F. & A.M.; Siloam Chapter No. 19, Royal Arch Masons; Camden Lodge, Independent Order of Odd Fellows; the Lenni Lenape Tribe No. 2 of the Improved Order of Red Men; all in Camden, and of other groups in Philadelphia. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 10, 1891
John S. Roberts - John Van Sciver

Biographical Review - 1897


Philadelphia Inquirer - March 18, 1898
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Samuel Dodd - John Foster - H. Frank Pettit - John S. Roberts - Charles E. Day
George W. Jessup - Cooper B. Hatch - Charles V.D. Joline - Harry C. Kramer - Thaddeus P. Varney

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 5, 1903

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Francis Fithian 

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 23, 1904
John S. Roberts - Morris Odell

Philadelphia Inquirer
May 1, 1906

O. Glen Stackhouse
Samuel B. Alcott
Hugh Kelly
James Harris
William Conway
John S. Roberts
Chris Stark
Effie Lucas
Pine Street

Philadelphia Inquirer * August 30, 1910

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Frederick A. Finkeldey - Jonas Shaw 

Camden Post-Telegram * January 19, 1915

Third Ward Republican Club - Turn Verein Hall - J. Edward Way - A. Benjamin Sparks
William H. Hall - John T. Rodan - Rushton's Orchestra - Harry Hertline - Walter J. Stanton - Jesse Hillman
Lemuel Toy - Jesse Smith - Morris Steelman - William Elberson - Samuel S. Bacon - Albert Keaser 
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Camden Courier - January 31, 1922
George V. Murry - Joseph Totarella - James Corea
John S. Roberts - Charles A. Wolverton - Arthur H. Holl

Camden Courier - May 24, 1922

John S. Roberts lived from the 1880s through the 1920s at home at 603 South 4th Street