JOHN READER was born in Glassboro, New Jersey on June 8, 1851. He went out to Nebraska with his family for about ten years. He and his wife, the former Lillia Grindle, and sons Addison, Aaron, and Lawrence, moved back to Camden from Nebraska in 1890. His parents stayed in Nebraska, where they passed away. John Reader and his family were known throughout the Seventh and Thirteenth Wards of Camden.

John Reader received his appointment to he Camden Police Department from Mayor Cooper B. Hatch on Aug. 1, 1898. He was a member of the department for at least 19 years, where his abilities were soon recognized. John Reader he was promoted to Sergeant on July 1, 1901, with a salary of $500 per     

year. He had been working as an acting sergeant for several months prior to that date, but only received patrolman's pay. 

In 1911 he made 63 arrests, and was 1 of 10 sergeants 
In 1914 he made 6 arrests, and was 1 of 11 sergeants 
In 1915 he made 6 arrests, and was 1 of 11 sergeants
In 1916 he made 4 arrests, and was 1 of 11 sergeants

Lillia Grindle Reader died in 1916, and John remarried to WillAnna Graham  June 5, 1917. John Reader's lat address was at 749 Walnut Street. John Reader died on February 26, 1919  in Camden, and was buried at Harleigh Cemetery on Haddon Avenue

John Reader's son Addison was a doctor in Camden. Dr. Addison B.G. Reader was born October 16, 1876 in Camden. He died on October 22, 1922 in Camden. Aaron Reader was born on August 29, 1880 in Minden, Nebraska. He was in business and moved to Ocean County, New Jersey where he died on December 25, 1957. Lawrence Reader was also born in Minden, on February 16, 1886. He became a lawyer and served on Camden's city council. Lawrence Reader died in Camden, a victim of the influenza epidemic, on October 10, 1918. The Reader sons all rest with their parents, at Harleigh Cemetery.

The Reader Family
Lillia Grindle Reader Lawrence Reader Dr. Addison B.G. Reader

Camden Daily Courier
August 2, 1898

Cooper B. Hatch
George Nowrey
James Roach
Thomas Brothers
Alfred Hayden
John Reader
John Anderson
Harry Hope
Alfred Meyers
Hugh Boyle
Edward Cooper


Philadelphia Inquirer
September 22, 1901

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Arthur Stanley - Cooper B. Hatch - John Foster - John Reader
O. Glenn Stackhouse - George G. Geabel -
Leon Czolgosz - Broadway
Mount Vernon Street - Newton Avenue

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 16, 1901

John Reader - Arthur Stanley
Edward S. Hyde - John Foster
Alfred L. Sayers - Thomas F. Waters
Gilbert Massey - Isaac G. Johnson
O. Glenn Stackhouse
Sycamore Street t - Line Street
Division Street
- Locust Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 11, 1902

Arthur Stanley - John Reader - Joseph Caskey Sr. - Joseph Caskey Jr.
William Sultzbach -
Mount Vernon Street - Chestnut Street - Walnut Street
Dr. Paul N. Litchfield


October 25, 1904

John Foster
Edward Hyde
Charles O. Pedrick
Elisha Albert Gravenor
David Bentley
John Reader
William Schregler
George Nowrey

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 20, 1906

John Reader
Arthur Stanley
 Edward S. Hyde
Florence Quinn - Rose Cox
Pine Street
South 2nd Street
South 4th Street

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 29, 1907

Arthur Stanley
John Reader
Antonio Froricano
Andermo Clemenda
Joint Alley  
South 2nd Street
South 4th Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 19, 1911
Elisha A. Gravenor - John Reader - Arthur Stanley

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 12, 1915

Frank Hargraves
Harry Galbraith
John Reader
John Brothers

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 2, 1919 

Haddon Avenue
Thomas Cunningham

Harry Mines
Thomas Cheeseman
William Harvey
George Kleaver
Clarence Boyer
Dr. Addison B. Reader
Rev. Charles I. Fitzgeorge
Union Methodist Episcopal Church
John Painter