JOHN HENRY CARMANY was born on September 14, 1859 to Cyrus Phillipi Carmany and his wife, the former Adaline Stoeber, most likely in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. By 1868 the family had relocated to the 455 Spring Street in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia Pennsylvania where Cyrus Carmany found work in a dye works. The 1880 Census shows Cyrus Carman and sons John H. and Edmund employed at the dye works, and younger children Mary, George, Harry, Alema, William, and Bessie. The family then lived at 366 Green Lane in Roxborough. 

John Carmany married soon after the 1880 Census. His first marriage was to Carrie Knettle, who bore him a daughter and three sons. Bertha Carmany was born in May of 1882 and lived to at least 1910. John H. Carmany Jr., on August 21, 1884 and also survived.. Walter Ralph Carmany was born on March 10, 1887, he died on April 4, 1888. Another son, Albert, was born on August 9, 1888. Sadly, Mrs. Carmany passed shortly thereafter, on February 2, 1889, and young Albert died on June 13, 1889. The 1886 Philadelphia City Directory shows John H. Carmany living on Gorgas Lane near the Wissahickon Creek, where his father and James Boone were partners in a dye works known as Carmany & Boone. In 1887 Cyrus Carmany acquired the buildings and land formerly occupied by Wood & Haslam, manufacturers of table cloths, and established a dye works in Camden, New Jersey at 757-759 Cherry Street, with land that extended to Spruce Street and to South 8th Street that traded as Wissahickon Dye Works. The dye house was destroyed by fire on December 7, 1887. Cyrus Carmany was insured and soon rebuilt the facility. 

John H. Carmany moved to Camden to oversee the new operation. He never resided more than a few doors from his business. The 1888-1889 City Directory shows him living at 774 Cherry Street. When the next Directory was compiled in 1890, he had moved to 778 Cherry Street where he resided into 1892.

After moving to Camden John H. Carmany married Caroline Widmaier. By 1893 they had moved to 917 Spruce Street. Caroline bore him at least three children. A child was born in June of 1892 who lived for one day. A son, Harry Jacob Carmany was born July 14, 1893 who lived to adulthood. Another son was born on June 6, 1894 who did not live long. A third son, Raymond W. Carmany was born in June of 1895 and died on August 20, 1895. Worse yet, Carolina Carmany died in June 9, 1895, most likely from complications arising from the birth of her son, at the age of 27. 

On June 20, 1897 John H. Carmany wed a third time. His new wife, the former Sallie A. Willard, gave him three daughters, all, sadly died quite young. Daughter Adaline was born late in 1899, she died in April of 1900. Daughter Elizabeth died on November 20, 1903 and a third daughter, Kathryn, died November 4, 1904 at the age of three years and eight months. John H. Carmany, his wives and surviving children stayed at 917 Spruce Street as late as 1903. 

John H. Carmany involved himself in the political and civic life of Camden shortly after moving to the city. As a Republican, he served on Camden's Board of Education in the 1890s and early 1900s. In 1903 he was elected to Camden's City Council where he served on the Water Committee and was re-elected to City Council in 1905, 1907, and 1909. He was a member of the Seventh Ward Republican Club, Camden Lodge No. 293 of the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks, and of Camden Lodge No. 111 of the Loyal Order or Moose. He also belonged to Camp No. 50 of the Patriotic Order Sons of America (P.O.S.A) which was located in his former home in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia. As well running the dye works, John H. Carmany was engaged in the brokerage of large quantities of cotton. For this purpose he had erected a new building at 1126 Pine Street in 1908. In 1915 a three-story building was built for WIlliam H. Traubel, Inc., a hosiery manufacturer. The building eventually passed to Camden's Board of Education, which has used the building on the southwest corner of South 8th and Spruce Streets as a warehouse since the early 1920s. The building that fronted at 757-759 Cherry Street were gone by 1923 as well.

The 1900 Census shows John & Sallie Carmany at 917 Spruce Street in Camden with children Bertha, John H. Jr., Harry, and Kathryn. In 1901 he acquired property at 1179 and 1181 Haddon Avenue although to what end is not known. City Directories from 1905 through 1909 show the family at 918 South 8th Street. Suffering from failing kidneys, in his time referred to as Bright's Disease, John H. Carmany moved to 772 Pine Street late in 1909 or early in 1910. He died on December 16, 1910 and was buried at Harleigh Cemetery. His family remained at 772 Pine into 1912. Sallie Carmany died May 1, 1923. 

Sons John H. Carmany Jr. and Harry Jacob Carmany lived out their days in and around Camden. John H. Carmany Jr. served as member of the Camden Fire Department from 1910 through 1916, then worked as a machinist. He passed away in 1945. Harry Carmany died in 1981.

John H. Carmany's brother Edmund S. Carmany came to Camden to work at the Wissahickon Dye Works in the 1890s, living at 836 Newton Avenue from 1895 through 1902. By the following year he had gone into the bar business and followed that line of work as late as 1926, first at 526 Kaighn Avenue, then from 1913 on at 460 Kaighn Avenue


1885 Sanborn Map


1891 Sanborn Map


1906 Sanborn Map


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December 8, 1887

Trenton Evening Times
December 8, 1887

Apparently someone at the Trenton paper got the "when" wrong

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Philadelphia Inquirer - December 8, 1890

Mystery Burial at Johnson Cemetery
The story broke on December 6, 1890 and was also covered on Decmeber 7, 1890
The story was further covered on December 9, 1890 and was also covered on December 13, 1890


E.E. Jefferis - James Godfrey - John H. Carmany - F.H. Drake - William Bedworth - William T. Haines - S.A. Barto
John Kennedy - Philip Barr - Ernest Lickfeld - William Campbell - Samuel Stiles - Samuel J. Walters
Richard W. Kerswell - George Beckett - P.M. Gallagher - Patrick Powell
Johnson Cemetery - Mrs. Mary A. Walters

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John H. Carmany - South 8th Street  

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 20, 1897

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 17, 1898

Sixth Regiment, N.J. National Guard
Gatling Gun Company B

Henry Black

Joseph Nowrey
Thomas Carr

Seventh Ward Republican Club
George C. Blowe
Joseph A. Starr
John H. Carmany
Charles Cornog
W. Taylor Wright

Camden Republican Club

Catholic Lyceum

Wilbur Brice
Philip Schmitz
George Love

Camden Lodge No. 1, A.O.U.W.
Ancient Order of United Workmen

Philadelphia Inquirer - June 6, 1898
Cyrus O. Carmany - John H. Carmany - Wissahickon Dye Works - South 8th Street - Spruce Street

Camden Daily Courier
January 23, 1899

William Butts
South 10th Street  - Kaighn Avenue
John H. Carmany
G.W. Campbell
Dr. J. Shannon Parker
James Hanson Jr.
Wilbur Weintz
Dr. Samuel Rhone
Kosciusko Hall - Fisher Guards

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 6, 1899

John H. Carmany - George J. Schneider - Joseph A. Starr - Alfred L. Sayers - Frank C. Sayrs

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February 4, 1900

Charles P. Sayrs
James Hanson Jr.
John H. Carmany
Isaac V. Bradley
William J. Bradley
Samuel P. Jones
Jesse Bond
Robert Smith
William B. Carter
George Arnold

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Lewis Leigh - Frazier Baker - Edwin Hillman - John Harris - Henry C. "Harry" Moffett - George Emory
James Scanlin - John Foster - Arthur Stanley -
John H. Carmany - Cooper B. Hatch
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Philadelphia Inquirer
August 7,  1901

Grant Street - North 6th Street
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Haddon Avenue
Charles Henry Thomas
John H. Carmany 
Walnut Street - North 7th Street
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William B. Hatch Post No. 37, G.A.R.
John H. Carmany 
F.D. Covely
Thomas M.K. Lee Post No. 5, G.A.R.
Joseph C. Kolb
Joseph H. Sweetem
John Baker
Lewis Stehr Sr.
Edward Glass

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October 20, 1902

Atlantic Avenue - South 6th Street
Julia A. Purnell -
John H. Carmany 
Van Buren Street - Central Avenue
Elizabeth Clark - Margaret R. Whalen
Berkley Street - Broadway
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September 9, 1903

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John H. Carmany
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Philadelphia Inquirer
November 4, 1903

Charles S. Jones
John W. Hunn
David Truitt
Andrew Collins
Philip Schmitz
Constable William H. Post

Camden City Council
Republicans 20 - Democrats 5

Samuel P. Jones
Stephen Thurber
John Broome
F.N. Robinson
William E. Morganweck
Edward Delacroix
Charles H. Turner
Charles Deal
William B. Stephens
Ben Lawton
Philip Wilson 
John Wesley
John H. Carmany
Isaac V. Bradley
Simon Besser
A.G. Matlack
Joel W. Fithian
A.B. Pitman
Charles S. Wolverton
William B. Cannon
George W  Arnold
Dr. William H. Kensinger
Robert Lee
Frank Raynor
Joseph Potter








Philadelphia Inquirer
November 4, 1904

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 18, 1905

Charles H. Ellis
Harry Jones
Isaac Moffett
John H. Carmany
Caleb Williams
A.L. Matlack
Frank WIlliams
William H. Sparks
C.S. Magrath
Joseph Nowrey
William J. Bradley
Jonathan D. Watson

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 9, 1908

John H. Carmany - E.G.C. Bleakly

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 8, 1909

Alfred L. Sayers - Isaac V. Bradley
Henry R. Tatem - Albert DeUnger
George W. Whyte - Kirby Garwood
Frank Lee Dickinson - George J. Schneider
John A. Mather - John S. Broome
Robert J. Garrison - James E. Hewitt
Frances T. Steinbach - Arthur L. Jones
John H. Carmany - Simon W. Besser
Alexander McCallum - William C. Reeves

Charles H. Ellis - John W. Sell - Francis F. Patterson Jr. - E.E. Read Jr. - William J. Browning
Harry C. Sharp - Irving Buckle - Lewis H. Stehr Sr. - John R. McCabe - W. Penn Corson
John Wells - Lewis H. Sasse -
Jacob Schiller  

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 17, 1910


Camden Lodge No. 293, Benevolent Protective Order of Elks
Camden Lodge No. 111, Loyal Order of Moose
Seventh Ward Republican Club - John Broome - Robert Gordon - E.E. Read - Abert De Unger
Dr. WIlliam Kensinger - Robert Hollingsworth - Wissahickon Dye Works
South Eighth Street - South 11th Street - Cherry Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 19, 1910

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 22, 1910

Pine Street
Eight Street Methodist Episcopal Church
Rev. Daniel Clair
Camden Lodge No. 293, B.P.O. of Elks
Camden Lodge No. 111, Loyal Order of Moose

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 4, 1911

Camden Lodge No. 293, Benevolent Protective Order of Elks
Camden Theatre - Rev. George W. Peck -
Linden Baptist Church - Third Regiment Orchestra
John H. Carmany - Charles A. Ewing - Robert C. Dugan - Joseph L. Morris
Joseph Kolb - Charles Henry Fetters - William Stansbury - Edwin Joseph Holland
William J. Thomson - Michael McNulty - Henry C. Loudenslager
Edward F. Butler - James W. Chalmers - Fred Whitcomb - Frank Lee Dickinson

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 1, 1915

John H. Carmany
William H. Day