Adams Jr.


ISRAEL BUTLER ADAMS JR. was born on October 23, 1859, one of twelve children born to Israel and Adeline Cox Adams. The elder Adams was a farmer. By the spring of 1860 the family was living in Camden County's Stockton Township, quite possibly in or near the Delair section of what is now Pennsauken. His father passed away in Delair in 1886. Pennsauken was incorporated in 1892, what remained of Stockton became part of Camden in 1899. 

The 1896 Camden City Directory shows Israel Adams running a bar and living at 703 Federal Street. The Directory for 1897 shows him in the same line of work and residence, at 1916 Federal Street. The following year he is listed at 1524 Federal Street and operating stables near 18th and Federal Street. He was still living at 1524 Federal Street when the 1899 City Directory was compiled, then working as a salesman.

The 1900 Census shows Israel Adams was a widower, living at 1526 Federal Street with his son Durbin, daughter Adeline, and widowed mother. Israel Adams was then working as an express driver. 

Israel Adams remained in East Camden in the 1900s and into the 1910s. By 1906 he was living at 5 North 30th Street and working for the City of Camden as a fire fighter. The 1910-1911 directory shows him at 42 North 34th Street. The 1912-1913 Directory lists him at 3302 Rosedale Avenue

At some point in his career Israel Adams was promoted to Lieutenant and was serving at the East Camden firehouse, North 27th Street and Federal Street, in 1916. Israel Adams suffered a nervous breakdown while on the job on August 29, 1916. He was let go from the Department on December 1, 1916, and was replaced by Charles Fitzsimmons IV on December 1, 1916.

Israel Adams died in 1917.

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