ISAIAH COLLINS was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on April 8, 1876 as an extra man, taking the place of Peter S. Gray with Engine Company 2. Isaiah Collins worked as laborer prior to his appointment to the Fire Department. Isaiah Collins served for one year. He was replaced in April of 1877 by Jacob App. He was reappointed in April of 1882, taking the place of Charles Elfreth. Isaiah Collins served with Engine Company 2 for two years, and was replaced by Charles Robinson.

Isaiah Collins was born around around March of 1842 in New Jersey to George and Rachel Collins. The 1850 Census shows George Collins, a farmer, living with his wife Rachel and children George, Charles, Elizabeth, Andrew and Isaiah in Delaware Township, Camden County, New Jersey. Delaware Township changed its name to Cherry Hill in 1961. 

The 1870 Census shows Isaiah Collins living in Newton Township, which was annexed to Camden the following year. He was living with his wife Sarah E. Collins and children Claretta, Samuel, Mary Ann, and Laura. who ranged from six to one years of age. As stated above, Isaiah Collins was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in April of 1876. His address at the time was not recorded, however, the 1878-1879 City Directory shows him residing at 15 Park Place. The Collins family moved to 519 Bridge Avenue prior to the compilation of the 1879-1880 City Directory.

Sadly, by the time the 1880 Census was enumerated, Isaiah Collins was a widower. He was then living with his children at 5 Park Place, and working as a laborer. He remarried about two years later. The 1884-1885 City Directory shows the Collins family at 531 Taylor Avenue. Isaiah Collins was then working as a foreman at the Camden Chemical Company works, and, as previously stated working as an extra man with Camden Fire Department's Engine Company 2. He had moved to 1118 Maple Avenue by 1885 and from that year through 1888 lived at that address and worked as a foreman for the United States Chemical Compnay, whose factory was located on the Cooper River (then called Cooper Creek). The 1890-1891 City Directory shows that he had moved to Federal Street, near 11th. Isaiah Collins remained in the employ of the United States Chemical Company until July 23, 1894 when he was severely injured while at work. 

Isaiah Collins and family lived on Federal Street near 16th and 17th Street in the late 1890s. He appears to have taken the money he received as damages as a result of his injury to buy  a small farm. The 1900 Census shows Isaiah Collins, second wife Sarah, and children Isaiah, Bertha, Rachel, Walter, and George living in Mt. Laurel. 

The 1914 City Directory shows Isaiah Collins, farmer, living on Morse Street, near Mickle Street. When the 1918-1919 City Directory was compiled, Isaiah Collins was living at 2250 Mickle Street with his sons Walter and George. They were still there in January of 1920, when the Census was taken. Isaiah Collins moved to Pennsauken at some point afterwards, and passed away around November 1, 1924. He was buried in his family's plot at New Camden Cemetery on November 5, 1924. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 26, 1895

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 27, 1895