Isaac Ferris Sr.

ISAAC FERRIS SR. was a shoemaker who came to New Jersey, settling in the neighborhood of Broadway and Ferry Avenue in what was then Newton Township, and after 1871, was the Eighth Ward if the City of Camden.

Isaac Ferris Sr. was born in December of 1827 at Easton, Pennsylvania. He wed Dorothea Laird around 1850. A daughter Emma, was born in 1850 in Pennsylvania. When the Census was taken in 1850, Isaac Ferris and family lived in Philadelphia, in the New Market Ward in the area around South 2nd and Lombard Streets. A son, Isaac Ferris Jr. was born October 4, 1854 in Philadelphia and a daughter,  Dorothea Ferris was born in Pennsylvania around 1858. Isaac Ferris Sr. and family came to New Jersey soon afterwards.

A son, Jacob C. Ferris was born in New Jersey on March 10, 1859, and it is probable that he was born in Newton Township. The Ferris family lived there when the Census was taken in 1860. Son John L Ferris was born on January 15, 1861 in Camden County. A Pennsylvania death certificate states that daughter Kathryn M. “Kattie” Ferris was born in Pennsylvania in 1863, but census records indicate that she was born in New Jersey, most likely in Burlington  Township, as it is known from Civil War draft records that on July 1, 1863 Isaac Ferris Sr. was living there, following his 

trade as a shoemaker. A son, Washington Ferris was born around 1866, and the Ferris family was still in Burlington when daughter Cora arrived on February 3, 1868. Soon after her birth, Isaac Ferris and his clan returned to Newton Township, and Isaac Ferris established a shoemaking enterprise. The Ferris family is listed there in the 1870 Census. In 1871 Newton Township dissolved and the Ferris family became residents of the City of Camden. The 1872 City Directory shows Isaac Ferris Sr. and Isaac Ferris Jr. at Ferry Road and Webster Street,, the 1874 Directory indicates that they were still there.

Isaac Ferris Sr. was interested in politics as a Democrat. He was a Democrat leader in the Eighth Ward if Camden altogether for almost forty years. He served as a Camden police officer from 1874 until the spring of 1877, during the mayoralties of John H. Jones and John Morgan. The family was blessed with two more children in the 1870s, daughters Adelaid “Addie” Ferris on June 21, 1871 and son Harry Laird Ferris on December 25, 1875. Sadly, there was loss, as John L. died on November 6, 1876. 1876 was also the year that son Isaac Ferris Jr. went into business with a shoemaking factory of his own, the beginning of a business career that would take him into banking.

Before his term expired, Isaac Ferris moved to 1702 Fillmore Street, where he would live out his days. The 1880 Census shows the Ferris Family consisting of Isaac and Dorothea Ferris and eight children, Isaac Ferris Jr., Dorothea Ferris, Jacob Ferris, Kathryn Ferris, Washington Ferris, Cora Ferris, Adalaid Ferris, and Harry Ferris. By 1885 Isaac Jr., Dorothea and Jacob had all gone out into the world. When the Census was taken in 1900, Youngest son Harry was still at home, as were Kathryn and Dorothea.

Isaac Ferris Sr. died on August 30, 1904 and was buried at Evergreen Cemetery. His will went to probate on December 12 1904 in Camden. His widow joined him on October 27, 1910.

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 21, 1874
John H. Jones - Col. William H. Heinsing
John Dunn - John McCormick - George W. Gardner 
Joseph Pike- William Hartman - Isaac Hires
George B. Anderson - George A. Tenner
Benjamin Smith - Patrick Gallagher
Thomas Heffernan - Joseph H. Sloan
Charles Smith - Frank Souders
Frederick M. Chamberlain - Isaac Ferris

Camden Post
November 2, 1876

Camden Post
November 4, 1876

William H. Heinsing
John McCormick - John Dunn
George Gardiner - Joseph Pike
Isaac Hires - Samuel Hankinson
George Anderson - George A. Tenner
Patrick Gallagher - Benjamin Smith
Joseph C. Sloan - Thomas Heffernan
Charles Smith - Francis Souders
Isaac Ferris Sr. - Frederick M. Chamberlin

Camden Post
December 4, 1876

Isaac Ferris Sr. - Samuel Hires
Thomas Johnson - Robert P. Farrell


Camden Post
September 14, 1881

Isaac Ferris Sr.
Jacob Ferris
George M. Scott
Benjamin Braker






Philadelphia Inquirer
May 1, 1891

John A. Furey
James M. Lane
Frank Burdsall
Charles Helmbold
Edward E. Jefferis
Dr. John W. Donges
Dr. John D. Leckner
Charles Lederman
George A. Frey
Arthur Bedell
Florence F. Hogate
Dr. Philip W. Beale
Robert L. Barber
Cooper B. Hatch
Dr. William B.E. Miller
Robert F. Smith
Joseph A. Starr
Joseph A. Ross
Howard Lee
Charles H. Sharp
Eugene B. Roberts
John Leighton Westcott
Maurice A. Rogers
George F. Hammond
Benjamin Lawton
Isaac C. Githens
Isaac Lord
Cornelius Scheperkotter
Dr. William S. Jones
Isaac Ferris Sr.



Camden Post-Telegram
August 31, 1904

Isaac Ferris Sr.
Isaac Ferris Jr.







Camden Daily Courier
August 31, 1904

Isaac Ferris Sr.
Isaac Ferris Jr.
Fillmore Street


Philadelphia Inquirer
September 1, 1904

Isaac Ferris Sr.
Fillmore Street

Philadelphia Inquirer
September 3, 1904

Isaac Ferris Sr.
Fillmore Street


Camden Post-Telegram * October 28, 1910

Charles Helmbold - Isaac Ferris Jr. - Third Baptist Church