IRVIN FRANKLIN "FRANK" BISHOP was born in Camden, New Jersey on September 11, 1894, the youngest of three children born to Henry and Rebecca Bishop. His father worked as a carpenter. The family lived at 918 Newton Avenue when the Census was taken in 1900. The 1906 City director shows the family at 313 Mechanic Street. By 1910 they had moved back to Newton Avenue, taking up residence at 934 Newton Avenue, and were still at that address in 1914. Irvin F. Bishop had by this time gone to work as a driver by this time, most likely horse-drawn wagons at this time. He would later drive hook and ladder apparatus for the Camden Fire Department. 

The Federal Census taken on January 9, 1920 shows Irvin F. Bishop working as a truck driver and living at 534 Mechanic Street with his wife Lillian and three children, Helen, Margaret, and Edmond. He was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on August 25, 1920 and reported for duty on September 16, 1920 with Ladder Company 2, quartered at 619 Kaighn Avenue, where he would serve for 33 years. On September 15, 1953 Irvin F. Bishop was made Chief's Aide, a post he held until his retirement on January 1, 1955.

The 1924 City Directory shows Irvin and Lillian Bishop at 519 Mechanic Street. Things may have gone bad in the marriage, as there is no mention of Lillian Bishop in the 1927 or 1929 Directories, or in the 1930 Census.

The 1927 Directory lists Irvin F. Bishop's address as 1108 South 4th Street, while the 1929 Camden City Directory shows Irvin Bishop living at 554 Haddon Avenue. The April 1930 Census shows him renting a home at 1126 Baring Street. During the 1930s Irvin F. Bishop had remarried and was living at 3073 Tuckahoe Road in Fairview. They were still at that address as late as 1942. By 1947 he and wife Mabel had moved to 2771 North Constitution Road, also in Fairview.

On May 21, 1942 Firemen Irvin Bishop and Austin Marks of Ladder Company 2 rescued an unconscious woman from a burning building on Locust Street near Kaighn Avenue, South Camden. 

Irvin Bishop retired from the Camden Fire Department on January 1, 1955 and was replaced in the Department by Kenneth M. Clark. Irvin F. Bishop's last address was 2012 Berwick Street in East Camden. He passed away on June 11, 1958

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 28, 1922
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Camden Courier-Post * May 25, 1934

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Camden Courier-Post * January 17, 1955

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June 12, 1958