HOWARD BEAN was born in Pennsylvania in 1893. He served with the Army as a sergeant with the 312th Engineer Regiment during World War I, and spent a year overseas. He married around 1923, and lived with his wife Carrie and step-son Hubert Hoellering at 1103 North 26th Street in the Cramer Hill section of Camden. He was a member of St. Wilfrid's Episcopal Church at Dudley Street and Westfield Avenue in Camden.

On August 15, 1925 Howard Bean began work with the Camden Police Department. He served for many years as the house sergeant at the Third District Police Station in East Camden. He remained with the force until his retirement on June 2, 1950.

Howard Bean was active in veterans affairs. A member of the Corporal Mathews-Parnell Post 518 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, he was past commander of the post, and was the commander of the Department of New Jersey of the VFW as well. He also was a member of American Legion Public Service Post 231 in Camden, the Police and Fire Association, and the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.  His wife was a past president of the VFW Auxiliary, Department of New Jersey.

Ill at the time of retirement, he died on June 8, 1950 at the Philadelphia Naval Hospital at the age of 56. He was survived by his wife, Carrie Bean.

Camden Courier-Post - December 1, 1930
Howard Bean
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Camden Courier-Post * June 13, 1932

Mathews-Purnell Post 518, Veterans of Foreign Wars

Camden Courier-Post

January 26, 1938


Camden Courier-Post * February 11, 1938

Fox Heads Affair; Drive for Members Stressed; Contribute to Red Cross

Plans are being formulated for the fourth annual military ball by the Veterans of Foreign Wars to be held Armistice night, November 11. County Commander Charles B. Frank, at the meeting of the Camden County Council of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, on February 4, named  Harold Paul, Fox chairman of the event.

Fox, who is chief of staff of the department of New Jersey, spoke on the membership drive being staged nationally by the V. F. W. and of the benefits that have been accomplished through legislation for the veteran and his department which could not have been otherwise brought about except through the representation of the membership of the various veteran organizations, Fox said.

Senior Vice Commander Conrad F. Holzermer, of the council, who is chairman of the membership drive in Camden county, appeals to all ex-service men in the city and county of Camden who served either in the Philippines, Puerto Rico, China, Mexico, Vera Cruz, France, Germany, Russia, Santo Domingo or Nicaragua to contact any post or member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars who will gladly explain the benefits he eventually derives in later years through his membership in this veteran  organization.

In answer to the appeal of the American Red Cross for the relief of the civilians in war-torn China, a check was mailed to the Camden County Chapter of the American Red Cross to be used for such relief. 

Seek Jersey as Ship Name

Capt. H. G. Sparrow All-Navy Ship No. 1269—At the meeting Tuesday night the ship went on record supporting the request made to Congress by Congressman J. Parnell Thomas that the next battleship authorized be named the New Jersey. Due to the historical background and the fact  that New Jersey is one of the 13 original colonies, it was deemed fitting that the state should receive this consideration. Letters have been forwarded, through proper channels, to that effect. 

Members were urged to listen in on the "Hello America" radio hour on February 28 at 11.30 p. m. Commander-in-Chief Scott P. Squyres will deliver the membership obligation over the air at approximately 12.10 and will have a message of interest for all V. F. W. members. Howard H.  Bean and M. Mungioli, of Post No. 518, and C. Sutton and E. Gaylord from Post No. 980, attended the meeting. Horace Kershner was also present, having been discharged from Philadelphia Naval Hospital recently, after spending 17 months there. Entertainment Chairman Tom Jackson announced that a Washington's birthday party will be held at the ships quarters, 304 State street on Saturday night February 26. He also is planning an old-fashioned 'Navy Night,' the date of which will be announced later.

Gross-Hollinshed Post No. 1270 Auxiliary—Mrs. Kathryn Corbett, assistant department staff officer, attended the meeting on February 3 for the purpose of inspection. The president attended the institution and installation of officers of the recently organized Townsend-Young Auxiliary in Gloucester, on February 2. She has made arrangements to visit the Soldiers' Home in Vineland on Sunday. At that time, she will take gifts of cigarettes, donated by members of the post and auxiliary, 
together with valentine packages made by the Junior Red Cross of the Pennsauken Junior High School, under the direction of Miss Maguire. As County Council President Mrs. H. Hearn will preside at the next meeting of the council, to be held Monday, at which the Mucci Auxiliary will entertain.

Plans Charter Night

Corp. Mathews-Purnell Post No. 518, 2712 Hayes avenue, plans to hold a charter member night. Commander Clarence Hewitt has appointed a committee to plan the affair and see that every charter member of the post who is still alive, is contacted and requested to be present. It is Hewitt's suggestion that along with this charter member night, that every member of the post at present should make every effort to obtain a new recruit or reinstatement and have them at the post home on February 28,  when the Commander-in-Chief Squyres, will deliver the obligation to thousands of recruits in all parts of these United States over a nationwide radio hookup.

Part of the program drawn up by the National Encampment held at Buffalo last September, and which is now spoken of all over our nation, known as "Keep America Out of War," is misunderstood by many citizens of this country, said Howard Bean, post publicity officer.

When the subject was discussed on the floor of Post No. 518 it was stated by Commander Hewitt that it should be known by all Americans that the V.F.W. unanimously reject the 'peace-at-any price' theory of the pacifist, but favors instead a strong national defense with sufficient power to command respect for America's neutrality in wars between other nations.

Quartermaster Perry J. Wark, declared it should prove to Congress the American people believe that adequate preparedness against war will discourage a challenge to war from nations, that know and respect our military strength.

Commander Hewitt, along with Michael Mungioli, Chester Knaub, Harry Cameron and Bean attended the State Department meeting at Burlington and the post's members will attempt to have some  representation at the next State meeting to be held somewhere in Bergen county, when the announcement will be made as to where the State encampment will be held this coming June.

Ladies Auxiliary, Corp. Mathews-Purnell Post, No. 518—At the regular meeting last Friday night there were as guests, Mrs. Hazel Hearn, Camden county president; Mrs. Lizette McCullough, both members of the Gross Hollingshed Auxiliary, and Mrs. Beirs and Mrs. Gaylord of the Sgt. W. T. Whitaker Auxiliary, No. 1952, of Pennsville. Wednesday night, a delegation of No. 518 members visited the newly-instituted Townsend Young Auxiliary, No. 3620, in Gloucester. Tonight after the  regular business session a "Lincoln Tea" will be held. Mrs. Minnie Martin will be hostess, assisted by Mrs. Irene Mensch.

Want Jersey as Name

Camden Post No. 980—Plans were laid for the coming "Poppy Drive" and Commander Sutton withheld the appointment of the chairman of this committee until next meeting.

Commander Sutton appointed Wm. E. Hilbmann as chairman to arrange for a tribute to those who lost their lives on the U. S. S. Maine that was blown up with the loss of 266 officers and men in the harbor of Havana, Cuba, in 1898, on next Tuesday night. All post officers and men will assemble at post quarters for this ceremony.

The post adopted a resolution to be sent the U. S. Navy Department and to Congressman Charles A. Wolverton that one of the new battleships be named after the State of New Jersey.

Commander Sutton lead a delegation of Post 980 to the Lt. H. Kenneth Elliott Post No. 1931, in Audubon, to witness the ceremonies when the traveling gavel was presented to that post by Corp. Mathews-Purnell Post No. 518 of Camden last night. 

Pup Tent Activities

Chigger Pup Tent No. 7, Military Order of the Cooties, Veterans of Foreign Wars held a scratch at the quarters of Camden Post No. 980, on Monday night. There were 77 members present and Seam Squirrel John J. Browne presided. Arrangements will be made to have the Pup Tent meet at the different posts, due to the fact that the members are from the different posts of the county.

James O'Brien was appointed chairman of the entertainment committee, was directed to plan for a show and to submit his report at the next meeting. Proceeds will go toward expenses of the tent to the national encampment of the V.F.W. in Columbus, Ohio, in September.

The formation of a Cootie Band was discussed and Cornelius A. Sullivan, drum major and manager of the drum and bugle corps of Camden Post No. 980, was asked to lead the movement.

Sutton and Harrold were instructed to find ways and means to get a suitable silk banner for the Pup Tent. They will report at the next meeting. Members were present from Corp. Mathews-Purnell Post, No. 518, Camden Post No. 980 and Capt. H. G. Sparrow Ship, No. 1260, of Camden; Gross-Hollingshed Post, No. 1270, of Pennsauken township; Townsend-Young Post, No. 3620, of Gloucester, and Post No. 1952, of Pennsville. The next meeting will be held at 308 Broadway, February 21.

Townsend C. Young Post No. 3620 Auxiliary, Gloucester City,—The unit was installed Wednesday night, February 2, by Mrs. Carrie R. Bean, department senior vice president, assisted by Mary Cave as conductress and Simona Anderson as secretary pro tern.

The following ladies were installed as officers: Sarah Currie, president; Sara R. Smith, senior vice president; Mary Conlon, junior vice president; Amy G. Brightbill, treasurer; Florence Pollitt, secretary; Marie M. Hunt, chaplain; Elizabeth Nauman, conductress; Gertrude Martin, patriotic instructor; Theresa Nauman, guard; Helen Gale, Marie V. Wilson and Lillian Baehr, color bearers. The installation and institution took place in Harris Hall, at Corner Monmouth street and Broadway.

The following officers of state and county spoke: Daniel "Chuck" Connors, district councilman; Charles B. Frank, county commander; Howard Bean, assistant chief of staff; "Mike" Mungioli, department inspector; Allen Burgess, past commander of the Gloucester American Legion.

The president thanked the following who made the affair a success: Elizabeth Nauman, Marie M. Hunt and Mary Conlon, Emil (Dutch) Baehr, Edward F. Carl and Harry G. Nauman. The commander of the post announced that there is to be a sauerkraut supper at Harris Hall, February 26, starting at 9 p. m.

Lieut. Kenneth Elliot Auxiliary, No. 1931, of Audubon, held their regular meeting in post home on Tuesday night and entertained Department Vice President Carrie Bean and Staff Officer Theresa Mungioli. Two new members were added to the auxiliary roll. The first public card party for the benefit of the auxiliary will be held February 22 at the post home in Audubon.


Camden Courier-Post * July 22, 1941
George E. Brunner - William C. Schriver - Leo G. Stephans - Sgt. Ray Smith
Fred Vogel - Samuel Shapiro -
James H. O'Brien - Albert C. Becker - Roy C. Adams
Burnell S. Hartman -
Michael Mungioli - Carrie R. Bean - Anne D. Spooner
Engine Company 1 - Engine Company 3 - Engine Company 7 - Engine Company 8
Engine Company 9 - Engine Company 10 - Engine Company 11
Engine Company 2 (Fire Headquarters)

Trenton Evening-Times
May 6, 1943

Ethel H. Waters - Charles Waters
Mary Woods Waters
Joseph Mardino - James McTaggart
Thomas Welch -
Howard Bean
Fred Garbrecht - Anthony Moffa

Ethel Waters was from Trenton. She had worled as a clerk for Selective service Board 8 in Camden prior to her death. Miss Waters had lived at 222 North 41st Street in East Camden. Not having any family in Camden, it appears the six policemen took it upon themselves to bring her home.

Camden Courier-Post - June 8, 1950

Camden Courier-Post - July 7, 1950
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Camden Courier-Post

August 7, 1936

Camden Courier-Post - February 1, 1938

Banquet Chairman

Matthews-Purnell Post Group to Observe
16th Anniversary Tonight

The Ladies Auxiliary of the Corporal Mathews-Purnell Post No. 518, Veterans of Foreign Wars, will observe its sixteenth anniversary tonight at 8.30 o'clock with a banquet in O'Donnell's Restaurant and Cafe, Thirty-ninth and Federa1 Streets. More than 100 persons will attend.

The auxiliary, which has head quarters at 2712 Hayes Avenue is named in honor of two World War veterans, both soldiers from the Cramer Hill section, who were killed in the war. They were Charles Mathews Jr. and Oliver Purnell Jr., and their parents will be present as guest of honor. Another Gold Star mother, Mrs. Gaston Atger, also will attend. Both Mathews and Purnell served in France in the 29th division under Lieutenant Colonel George Selby.

Mrs. Theresa Mungioli, past president of the group, is chairman of the committee on arrangements. Other members of the committee are Mrs. Minnie Martin, Mrs. Anna Jackson, Mrs. Betty Donlon and Mrs. Helen J. Cholister.

John Mullan, past department commander will be toastmaster. Mrs. Mildred Reed is president of the auxiliary.


Other guests listed are: Mrs. Carrie R. Bean, senior department vice, president; Mrs. Frances Fulton, of Hoboken, national council member of the second district, Mrs. Dorothy Indoe, of Paterson, state president of the auxiliary; City Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, Raymond G. "Rube" Price, past commander of the post and Freeholder of the Eleventh ward; Mrs. Maud Ryan, of Atlantic City, past state president; Charles Franks, present county commander of the V.F.W.; Thomas Fields, department commander; Charles Hewitt, commander of Corporal Mathews-Purnell Post; Mrs. Florence E. Stark, past national president and chairman of national rehabilitation; Mrs. Simona Anderson, past county president; J. "Chuck" Connors, councilman of the Seventh district; and Mrs. Joseph Snyder, who will sing the "Star Spangled Banner.

Under the direction of Mrs. Bean, the auxiliary has organized a junior unit of the daughters of the V.F.W., which now has a membership of 5958. Miss Doris Price is president of the group.