Baxter Sr.


HERBERT WILLIAM BAXTER SR. was born in Camden, New Jersey on January 29, in either 1885, 1886, or 1887 to John and Hannah Baxter. For reasons unknown, he told The 1900 Census and Social Security Administration indicate 1885, the local Draft Board 1886 in World War I, and to another draft board in 1942 he gave his birth year as 1887. 1885 is the most likely year. The 1895 New Jersey Census shows the family living in South Camden in the Third Ward.

When the Census was taken in 1900 Herbert Baxter, then 15, was living at the home of his cousin, Joseph Baxter, at 666 South 2nd Street. His father, by this time a widower, was also living at this location. Herbert Baxter married around 1905, and a daughter, Anna, was born in short order. The 1906 City Directory lists him at 1406 South 3rd Street. The 1910 Census shows Elizabeth and Herbert Baxter renting a house at 322 Atlantic Avenue. Twin sons, John and Herbert W. Baxter Jr. were born in 1911. Herbert Baxter Sr. was working then as a "general laborer". The family was still at that address when he registered for the draft on September 12, 1918. He had by that time gone to work as an iron moulder at the Camden Iron Works.

By January 30, 1920, when the Census was enumerated, Herbert Baxter Sr. was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. The family had moved to 320 Liberty Street in and were still there in April of 1930. Herbert Baxter Sr. was a member of the Camden Fire Department through at least 1930. All three Baxter children were still living at home at the time of the Census. By 1931 he had moved to 2791 Yorkship Road, and later moved to 940 Thurman Street.

By the spring of 1942 Herbert Baxter Sr. had retired from the Fire department and had moved with his wife to Wildwood, New Jersey. Later in life he returned to Camden, passing away in February of 1969, survived by his son, Herbert W. Baxter Jr.

Herbert W. Baxter Jr. served with the Camden Fire Department from 1948 until his retirement in May of 1966. He was Chief Fire Marshall for the City of Camden at the time of his retirement. 

World War I Draft Card

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Camden Courier-Post - March 8, 1932

Charles Errickson  - Wallace Phifer - Adam Mead - Herbert Baxter Sr. - Edward Menzies - Engine Co. 8
South 9th Street - Ferry Avenue - Line Street - Atlantic Avenue - Sheridan Street - Liberty Street 
Berwick Street - Yorkship Square - V.I. Chestnut - Marvin Chestnut - Joseph Caputi

World War II Draft Card

Camden Courier-Post
February 10, 1969

Herbert W. Baxter Jr.
North 32nd Street
Elizabeth Baxter
John W. Baxter
Ann Baxter McMullen