HENRY KNAUER was born on March 22, 1895 to John and Augusta Knauer, both whom had been born in Germany. By the time the 1920 Census was taken, the Knauer family owned a home at 1327 Lansdowne Avenue. John Knauer and Henry Knauer were both working as shipyard carpenters at this point. Besides Henry Knauer there were four other children, Hilda, Edward, John, and Elsie.

Henry Knauer married shortly after the census was taken. A son was born to him and wife Minnie in February of 1923, named Henry E. Knauer. 

Henry Knauer became involved in local politics as a Republican. In May of 1934 he ran successfully for County Committeeman and for the nomination for freeholder from Camden's Thirteenth Ward. He supported David Baird Jr. against Albert S. Woodruff during the bitter struggle for control of Camden County's Republican Party in the May primary. Henry Knauer's close ties to David Baird Jr. may have in the long run hurt him politically in Camden, especially after the George Brunner's Democrat organization became ascendant in the city during the late 1930s. 

The 1947 Camden City Directory shows Henry Knauer living at 1674 Mount Ephraim Avenue, the bar that his brother Edward owned, known, appropriately enough, as Knauer's Cafe. Henry Knauer worked there as a bartender, as did younger brother John, who still resided at the Lansdowne Avenue address. 

By 1956 the Knauers had sold the bar. Henry Knauer had moved to Munn Lane in what was then Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill) NJ. Henry Knauer's resided there until he passed away in August of 1979.  

Camden Courier-Post * June 1, 1932

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Camden Courier-Post * June 20, 1933


His boasts that he could bring political pressure to bear if he was arrested cost Joseph Mrozowski, 49, of 1474 Kenwood Avenue, $10 in police court yesterday. 
He was arrested by Policeman Ivan Morris at Louis and Chestnut Streets for pulling out of a traffic line. 

"If you arrest me I will get Committeeman Henry Knauer or Commissioner Rhone to get me out," Morris quoted Mrozowski as saying. 

Mrozowski admitted that he told Morris he would telephone Knauer but denied mentioning Dr. Rhone's name. . 


A flag-raising and parade are street among the events planned in the Fourth of July program being arranged by the Dayton Community Association.

Four-year-old Barbara Fallon unfurl a large flag at the home of J. Nehring, 1223 Dayton Street, at 9 a.m. In the flag-raising exercises, Nehring has donated the banner. Barbara is his granddaughter.

Arrangements have been completed to have American Legion Posts 74, 231 and 2685, together with two troops of Boy Scouts and a motorcycle police escort to parade with the officers and members of the association from Kaighn and Mt. Ephraim avenues to the scene of the flag raising.

The parade will form at 8.30 a. m. and will march along Mt. Ephraim Avenue to Dayton Street to Nehring's home.

Samuel P. Orlando, former assistant prosecutor, will deliver an address after the flag-raising. Herbert C. Vennell, the president, will preside. Henry Knauer, Republican county committeeman, will address the association at 1 p.m. The association will meet tomorrow night at the home of William Bowers, 1359 Dayton.

Camden Courier-Post

June 26, 1933


May 16, 1934


Camden Courier-Post * October 31,1936

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