HENRY CHAPMAN KNOWLES was born on November 6, 1871 in Yorkshire, England to Thomas C. Knowles and the former Ann Hannah Stocks. The family appears in the 1892 Camden City Directory at 1116 Mechanic Street. Thomas Knowles was working as a blacksmith, Henry as a morocco finisher, and half-sister Marcy as a twister at the Howland Croft & Son mill on Broadway. In 1893 Henry C. Knowles married Sarah T. "Sadie" Long, the daughter of John P. Long and his wife Emma. This marriage produced five children, Alice, John Thomas, Annie, Emma, and Charles Knowles.

Henry and Sadie Knowles and her family had moved to 1051 Kaighn Avenue by the time the 1895 City Directory was compiled. With only a few exceptions, Henry Knowles and family remained at that address until 1921. The 1897 Directory shows them at 1007 Sycamore Street. Directories from 1899 through 1902 have them at 1053 Kaighn Avenue, next door to John P. Long and family. The 1903 Directory has the Henry Knowles at 1214 Mt. Ephraim Avenue, then from 1904 through 1921 he and his family is back at 1051 Kaighn Avenue. As Emma Long had died in 1901, John P. Long lived with his daughter and Henry Knowles for most of this period. The 1920 Census shows Henry Knowles, wife Sarah, sons John T. and Charles, daughter Emma Knowles Friezer, her husband Garland and daughter Helen at 1051 Kaighn Avenue. Sadly, Sarah Knowles died of a stroke at her home on May 14, 1920. The 1922 Directory shows that Henry Knowles, his father-in-law, daughter and son-in-law had moved to 1154 Liberty Street. John P. Long and the Friezers appear to have moved to Somerdale, New Jersey by 1923. It is not clear as to whether or not Henry Knowles had gone with them. He is not listed in City Directories from 1923 through 1928. He does return to the Directories at 1517 Mt. Ephraim Avenue in 1929, and remained there until his death. His daughter Alice had lived there with her husband Leroy Tucker since 1918 and he may have stayed with them during these years. 

John P. Long served as a member of the Camden Fire Department from 1890 to the fall of 1910. Perhaps do to his father-in-law's influence, Henry  Knowles was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on June 13, 1910 and began service on July 1, 1910 as the houseman at Engine Company 7, and appears to have kept that position through at least 1922 and possibly into 1923. The fire department housemen were eliminated by the City Commissioners on June 29, 1923, but apparently were soon brought back, and Henry Knowles was brought back with them. He was still in the position in December of 1931 when the housemen were eliminated once and for all

Henry C. Knowles passed away on September 21, 1942.


Camden Daily Courier
June 14, 1910

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September 21, 1942

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