HARRY G. NEWTON was born April 1, 1884 to Charles G. and Emma Newton. When the Census was taken in 1900 the Newton family resided at 2833 Sherman Avenue in Cramer Hill, near the Pavonia railroad station. The elder Newton gave his occupation as car builder, and that probably referred to work at the nearby railway repair shops.

Harry G. Newton married around 1902. He was working as a house painter and living just across the tracks from his former home, at 2826 Howell Street, with his wife Annie and children Ella, Charles, and Harry. Two more children would come during the 1910s, Emma and Lawrence.

By September of 1918 Harry G. Newton and family had moved to 713 North 28th Street in Cramer Hill. He had by this time became a policeman. 

The 1924 Camden City Directory shows Harry G. and Annie Newton at 118 North 25th Street. Harry G. Newton had reached the rank of Sergeant by April of 1930. He was serving in the First Police District, which covered center city and North Camden at that time. By 1930 it appears that Annie Newton had passed away. Harry G. Newton was by then living with his second wife, the former Mrs. Irene Kain, at 118 North 25th Street, between High and Howell Streets, with his son Lawrence and stepdaughter Ethel Frances Kain.

On August 31, 1935 Sergeant Newton was transferred to the Third Police District, which was headquartered on Federal Street adjacent to the fire house at North 27th Street in East Camden. This was quite convenient for Sergeant Newton, who still lived at 118 North 25th Street, just a short walk away. 

Harry G. Newton passed away on March 10, 1940 and was buried at Arlington Cemetery in Pennsauken, New Jersey. His family appears to have remained in the neighborhood of North 35th and High Streets through at least 1959. Harry Newton's younger brother Laurence W. Newton served with the Camden Fire Department during the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, reaching the rank of Battalion Chief.

Philadelphia Inquirer
May 1, 1914

James Ware
Samuel Suders
Charles H. Ellis
Walter Smith
Harry Newton
Frederick Scharr
Sidney P. McCord

Camden Courier-Post - July 8, 1914

Louis Weisban - Harry C. Kramer - Harry G. Newton
Elisha A. Gravenor - O. Glen Stackhouse
North 28th Street - Polk Avenue

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 14, 1915
Robert Stratton - George R. Thompson - Harry Newton - Robert Abbott
North 26th Street - Sherman Avenue - North 23rd Street - J. Oscar Weaver
Westfield Avenue - North 30th Street - John W. Golden - Carman Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 30, 1917

World War I Draft Card

Camden Daily Courier
March 26, 1924

Harry Newton
John T. Potter
George R. Thompson

Camden Post-Telegram
July 7, 1924

Edward Kelley
Pleasant Street
Cramer Hill Building & Loan Association
St. Joseph Hall
Matthew Vance  -
Hayes Avenue
John Freas -
North 27th Street
St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church
Joseph Shreeve
William J. Kelley
Roland Kelley
Harry Newton
William Boettcher

Camden Courier-Post * January 25, 1930
John Potter - George Frost - Walter Welch - Charles Laib - Ralph Bakley - George Ward
Herbert Anderson -
Samuel Johnson - Harry Newton - Thomas Cunningham - David S. Rhone

Camden Courier-Post * January 25, 1930

Walter Welch

Ralph Bakley

Charles Laib

George Frost George Ward Clarence Thorn

Camden Courier-Post * April 9, 1930

Rhone Reported ready to Make Five Patrolmen Sergeant

Reports that five members of the Camden police department will be promoted to sergeants tomorrow were circulated, today after announcement that two sergeants had been appointed lieutenant.

Those who, according to rumors, will be elevated to sergeant are Nathan Petit, of the second police district, to be assigned to the traffic squad; Gus Koerner, detective bureau; Walter Rowand, first district; Frank Truax, Second district, and Edward Hahn, third district.

The two new lieutenants who took oath of office yesterday are Samuel Johnson and Thomas Cunningham. The former was a sergeant of police attached to the detective bureau and will continue in that department, while Cunningham, while a sergeant, was acting lieutenant in day command at the fourth district. He remains in that district, The appointments were announced yesterday by Commissioner David S. Rhone, director of public safety.

Both were immediately administered oaths of office by Dr. Rhone's secretary, Bayard M. Sullivan, at the director's office, Lieutenant Cunningham is already eligible for retirement, having served more than 20 years on the city police force.

The two appointments complete the seven lieutenancies created n by a city ordinance. Ten members of the police department passed civil service examinations for the post, which pays an annual salary of $2500. Each must serve one year as lieutenant before becoming eligible to take examination for captaincy.

The five previously appointed lieutenants are George Frost, now night commander of the fourth district; Walter Welch, third district; Charles Laib, a sub-commander of the traffic bureau under Captain Charles T. Humes, traffic Inspector; Ralph Bakley, second district; and George Ward, first district.

The other three candidates who passed the examination, Sergeants John Potter, Herbert Anderson and Harry G. Newton, did not receive lieutenancies, although Potter had the highest percentage in the tests.


Camden Miss Goes on Visit Returns Mrs.
Frances Kain, Daughter Of Police Sergeant's Wife, Weds Detroiter

Miss Frances Kain, 22, daughter of Police Sergeant and Mrs. Harry G. Newton, is now Mrs. Martin B. Parmer.

That was revealed yesterday at the home of the bride's parents, where she returned to receive the parental blessing, having eloped with Parmer, who is 27 on August 1.

Miss Kain was visiting her sister-in-law, Mrs. Edwin Kain, at Hazelton, Pennsylvania, last week, on her vacation, when the elopement was planned.

She and her future husband went to Wilkes-Barre, where they were married by Justice of the Peace William E. Jones.

Parmer is the son of Mrs. Phoebe Parmer of Detroit, Michigan. He was graduated from Ferris College, Michigan, while the bride is a graduate of the Atlantic City High School.

The couple will make their home with the Newtons at 118 North Twenty-fifth street, until January 1, after which they will locate permanently in Hazelton.


 By Charles L. Humes 

In a shakeup of Camden police officials yesterday afternoon Lieutenant Samuel E. Johnson was named acting chief of detectives by Commissioner Mary W. Kobus, director of public safety. 

Lieutenant George A. Ward, who has been in charge of the detective bureau for a year, was transferred to take Johnson's place in charge of headquarters. 

Detective Louis Shaw was made assistant to Johnson, replacing Detective Sergeant Gus Koerner. Koerner was transferred to the Second District, for radio car and street duty. The new order became effective at 4:00 PM yesterday                       

Police Chief Arthur Colsey announced the changes in the bureau after a two-hour conference with Commissioner Kobus yesterday afternoon. 

Maurice Di Nicuolo, who has been an acting detective, was transferred to the First Police District, with former Acting Detective Clifford Del Rossi returning to his old post in the detective bureau. 

In the only other transfer announced, Sergeant Harry Newton was switched from the First Police District to the Third, with Sergeant Edward Carroll going from the Third to the First. 

Although no other changes were made public, it is believed yesterday’s are a forerunner of numerous shifts to be made today or early next week.’ 

“These changes are being made for the good of the service,” Commissioner Kobus declared. “There will be other transfers of officers and men so that all the police may familiarize themselves with all the branches of the department.”

 Lieutenant Johnson was appointed a policeman on January 1, 1910. After 10 years as a patrolman, he was promoted to a detective, where he made a splendid record. On November 28, 1928 he was made a sergeant, and again promoted on April 8, 1930, when he became a lieutenant.

 Ward was appointed a policeman on August 2, 1917, promoted to detective January 1, 1927, sergeant November 14, 1928 and lieutenant on January 24, 1930.

 Johnson was a detective sergeant when former Police Chief John W. Golden was head of that bureau, but later was transferred to police headquarters.

Ward has been in and out of the detective bureau several times. He served for a time as the commander of the First District and later was in charge of the police headquarters on the 12:00 midnight to 8:00 AM shift. He was a political lieutenant of former Public Safety Director David S. Rhone.

Mary Kobus - Arthur Colsey - Ralph Bakley - Herbert Bott - Louis Shaw
John Skolski - George Frost Walter Welch - Nathan Petit - Frank Evans
Gus Koerner - Edward Hahn - Harry Newton