HARRY LYNCH HALLOWELL was born in Camden, New Jersey on May 26, 1890 to Harry L. Hallowell and his wife, the former Elizabeth "Lizzie" Lynch. He was one of 8 children, coming after Charles Wesley, Florence M., Edward Dubois, and George L., and before John L., Harriet M., and Hobart A. Hallowell. He was related to and may have been the grandson of Charles H. Hallowell, a brick manufacturer from Philadelphia who operated a brickyard on Mount Ephraim Avenue opposite Evergreen cemetery beginning in the 1880s. This firm was still in business at that location as late as 1900, but was gone by 1906. Hallowell Lane, which runs north from Ferry Avenue along the eastern edge of New Camden Cemetery, received its name from this business, and City Directories from the 1880s and 1890s indicate that the cemetery occupies land originally used as the Hallowell's brickyard. 

By 1893 Harry and Elizabeth Hallowell had moved his family to 1825 Broadway in Camden's Eighth Ward, and the elder Hallowell was active in Republican politics. Harry Lynch Hallowell had married in the late 1870s, and were living with Lizzie Lynch's parents, George and Susan Lynch, at 234 Sycamore Street, when the 1880 Census was taken. George Lynch was a brickmaker, and Harry Hallowell followed his father and father-in-law in that trade. The 1900 Census shows the family at 1825 Broadway, and states that Harry L. Hallowell was still in business as a brick manufacturer. 

The 1906 City Directory lists Harry Lynch Hallowell and his brothers Charles and Edward at 1714 Broadway, between Van Hook Street and Ferry Avenue. The 1910 Census shows Harry Lynch Hallowell still living with his parents on Broadway. He was then working for one of the railroads in Camden as an engine wiper. The 1910-1911 City Directory shows him living at 1236 Pavonia Street, just off of Kaighn Avenue west of South 2nd Street, which would indicate that he was employed by the Reading Railroad. 

Harry Lynch Hallowell's father died on July 27, 1913 and was buried on August 1. He had been an active member of the Eighth Ward Republican Club, and the Emerson Club, a social and athletic club affiliated with the Emerson House saloon at 1819 Broadway. At least two of the Harry Lynch Hallowell's brothers were also involved with the Emerson Club's athletic association, Edward as a baseball player and George as a long distance runner. The Hallowell's also played basketball and football for Emerson, however as of this writing it is not known which brother or brothers played which sport other than the cases indicated above.

The 1914 City Directory shows Harry Lynch Hallowell living with his widowed mother at 1714 Broadway and working as a "shipbuilder". When Harry Lynch Hallowell registered for the draft on June 5, 1917 he was working as a gardener at the city-owned New Camden Cemetery, a political patronage job. He was then living at 1187 Chase Street, and was, according to his draft card, still unmarried. He married Ada Davis shortly thereafter, and apparently adopted her daughter Violet. 

The January 1920 Census shows that Harry Lynch Hallowell was married to Ada, with three young daughters, Violet, 5, Elizabeth, 17 months, and Anna, 9 months of age. They were living at 839 Florence Street. Harry Hallowell was then working as a pipe-fitter at a nearby shipyard, almost certainly the New York Shipbuilding Corporation Shipyard located about four blocks away from his home. A lot of government workers had left their posts to go to the better paying work in the shipyards during the war years, including at least six Camden firefighters in 1918. 

On September 16, 1920 the Camden Fire Department added two new companies, Engine Company 10 and Hook & Ladder Company 4, based at the newly built firehouse at South 9th Street and Morgan Street,  only two blocks from the Florence Street address. Harry Lynch Hallowell was one of the original members of Hook & Ladder Company 4. The 1924 Camden City Directory shows Harry and Ada Hallowell still living at 839 Florence Street, and states that he was a member of the fire department. By the end of 1924 another daughter, Ada Virginia Hallowell, had been born.

On December 27, 1924 Harry Lynch Hallowell felt ill and went off duty from Hook and Ladder Company 4. He returned to his home on Florence Street, where he died a few hours later. Death was ascribed to angina pectoris, a heart condition. Harry Lynch Hallowell left a wife and four daughters, with another one, Marion, on the way. He was interred near his father at New Camden Cemetery.

Harry Lynch Hallowell's widow, Ada Davis Hallowell, was still living at 839 Florence Street as late as 1946. 

Concerning how he died, it is a sad fact that a number of our firefighters in past years succumbed from heart attacks while fighting fires or shortly afterwards. Of course, in 1924 who knew about genetic risk factors, cholesterol, smoking, or anything else of that nature? Harry Lynch Hallowell's father died from a stroke at 50, his mother from the same cause at 62, and his older brother, George Hallowell, died at 44 in May of 1930.

Harry Lynch Hallowell's younger brother John Leckner Hallowell, who carried the name of prominent Camden physician and politician doctor Dr. John D. Leckner, was a member of the Camden Police Department from January 1, 1920 to at least 1949. Both brothers' appointments were political in nature. Civil service was not in effect until 1921.

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 29, 1913

World War I Draft Card


Camden Post-Telegram * August 9, 1921

Mortica Clark - William Miller - Charles Gall - Howard Walker
Harry Hallowell - Hugh Rementer - Thomas Clark - James Durkin
Al Haley - Adolph Gall -
George C. Wade - Engine Company 10

Camden Daily Courier
September 18, 1920

Horace Cairns - William Miller
Harry Selby - Charles Gall
Spencer Smith - Howard C. Walker
Rocco Fanelli - Harry J. Zander
Mortica Clark - James McDermott
James Durkin - Frank Burt
George C. Wade - Samuel E. Patton
William Reynolds - Harry Hallowell
Howard Harrington - Henry Baumgartel
Walter Carter - George Henry Johnson
Louis D. Stevens - Roscoe Tribbett
Benjamin Walters - W. Scott Franklin
George Cattell - Joseph Daley 
Anthony Valentine - David Smith
Carlo Lombardo - George Pursglove
John Hunt - Robert Gick
Nelson Till - Herman Kreher

Engine Company 10 - Ladder Company 4 - Engine Company 1
Engine Company 2 - Engine Company 3 - Engine Company 2  - Engine Company 7
Engine Company 8  - Engine Company 9
Hose & Chemical Company 2 (Engine Company 11)

Camden Daily Courier - December 28, 1924


Harry Lynch Hallowell, 32 years old, 839 Florence Street, a city fireman, died last night a few hours after reporting sick and going off duty at Hook and Ladder Company No. 4, Ninth and Morgan Streets.

Death was ascribed as due to heart disease. Hallowell leaves a wife and four children. He had been in the fire department since September 16, 1920. His death brings the total number of vacancies in the fire department to four.

Probably no more appointments will be made until new civil service examinations are held, it was indicated at the Department of Public Safety today, although there is a small waiting list of successful applicants.

Camden Daily Courier - December 28, 1924


On December 27, 1924, Harry L. beloved husband of Ada Hallowell (nee Davis), son of Elizabeth and the late Harry L. Hallowell, aged 33 years. Relatives and friends of the family, also the Camden City Fire Department, the L.O.O.M No. 111 and the W.O.M.L. No. 385 and the New Jersey State Fireman's Mutual and Benevolence Association and the Eighth and Fourteenth Ward Republican Clubs and all organizations of which he was a member are invited to attend the funeral on Wednesday afternoon, at 2 o'clock from his late residence, 839 Florence Street, Camden. Interment New Camden Cemetery. Friends may call Tuesday evening.