GEORGE WILLIAM WILLINGMYRE was born May 21, 1881 to George Washington Willingmyre and the former Clara Tice. The marriage did not last. Clara was remarried shortly after the birth of her son, to Joseph Duchneskie. Another son, also named Joseph Duchneskie, was born in June of 1883. 

George Willingmyre came to the attention of the police in September of 1903 when he went on a shooting spree in South Camden. Fortunately for all involved, he was shooting bird shot and no one was seriously wounded. For this escapade George Willingmyre received a two-year prison sentence.

The 1910 Census shows George Willingmyre living at 811 Sycamore Street with his mother Clara, step-father Joseph Duchneskie, and siblings Joseph and Lizzie Duchneskie. By 1914 Joseph Duchneskie had passed away, and the family had moved to 711 Central Avenue. When it time for George Willingmyre to register for the draft in September of 1918 they had moved to 954 Central Avenue. He was then working as a laborer for an ice company. 

Shortly afterwards this arrangement ended. In January of 1920 his mother Clara was still living at 711 Central with her daughter, Mrs. Lizzie Pantella, husband Peter, and several grandchildren. Half-brother Joseph Duchneskie was living around the corner at 1737 Kossuth Street with his wife and child. Both the 1919 Camden City Directory and the 1920 Census indicate that George Willingmyre was living at 954 Central Avenue, where he operated a junk business. The 1924 Directory shows that he was living at 711 Central Avenue, and had a business at 649 Ferry Avenue

Although he does not appear in the 1929 Camden City Directory or the 1930 Census, it appears that George Willingmyre stayed in Camden. Never having married, he died in March of 1938, and was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Camden on March 5th of that year.

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 15, 1903
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Philadelphia Inquirer * September 16, 1903

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Philadelphia Inquirer - September 17, 1903
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