Kleaver Sr.


GEORGE W. KLEAVER SR. was born in Pennsylvania around 1863 to Charles and Elizabeth Kleaver. The family had moved to Camden by the time the Census was taken in 1870. Charles Kleaver then worked as a harness maker. Sadly, he passed away during the 1870s. When the census was again taken, in 1880, Lizzie Kleaver and her family were living at 327 Pine Street. Young George was working in a machine shop. He remained in that line of work through the 1880s, 1890s, and early 1900s. He married around 1887, and lived with wife Anna first at 206 Royden Street. They moved shortly thereafter to 232 and again to 222 Royden Street by 1890. A son, George Jr, was born in 1888. The Kleavers lived at 712 South 4th Street in 1900. They would move to 515 Pine Street by 1910.

 George Kleaver obtained an appointment to the Camden Police Department around 1902, and would served on Camden's police department for 26 years. He was a member of the honor guard at funeral services for Camden Chief of Police John Foster in 1904. He was leaving his house for his post as Acting Desk Sergeant at Camden's Police Headquarters when he suffered a massive heart attack and died on New Years Day, 1928. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 5, 1906

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Philadelphia Inquirer - June 20, 1910

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Philadelphia Inquirer
March 2, 1919 

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Camden Courier-Post - January 2, 1928


Suffering a sudden heart attack as he left his home to report for duty, George W. Kleaver, 50 years old, 515 Pine Street, acting desk sergeant at police headquarters, dropped dead last night.

Kleaver had been a member of Camden’s police force for twenty-six years. As a patrolman he was connected to the Second District and enjoyed a wide acquaintance in South Camden.

He suffered a heart attack several weeks ago, but recovered sufficiently to attend to his duties. Last night Kleaver collapsed on the pavement outside his home. When members of his family were summoned and carried him into the house he was dead.

The deceased leaves his widow Mrs. Annie Kleaver and one son, George W. Kleaver Jr.