FRANK KOPESKY was born on May 6, 1913 in New Jersey to Albert F. and Josephine Kopesky, who had recently moved from Pennsylvania. The family was living at 523 Cedar Street in North Camden by the beginning of 1920. By April of 1930 the family, which included an older brother, Albert Jr., and younger brothers William, Joseph, and Frederick, was still at the Cedar Street address. The elder Kopesky was at this time working as a polisher at the RCA-Victor factory in Camden. After one year of high school, Frank Kopesky entered the work-force. In April of 1930, at the age of 16, he was working as an "office boy" according to Census records.

Leaving school notwithstanding, Frank Kopesky could write, and write well. By the mid-1930s he was writing, under his own by-line, a sports column for the Camden Courier & Post newspapers called SIDELINE SLANTS. Most of his column was devoted to the local sports scene.

By July of 1945 Frank Kopesky had married. He appears have not been called up until very late in the war. On July 11, 1945 he was inducted at Philadelphia PA. According to his enlistment records, he went into the regular Army with the rank of Private First Class, which on the face of things seems quite unusual. It may have been due to his civilian work as a reporter.

By 1947 Frank Kopesky had left Camden, although his brothers still resided at 523 Cedar Street. Albert F. Kopesky Jr. was still living there as late as October, 1970. 

Frank Kopesky was last a resident of Glendora NJ. He passed away in May of 1985.

Camden Courier-Post - June 23, 1933

Mitchell Mozeleski Is Assigned to Coaching 
Wearshing Shifted to Woodrow Wilson Hi; Lobley and O'Brien to Teach 


The appointments to the city's educational staff announced by Samuel E. Fulton, president of the board of education, revealed last night that three former Camden High athletes are among the new appointees. 

The trio are Mitchell Mozelski, Edward Lobley and Edward "Pat" O'Brien. In addition to the appointment of the above, shifts in the physical education department for Camden's two senior high schools were also announced. 
Mozeleski, Lobley and O'Brien were stars of the first water while attending the local institution and also sparkled in college athletics. Mozeleski has been assigned to the physical education department at the
Camden Academic High School at Farnham Park and will assist Phillip R. Brooks. 

Brooks and Mozeleski will coach the various sports at the academic institution, with the latter more than likely taking over football and track and the former basketball and baseball. Brooks, however, will be in charge of the physical department. 

Mozeleski comes back to his alma mater after having had wide success in college sports and in coaching. "Mitch" attended William and Mary College and captained the football and basketball teams in his senior year, while also earning a letter in track. Following graduation from the Virginia college, Mozeleski coached at a Virginia military academy. 

Wearshing at Woodrow Wilson 

Mozeleski is well versed in football and is expected to turn out a formidable team this year at the academic institution. Still, he will have to find plenty of new material, as a number of the present gridders have transferred to the Woodrow Wilson Commercial High School, located at 32nd and Federal Streets. 

Grover "Worm" Wearshing, who assisted in the physical ed department at the local school during the past three years, and tutored the football and baseball teams, will take charge of that department and athletic teams at the Woodrow Wilson High School

As yet no assistant has been named for Wearshing, but within the next few weeks an announcement will be made by the board of education. 

Frank Sias, who was on the physical ed staff at the local high school and coached track, has been appointed as physical instructor at Cramer Junior High School and will be assisted by Mary Ladewig, another former Camden High grad, who has starred on the cinders for Temple University and Meadowbrook, holding a number of Middle Atlantic A. A. U. records. 

Lobley and O'Brien have been appointed as teachers in grammar schools. The former wlll teach at Fetters School, while the latter will tutor at Stevens School
Lobley and O'Brien Stars 

Lobley, who was a three-letterman at Camden High, graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and was on the varsity basketball team for three successive years, captaining the five in his senior year when the Red and Blue won the Eastern Intercollegiate championship. 

O'Brien, who was a star center at Camden High on the eleven, is a graduate of St. Joseph's College, and performed for three years at that position for the Philadelphia institution. While both have been assigned as teachers, it is likely that they will build up a foundation of grammar school athletics, teaching the youngsters the fundamentals of various sports. 

Fulton also announced last night that in dividing the present enrollment at Camden High into two separate institutions, that both will have the required number of male students to enter the Group 4 division in athletics. 

Schedules are already being drawn up for football for teams at both the academic and commercial arts schools. Fulton also stated that in all likelihood the elevens of both schools will meet on Thanksgiving Day to decide the supremacy of the city public school football title. However, this cannot be decided upon definitely until the alumni agrees to abandon their regular Thanksgiving Day game with the senior high team. .

Camden Courier-Post - August 28, 1935

Minor Clark "Peds" Pierce - Elmer "Al" Hertzeler - William "Billy" Palese - William Wythes
Hubert Reynolds - Ralph Bozarth - Walt Heineman

Camden Courier-Post - October 29, 1935


GATHER around the bar, folks, and let's hold a little discus-lion about the foremost sporting event of the season in this section, you're correct—it's the annual brawl between the footballers of Camden and Collingswood High Schools which takes place this Saturday

* * *

Preparations are being made in both camps for another of those torrid battles. But the pre-game sentiments this year are vastly different from those of recent seasons. The Purple Avalanche on Saturday will enter the fray a top-heavy favorite. In fact, not in a number of years has one or the other been regarded as such as outstanding choice.

* * *

But go easy with those ironmen, Camden fans. Take a tip from a tipster and don't let your enthusiasm overcome your better judgment when laying those odds on the line. Collingswood partisans will likely command 2 to 1 or possibly better, remember that the Avalanche wasn't expected to be troubled by Woodbury High, and the result was a scoreless tie.

When traditional rivalry such as exists between Camden and Collingswood enters a game, the ability  of a team might easily become of secondary importance at the kickoff. And for this reason the sideline  dopesters wouldn't be shocked or awed by a Collingswood victory.

It isn't probable, however, that Billy Palese's boys will lose. Regardless of rivalry, the Purple Avalanche does have the better eleven this season and one very enthusiastic rooter of the Panthers demanded a three-touchdown margin on an even wager the other day.

* * *

The games of the two clubs with Vineland High alone makes the Avalanche a standout favorite. The  Vinelanders defeated Howard Irvine's suburbanites by 13 to 0, and the Avalanche the following week  polished off the Poultry Clan by 13 to 6. Then too, Collingswood was pressed to the utmost to measure off Bridgeton last week, whereas Camden steam-rolled Trenton High's Bengals by 33 to 0.

* * *

There is no doubt but that Camden is the logical choice to win by a comfortable margin. The apparent one-sidedness of the game, however, has not deprived it of any of its color and class. The egg-throwers will again be seen in action on Friday night, both in Collingswood and Camden, and the police of both will be kept on their toes trying to keep some semblance of order.

CHARLES "CHUCKLE" WISE, who starred in Collingswood's 1925 triumph over Camden, is starting to pass the 225 mark...Bill Cox, manager of the Iron Rock Park layout, is said to be quite a guitar player and crooner. ..Howard Irvine, coach of the "Colls," has mapped out a program to keep order at the game on Saturday. In the past, the fans have surged out onto the field in the last period, but a picket fence and ample police is expected to check this...Billy Palese, coach of the Avalanche, is holding a psychological campaign this week to prevent his charges from getting the "jitters" and frightened.

Camden Courier-Post - February 6, 1936


SPORTS in industry, widely recognized as a means of promoting good fellowship and keeping harmony in the ranks, is especially effective at the RCA Manufacturing Company here. The tremendous amount of interest being shown in athletics by the employees is revealed by the membership figures of the Victor A. A., which has between 4800 and 5200 enrolled.

Elmer C. Morse, head of the personal relations department, is one of the most enthusiastic supporters of the sports organization. "The members of the club are enjoying themselves immensely” he said. 

The organization was formed to promote better feeling among those employed at the plant, and the results have been better than expected.

"Everything is done voluntarily," he continued. "There is no need for soliciting, as most of the employees are greatly enthused over the various sport events and are anxious to take part either as a participant or spectator. The Victor A. A. has brought everyone into closer harmony, and we are looking forward to greater activities in the future."

The RCA Manufacturing Company has athletes of every description.

Of the 5000 or so members of the athletic  association, more than 1000 take an active part in the various events. The others are supporters of the teams and those who desire to take part in the numerous social functions.

The roster of athletes at present, including both men and women, is comprised of 250 or more basketball players. 700 bowlers, 125 ping-pong players and a target-shooting team. It would require columns of space to describe the various activities of each group. Both men and women compete in all sports and many out­standing girl athletes play for the local industry.

In addition to participating in sports, the association each month holds a social event at the Convention Hall. At one party and dance at which Fats Waller provided the music and entertainment more than 5300 attended.

ALTHOUGH the bowlers have been active for some time, the Victor A. A. started as an acorn about two years ago and in that short space of time it has grown into a tremen­dous organization. Baseball first blossomed forth on a large scale, and as time progressed other sports took a firm hold.

The chief topic of discussion at present is the inter-department basketball league of 18 teams, which will play three times each week. Many of the best courtmen in this section are on the roster of the various clubs and officials have attempted to keep the teams well balanced.

The former recording studio at Fifth and Cooper streets has been altered into a gymnasium and basketball hall for the benefit of Victor teams. This hall also is used by the girls' team, managed by Joe Ward, and a great deal of sports activities will be centered in it.

Roland R. Hitchens, former Bucknell University athlete, is athletic director of the association..

Camden Courier-Post - February 8, 1936


SPORT news emanating from New Orleans reminds us of a very amusing story, true or otherwise. told us during a visit to that historic city. Wishing to inspect the notorious slums, our party wandered East of Canal street and shuffled into a likely looking place for a shooting advertised as the London Cafe.

The walls of the bar-room were plastered with photos of boxers, wrestlers and athletes of all descriptions. We inspected the gallery casually and asked the portly looking gent behind the bar a few questions.

"Oh, most of 'em are local boys," he said, "and only a few are still active. But do you see that picture of a Mexican ,over there? Well, he's the champ we're most proud of." he pointed a fat finger to a down-and­out looking chap dressed in border­guerrilla fashion.

"You see it was this way," he continued. "Several years ago two men came In here and start­ed arguing about who could throw the straightest knife. I let 'em tack playing cards on ,the wall and they pulled out stillettos and started throwing. After a short time they left.

"Back they came the next day and there were two others. They stuck up more cards and threw at 'em for more than an hour. Then they paid off their bets and left. These knife­throwers were so straight that the news soon got around and the first thing we knew there were blades fly­ing all over the joint.

"It was just like a pistol-shooting or dart match. Sometimes we had 10 knife-throwers and twice as many spectators. Some of those greasers from across the border could make the Queen of Spades squeal at 20 yards, and It was a real treat to watch. And It ,vas swell for business." * * *

"But where does that bird come in?" we asked.

"Oh, he won the championship on the night we had to break things up. About 10 throwers were here and they all had plenty of dough, so they decided to hold a contest with the winner take all. It came down to two shooters and one was fairly well soused. He argued he couldn't throw straight any more and wanted half of the money. An argument started and the souse threw one more knife-at his opponent. It was a bulls-eye and that guy up there was on the wrong end. Out of respect we named him ,the champion."

* * * 

JOE CREAN, Bud Sheehan, Sam Godfrey and Worm Wearshing all play in the Delaware River Basketball League ... Joe Barry considers Walt Roman, a little chip, one of the best performers on his Catholic High quintet, and the coach recently had the diminutive guard show­ing the others on the varsity a few tricks ... Haddon Heights High goes in for gymnastics in a big way and the school has all types of equipment ... Norman Ford is the member of the faculty who teaches that sport ... Joe Shields, former Camden High and Springfield College star, is attending Jefferson Medical College, .. Newt Danford, ex-Camden athlete, teaches at Westmont Junior High, and Ted Nitka, the Fordham Flash, is a faculty member at his alma mater, also Camden High ... The senior William Denof is a swell bowler and the missus is a swell hostess ... Johnny Vogeding and Jack Bitting, popular Woodbury athletes, are employed at the Mannington Mills plant in Salem ... Frank Duffy is active in athletics at the RCA here.

Camden Courier-Post - February 11, 1936


ONE of the most important speed­boat regattas in the East this year will be held by the Farragut Sportsmen's Association here in May ... It will be an outboard race to Trenton and return and, according to Mayor Frederick, von Nieda, an official of the club, a number of outstanding pilots already have filed their entries ... Billy Palese took three of his Camden High football stars, Fred Tieman, Harry Ellis and Billy Denof to Williamsburg, West Virginia on a weekend trip to visit William and Mary College ... Palese wired home that the party is snow­bound in Norfolk ... It is expected that all three boys will attend that college next fall.

* * *

The last time Camden High's basketeers conquered the Trenton Bengals, five years ago, the skirmish went three extra periods ... The game was played at the Woodrow Wilson High court . . . . Bob McGuinness, former Camden Catholic High star, is giving "Cap" Paine a helping hand with the dribbler's at Woodbury High ... Another member of the McGuinness clan, Mary, is co­captain of the sextette at Gloucester Catholic High.

* * *

Coaches of South Jersey high schools and a team comprised of referees will stage a benefit game at the Convention Hall on Saturday night in conjunction with the tilt between Camden High and Emerson of Union City ... Proceeds will be turned over to the Naismith Olympic Fund, the drive to send the father of basketball to the games in Berlin ... The Camden Lager five­man bowling team of Bill Denof, Joe Santa, Al Hubbs, Lou Letzgus, and Jack Hilbert will compete in the 12th annual state tournament to be held in North Jersey on Sunday ... Denof and Santa also will vie for the doubles championship.

* * *

Dick Davis, of Salem, who played for the Chicago Bears football club after starring for P.M.C., is employed at the Mannington plant in his home town ... Tracy Hitchner, Pittsgrove township farmer who twirled for Albany last year, expects to rejoin Alabama Pitts and the rest of his teammates on the New York state team this spring ... Merchantville High's new band will make its first appearance at a sporting event tonight at the double-header to be played at the Convention Hall.

* * *

A grand novelty frolic will be held on Saturday night by the Whitman Park Athletic Club at Community Hall, Newport and Everett streets ... Jimmy Fillo and his Blue Rhythm orchestra will furnish the tunes for dancing ... The most amusing golf tale of the week concerns the turf­wrecker at the Pitman Country Club who couldn't sock the ball across the lake ... After several attempts, the steaming linksman tossed his bag of clubs into the water and when the caddy snickered- he followed the clubs ... According to yesterday's marriage licenses, Johnny Bach, former Camden Catholic High all­around athlete, will shortly join the Benedicts... The girl is Eva Marie Janney, of Morton street .... Dr. Charles Wise, well-known former athlete whose profession is treating feet, is getting bigger and broader and must be well over the 200-pound mark..

Camden Courier-Post - February 14, 1936


LEROY "REDS" SMITH, astute coach of the Trenton High Bengals, will not tolerate dreaming when his club is in action, .. He called upon a sub in the fuss against Camden High, and when the player made a move towards the referee instead of reporting to the scorer, "Reds" immediately recalled him. It was his son....  Jack Reynolds, of Haddonfield, former Cincinnati newspaperman, departed yesterday for Puerto Rico for a month's vacation with the Cincinnati Reds ... Ralph Patterson, who starred for Pennsauken, and Claude Maxwell, of the Oaklyn Club, have been admitted to the Independent Umpires' Association.

* * *

Vince Zizac, Camden's contribution to the. wrestling fraternity, whacks the handball without gloves just as hard as the next player ... The veteran Fergie McGrath uses special padding in practice, and "Dutch" Goodwin, former Pitman High athlete, wishes that the game were played with paddles ... Phil Brooks, athletic director of Camden High, isn't a bit bashful. When he sends his swimming team through a workout at the Y. M. C. A. tank, Phil doffs his clothing and takes an active part in the proceedings.

* * *

BILL SCHULTZ Is one of the most accurate shooters on the Camden police force and is able to hit the bull's-eye almost at will ... Mike Lynch, former Camden High and Celtics basketball star, has practically forsaken sports and spends most of his spare time coddling his year-old daughter, Catherine ... Three brothers from Ocean City, John, Lon and Fenton Carey, are making athletic history at the University of Delaware ... John swims, plays football and stars in track; Lon is also a gridder and runner, while Fenton plays baseball and tennis ... Another Ocean City youth, Olaf Drozdov, is a football and track star at the same institution..... Dr. William Scheffler, local medico, at one time held the German A.A.U. 50- and 100-meter swim records ... Today, nearing his 50th milestone, "Doc" boasts a physique of a person half his age ... Charley Rogers, erstwhile Camden High athlete and football coach at the University of Delaware, is a stock and bond salesman for a leading Philadelphia concern ... Frank McFadden, former Camden Catholic High track star, is coaching his brothers, John and Paul who also are star runners at the local institution.

* * *

"Chamby" Davis, former Haddon Heights boy, is a consistent point­scorer for the Indiana University swimming team ... Walter Hadke, who captained the footballers in his senior year at Camden High, is making a name for himself at William and Mary College ... Football and wrestling are his favorite, sports and he also is a fine student ... Merchantville High's new band gave a fine musical presentation at the double­header held at the Convention Hall on Wednesday ... It is one of the largest school bands in the state. Camden High's basketeers have not beaten a first-class team this season, and Mitch Mozeleski has his guns out, for Emerson High tomor­row night in an attempt to break the ice ... Ed Lobley, former Penn star and present coach of Woodrow Wilson's dribblers, will don a basketball suit in the preliminary game between the coaches and the referees.