FRANK H. MILLER founded his detective agency at 443 Broadway in 1912. The business was operated by him and a son William H. Miller at that address through at least 1947. The agency apparently was sold by 1956. The new owners operated at 578 Clinton Street as late as 1959. 

Frank Miller was born in New Jersey on May 12, 1879. The 1910 Census shows him working as an investigator, living at 911 Cherry Street with his wife of 12 years, Mildred. The 1920 Census shows him living at 443 Broadway with his wife named Teresa, daughter Dorothy, and niece Martha MacIntire. The 1930 Census shows that he had moved to 919 Merrick Street in Haddon Township, and that his wife was named Catherine. By 1947 a William H. Miller was running the business. 

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 15, 1913

Marlton Avenue
Birch Street
Arthur Genther
Lulu Genther
Alfred Ivins

Philadelphia Inquirer - July 31, 1913

John S. Smith - Frank H. Miller - Walter S. Le Torneau

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 15, 1914

Line Street - Frank H. Miller - O. Glen Stackhouse - Frederick Dodd
Edward Langley - Catherine Langley

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 17, 1917

Frank H. Miller - Federal Street - Mt. Vernon Street - Perry Street
Frank Sheridan - Katie C. Beach - George Beach - Frank Dungan

World War I Draft Card

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 7, 1921

Warren Avenue - Frank H. Miller - Ralph Hartman 

Camden Courier-Post
March 25, 1928

John McTaggart- Louis Lafferty
Anna McTaggart - Frank H. Miller
Broadway - Clinton Street


Camden Courier-Post - March 28, 1932

Fight Interrupts Hearing; Estranged Husband Has Apartment Watched

Arrested last night as they left an apartment at 727 Penn street, Rayfield Hartman, 38, of that address, and Mrs. Jean Everett, 35, of 111 East Franklin Avenue. Collingswood, were held in $300 bail on statutory charges by Justice of the Peace Frank Sheridan.

The couple was arrested by Detective Frank Miller, who had kept a watch on the apartment for 24 hours, at the request of the woman's estranged husband, Harry Everett, formerly of Euclid Avenue, now of Montgomeryville, Pa.

Hartman and Mrs. Everett first were arraigned before Sheridan in the Federal building. Both had been drinking, according to Sheridan, and Hartman attempted to hit Miller. Sounds of the fight reached post office employees downstairs and they ran upstairs with drawn pistols, believing a holdup in progress.

Sheridan committed the couple to the county jail until they became quiet, when the hearing was held at Sheridan's home, 941 Elm Street.

Two months ago Mrs. Everett was fined $200 for drunken driving in Gloucester, and in 1930 she was fined $75 for possession of liquor after a raid on her home by Chief of County Detectives Lawrence T. Doran.  

Camden Courier-Post
June 4, 1932

Camden Courier-Post * June 3, 1933


Frank H. Miller, 443 Broadway, yesterday was re-elected captain of state detectives at a meeting of the New Jersey State Detective Association at Jersey City.

R. C. Bowne, Trenton, was re­elected chief and Walter S. Le Tourneau, Jersey City, secretary.

Miller is beginning his sixth term as captain. His is the oldest agency in Camden and reports that the association showed that in 22 years existence he has lost only three cases.

Camden Courier-Post * February 24, 1938

Wins Divorce Plea After Telling of Tryst With Camden Storekeeper

A man who charged his wife with intimacy with a Camden storekeeper yesterday won a recommendation for divorce at a hearing before Advisory Master William B. Knight in Chancery court. 

The petitioner, Walter Brannock, of 461 Haddon avenue, accused his wife, Rita, of 439 Stevens street, of desertion.

The original suit was brought by the wife, but she failed to appear in court to contest her husband's counter action. 

Brannock told the court he was married March 31, 1935, and his wife became abusive, often kicking him. Finally, he charged, she deserted him. 

On July 22, 1937, Brannock testified, he and Frank Miller, a private detective, went to the Stevens street house and found Mrs. Brannock and William Sheehan, storekeeper at Newton and Trenton avenues, occupying a room.

Camden Courier-Post
February 28, 1938

River Avenue
Alvin Hegerman
Elsie Hagerman