ELMER ELLSWORTH LONG was born in Williamstown NJ to Andrew and Anna Maria Morgan Long on November 26, 1861. after completing his schooling at the age of 14, he went to work. After a year working in an Upper Darby PA general store, he came to Camden NJ, working for a number of different retailers, including J.R. Eastlack, J.F. Chew, Lizzie W. Frome, and at the Baker-Flick store. In 1904, with partner George A. Munger, he founded the Munger & Long Department Store. Located at Broadway and Federal Streets, the business was one of the leading retailers of its time, and was the city's first modern department store. He was also the President of the American National Bank at 1213 Broadway, which merged with the Camden Trust in the 1930s. 

During World War I, Elmer Long served as the Camden County chairman of the Liberty and Victory Loan and Red Cross committees. He also held interests in the Hurley store, Van Sciver furniture, Volney Bennett lumber, and other businesses. He served as a director of the Merchants' Trust Company and the Stockton Building and Loan Association. He Also was a member of  Trimble Lodge No. 117, F & A.M. and the Improved Order of Red Men, among other organizations.

Elmer Long also  was active for 30 years in the YMCA in Camden and Gloucester counties. After the Munger & Long store closed, he worked for

the Baker-Flick Company. In January of 1938 he took a position as manager of the contract department with the Hurley store, specializing in sales to Camden County and other government agencies. He was on medical leave from the Hurley store when he passed away on March 13, 1942.

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 28, 1908

William Leonard Hurley - Charles H. Ellis - Charles V.D. Joline - Edmund E. Read
Harry C. Kramer - Howard Carrow - Philander Knox - James H. Davidson
Johm T. Dorrance -
E.G.C. Bleakly - David A. Henderson - Samuel W. Sparks
Henry C. Loudenslager - Francis Howell - Walter Wood - Elmer E. Long
George W. Jessup - Joseph Gaskill - Volney G. Bennett - Wilbur F. Rose
Alexander C. Wood - George A. Frey -
Charles A. Reynolds - E.B. Leaming
Heulings Lippincott - Charles K. Haddon - Fithian S. Simmons -
J.B. Van Sciver
David Jester -
Frank B. Sitley - Alpheus McCracken - Thomas S. Nekervis
DeCourcy May - Isaac Ferris - Lionel C. Simpson -  John M. Kelly
G. George Browning -
Watson Depuy - John C. Danenhower - John B. McFeeley
Elias Davis -
Anthony Kobus - Captain John B. Adams

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 7, 1921

Judge Frank T. Lloyd
Alban Eavenson
Belford G. Royal
Francis Ford Patterson Jr.
Charles H. Ellis
David Baird Sr.
L.A. Hawkes
Frank S. Van Hart
John Prentice
Burleigh B. Draper
A.C. Dorrance
William S. Darnell
C.W. Tomlinson
James V. Moran
Rev. Thomas J. Whelen
L.D. Johnson
Rev. Charles B. Dubell
Elmer Ellsworth Long

Mrs. A. Haines Lippincott

Mrs. W. Penn Corson
Mrs. Harry Pelouze
William E. Bennett

Eavenson & Levering

Hunt Pen Company

Esterbrook Pen Company

Broadway Trust Company

R.M. Hollinshed Company

Hurley Store

Church of the Holy Name

St. John's Episcopal Church

Munger & Long

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South Jersey
A History

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J.R. Eastlack - J.C. Chew
L.W. Frome - Baker-Flick Store

Munger & Long Department Store
Broadway & Federal Street

Federal Street,
Looking West from Broadway

Munger & Long Department Store
is on Left

Munger & Long Advertisement - 1915

The Munger & Long
Department Store

as viewed from
Broadway & Mickle Street



The Baker-Flick Company

       At 3rd & Market Streets, The Baker Flick Company was one of Camden's leading department stores. Established by C.C. Chew, in 1870, the business was succeeded by the Baker-Flick Company in 1912. The Baker-Flick Company closed its doors in the 1930s. The building became the home of the Golden Rule Store in June of 1939.

Camden Courier-Post * June 15, 1932
George A. Munger - Elmer Ellsworth Long - Stecker & Sons - J.C. Penney Company
Lit Company - North 6th Street - F.W. Woolworth Company
John O. Wilson - Furman A. DeMaris - Herbert N. Munger - Clarence A. Munger

Camden Courier-Post * June 23, 1933

Consolidation of City and County Institutions Now Being Planned

Arthur E. Armitage, Collingswood's commissioner of public works, yesterday resigned as general secretary of the Camden Young Men's Christian Association. 

This was announced following a meeting of the "Y" board of directors. The resignation is due to be come effective September 15. That date will mark the twentieth year Armitage has served the Y. M. C. A. movement. Seventeen of these years have been with the local 

Fulfillment of an early ambition and a desire to devote his time to other interests, was expressed by Armitage as the basis for his resignation. 

Consolidation Planned 

At the board meeting, over which Wilfred W. Fry presided, a proposal was considered to consolidate the local "Y" with the Camden County Y. M. C. A. Armitage was named with Charles Wagner and E. W. Stedman as a committee of three to study the plan and confer with 
officials of the county unit. 

The retiring secretary first entered the young men's work as boys' physical director at the Orange Young Men's Christian Association, on September 15, 1913. He remained there two years and then took up similar duties with the Carney's Point. Y. M. C. A. when the movement was sponsored there by the duPont interests. On September 15, 1916 he became educational secretary of the Camden "Y" and later was appointed general secretary.

In tendering his resignation he remarked:

"My interest in the "Y" movement is just as keen as ever, but I feel since I have given 20 of my best years to the work and have fulfilled an early ambition that now I would like to devote time to other interests."

Founded Law School 

Armitage's other .interests include the South Jersey Law School, which he conceived in 1926 and advanced with the aid of Elmer G. Van Name, an attorney, and the College of South Jersey, which was developed in 1928, Both are housed in the same building 

He is president of the Spartan Building and Loan Association, past president of the Camden Rotary Club and in addition to his borough duties at Collingswood also is active in Masonic circles. 

In accepting his resignation the board elected Armitage to the directorate and chose LeRoy A. Goodwin, William Atkinson and S. B. Golf to draft resolutions commending the retiring secretary. 

Elmer E. Long, vice president, Francis B. Wallen and Millard Tay were selected to consider a candidate for Armitage's post.

Camden Courier-Post - February 15, 1938

Open House With Dancing to Follow Exercises at Central Branch

The Camden Y. M. C. A. will dedicate a new gymnasium floor tomorrow in its Central Branch, 614 Federal street, replacing one that served for 30 years.

Charles H. Wagner, president of the association, will conduct a meeting in the building at 5 p. m. at which dedicatory resolutions will be adopted. Following there will be "open house" for the public, a program of sports on the new floor and dancing.

The executive committee of the board of directors will present the dedicatory resolutions. Members are Wagner, Elmer E. Long, Alonzo W. Stedman, William H. Atkinson and A. Millard Taylor.

At a date to be announced later there is to be a dedication dinner at which there will be a speaker of national reputation.

The sports program, arranged by Kenneth E. Smullin, "Y" director of physical education, will include two basketball games, a handball match, to determine the champion of the "Y," a badminton exhibition match, a gymnastic exhibition by members of the boys' gym classes, and a table tennis exhibition.

The first basketball game to be played on the new floor will be between the Limited Senior team of the Y. M. C. A. and the Camden Catholic High School quintet. The other contest will be between the "Y" variety team and one made up of high school coaches in Camden and nearby communities.

Music for the dance following the sports program will be furnished by the Nelson-Rainey Orchestra.

Camden Courier-Post - February 25, 1938
$27,500 Goal Set for Funds to Support Non-Revenue Activities

Industrial, commercial and professional leaders in Camden organized yesterday as a special gifts committee for the 1938 campaign of the Camden Y. M. C. A. for maintenance funds. The committee met at luncheon in the Central Branch building of the "Y," 614 Federal Street

The campaign will extend from March 20 to 29, with a goal of $27,500 to cover non-revenue activities of the "Y" which are of benefit to the community. 

As in previous campaigns it is the work of the special gifts committee to' raise half of the fund from firms and individuals rated in the higher brackets of contributors. 

Mayor Arthur E. Armitage, of Collingswood, is committee chairman. Other members are Charles H. Wagner, vice president of Eavenson & Levering Company; A. W. Steadman, president of the Standard Tank & Seat Company; Walter L. Tushingham, vice-president and business manager of the Courier-Post; Warren Webster, Jr., vice president of Warren Webster & Co.; Elmer E. Long, president of the American National Bank; Howard B. Hemphill, Broadway merchant; William H. Atkinson, controller of the Hurley Store, and Wayland A. Fry, advertising executive. 

Wagner, who led the campaign last year, is again general chairman. 

Division managers and captains of the teams in the campaign are to be announced later. 

Camden Courier-Post * March 13, 1942

Camden Courier-Post

March 16, 1942