Edward Simpson was born on May 8, 1874 to William and Anne Jane Simpson, both of whom had emigrated to the United States from Ireland. William Simpson worked as a foreman at the Browning & Brother dye works in Camden. The 1880 Census shows Edward to be the third of the six living Simpson children then at home, coming after Henry and Nancy, with John, Lizzie, and Walter coming later. At the time of the Census the Sinpsons lived at 1016 South 8th Street in 

Camden's Seventh Ward. Next door at 1020 South 8th Street lived John Blowe, a Civil War veteran who was very active in political circles in Camden for many years. The Simpsons stayed at 1016 South 8th Street through 1882. They are listed at 917 South 9th Street from 1883 to 1887. 

Edward Simpson married Sarah Humphrey at age 19. In 1894 his wife, Sarah "Sadie" Simpson, bore a son, also named Edward. The family lived at 833 South 8th Street in 1894 and 1895, and are liusted in the City Directories in 1896 and 1897 at 1120 Carpenter Street. Another son, Walter was born on January 10, 1896. In 1898 Edward Simpson is listed at 1045 Pine Street

The 1900 Census shows the family living at 1045 Pine Street. The 1903 through 1908 City Directories show Edward Simpson and family at 1103 Pine Street. The 1909 edition shows a move to 1041 Pine Street.

Sadly, young Edward Simpson died prior to the enumeration of the 1910 Census. Two more sons had been born, William and Howard Simpson. The census of 1910 was taken in April of that year. The Simpsons were living at 1041 Pine Street, and Edward Simpson was employed as a boilermaker at a forge.

With a new engine company being set up on Kaighn Avenue, the Camden Fire Department recruited several new firefighters. Edward Simpson was among that group. On July 1, 1910 Edward Simpson was appointed to the Camden Fire Department and assigned to Engine Company 7 at 1115 Kaighn Avenue

The Simpsons were still living at 1041 Pine Street when the 1911 City Directory was compiled. The family appears at 914 Mt. Ephraim Avenue in the 1912, 1913, and 1914 editions. Edward Simpson is listed as a member of the Camden Fire Department in all three of these directories.

By the end of 1914 Edward Simpson had left the Camden Fire Department. He and his family moved to 839 Spruce Street. They are listed at that address in City Directories from 1915 through 1929. 

Edward Simpson was working at Camden Forge when he registered for the draft on September 12, 1918. He was still with that firm in April of 1930. 

The 1920 Census shows Edward and Sarah Simpson at 839 Spruce Street with sons William, 20 and Howard, 15. Also residing at 839 Spruce Street was son Walter, 23, his wife Alma and their six month-old daughter, Sarah. According to the Census, Edward Simpson was by this time a foreman.

The 1930 Census lists Edward and Sarah Simpson at 1074 Morton Street. Son William and grandchildren Sarah and William also resided at that address. His death was reported in the Camden Courier-Post as taking place on October 14, 1950, which also states that he was survived by his wife and sons William and Walter. Sarah Humphrey Simpson joined her husband in 1959. The Simpson family was still residing at 1074 Morton Street into the 1960s.


Camden Daily Courier
June 14, 1910

Howard L. Currie
Robert Brice
Clarence Madden
William Cason
William Laird
George Boone
Edward Simpson
John McTaggart
Roy A. Smith
James Ora Burris
William Buzine
Thomas J. Nicholas
Joseph Maxwell
Daniel Smith
Arthur Wingate
Newton Ash
Henry Knowles
Engine Company 7





Camden Post-Telegram
June 24, 1910

Engine Company 7
William Deno
John Lutts
William K. Buzine
James Navin
Richard Marter
Joseph Sparks
George Boone
Roy Smith
Edward Simpson
Thomas Nicholas

John McTaggart

Engine Company 7 was organized on 7-1-1910 at 1115 Kaighns Avenue, South Camden. Pictured with the company's 1910 American LaFrance combination hose and chemical wagon are George C. Boone, driver; and William Buzine, engineer. Driver Edward Simpson is atop the 1902 Metropolitan 2nd class steamer with stoker James Navin standing at the front of the engine. Circa 1911.

Philadelphia Inquirer
April 5, 1912

Philadelphia Steel And Wire Company
Munger & Bennett -
David Baird Sr.
Engine Company 7 - Mt. Ephraim Avenue
Pearl Street - Delaware Avenue

Camden Post-Telegram * January 2, 1913

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