DR. ALEXANDER ELLIS was the son of Samuel and Rachel Ellis, who had immigrated from the Vilna guberniya (province) of Russia to the United States in the mid-1890s with their daughter Sadie. This province was roughly the area of northwestern Belarus and Lithuania, with Vilnius (Vilna in Yiddish) as its capital.

The Ellis family originally settled in New York, where son Alexander was born in 1895. Samuel and Rebecca Ellis had come to Camden by the summer of 1900, living at 430 South 5th Street in the old Fourth Ward. Samuel Ellis worked as a shoemaker, he soon would open his own shop, selling shoes. A brother, Zellie Ellis, was born in Camden on December 10, 1901. Another brother, Theodore, was born around 1911. 

By 1910 the Ellis family owned a home at 502 Berkley Street, where they lived into the 1920s. Around 1918 Sadie Ellis married Bernard "Ben" Lubar, they made their home in Collingswood at 104 Haddon Avenue. Ben died December 19, 1952, and Sadie survived until November 5, 1973.

Alexander Ellis graduated from the Camden Manual Training and High Schools on Haddon Avenue at Newton Avenue in 1914. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1916, and the University of Pennsylvania Medical School in 1920. After interning at the Delaware Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware, he returned to Camden, where he practiced internal medicine and specialized in the treatment of diabetes. He was on the Senior Staff at Cooper Hospital. Professionally, he was a member of the Camden County medical Society, Camden City Medical Society, American Medical Association, American Diabetes Association, and the Philadelphia Medical Association.

Dr. Ellis was a member of Congregation Beth El on Park Boulevard & Belleview Avenue in Parkside.

When the census was taken in April of 1930 Samuel and Rebecca Ellis owned a building at 513 Broadway, where they operated a shoe store. The family lived above the store. Dr. Alexander Ellis had become a doctor and was still living at home. Zellie Ellis worked as a salesman in the shoe store while a younger brother, Theodore, 19, was also at home. The family's next door neighbor was Walter T. Gross, then sheriff of Camden County.

Dr. Ellis took a cruise to South America in the latter half of 1933.

The 1947 Camden City Directory shows Dr Alexander Ellis  living with his brother Zellie Ellis at 519 Broadway, where Alexander had his medical practice. Zellie Ellis was partners with Frank Selmen in a real estate business at 527 Broadway. Younger brother Theodore Ellis had opened up drugstore, Ellis' Drugstore at 617 Broadway, the corner of Broadway and Line Street. This pharmacy is still in operation the the summer of 2005.

Dr. Alexander Ellis died on June 19, 1958. He is buried at Crescent memorial Park in Pennsauken, New Jersey with other members of his family.

Camden Courier-Post - January 9, 1928

Meyer Sakin - Dr. David Cooper - Harry W. Markowitz - 
Dr. Leopold Goldstein - Herman Odlen - Fred Siris - Max Liberman - 
Hyman James - Nathan Friedenberg - A. Edward Friedberg - Louis Cades - Abraham Fuhrman - Louis Tarter - Bernard Blank - Dr. Samuel Blank - 
Jacob E. Brown - Dr. Rueben L. Cutler - Israel Eisenberg -Dr. Alexander Ellis  Dr. S. Goldman - Dr. Hyman I. Goldstein - Israel Heine - Emmanuel Kun - 
Dr. William Laub - Jack Naden - Max Peck - Dr. D.N. Rappaport - 
Sig Schoenagle - Samuel Shane - Dr. Isadore S. Siris - Dr. Samuel Tomkins - Joseph Varbalow - Benjamin Weinberg - Meyer Wessel - Maurice Wessel - Ellis Goodman - Lewis Liberman
Rabbi Archie Davidson - Rabbi Nachman Arnoff

Camden Courier-Post - January 12, 1928


William S. Darnell became president of the Camden Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children at the annual meeting and election of officers of the organization yesterday. Other officers are Millwood Truscott, first vice president; Rev. Roland Wringwalt, second vice president; Millwood Truscott, treasurer; Mrs. William P. Walsh, secretary; William P. Walsh and Frank T. Lloyd Jr., solicitor; Dr. A. S. Ross, Dr. Alexander Ellis, Charles Hutchinson and Ernest La Rossa physicians for the society.

A contract was awarded by the society for the erection of a playroom for the children of the Sheltering Arms Home on River Avenue. More than half of the sum needed for the construction of the addition has been collected. A report by Mrs. Walsh revealed that during the past month 43 cases were investigated and that 66 children were involved. Members and nurses of the society made a total of 21 visits during the period..

Camden Courier-Post - January 13, 1928


All officers of the Camden County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children were re-elected yesterday afternoon at a meeting at the Hotel Walt Whitman.

William S. Darnell again was named president. Other officers re-elected were Vice-presidents, Millwood Truscott and Rev. Rolland Ringwalt; treasurer, Millwood Truscott; secretary, Mrs. William P. Walsh.

Solicitors appointed are William P. Walsh and Frank T. Lloyd Jr. Physicians named are Dr. Alexander S. Rosa, Dr. Alexander Ellis, Dr. Charles Hutchinson and Dr. E. DeRossi..

Camden Courier-Post - June 21, 1933
$391 Contributed First Night; Boycott Aimed at 'Everything German' 

The United Committee for the Relief of German Jews opened its campaign for $10,000 in Camden last night at a rally in the Talmud Torah hall, 621 Kaighn Avenue near Seventh Street.

A total of $391.50 was contributed at the meeting to start the campaign and the committee members announced.

Abe Goldberg, of New York, internationally known Yiddish orator, and Judge William M. Lewis, of Philadephia, addressed the gathering, pleading for financial assistance for Jewish refugees driven from Germany by the Hitler persecution.

"In Germany we are not even considered a people," Goldberg said. "We have given Germany its greatest scientific and medical achievements and this is the 
compensation we receive."

Judge Lewis declared there was no parallel in the history of Israel for the Hitler persecution, and urged that Jews "use their only weapon­ that of boycott of all German things, industrially and professionally." 

Leon H. Rose, Camden attorney, presided. He said every section of the city would be canvassed during the campaign. 

Contributions thus far are as follows:

Louis Cades 
Jacob Leviton
Reuben Pinsky 
Lewis Liberman 
Mrs. Mary Naden 
Meyer Adelman 
Dr. Alexander Ellis 
Leon H. Rose 
Herman Odlen 
Rabbi Nachman Arnoff 
Isadore Borstein 
Edward Smith 
William Arensberg 
Joseph Firemen 
Morris Futernick
Keystone Stationery
Joseph Fine
S. Frankel 
Albert Melnick 
Rabbi Riff 
Alfred Solomon 
Morris Schwartz 
Michael Gold
Philip Bitman
M. Markowitz & Son 
Eddie Markowitz 
J. Epstein 
Samuel Ginnis 
Nathan Blank 
Harry Mandel 
Mark Marritz
Maurice L. Praissman
Benjamin Friedman
Julius Rosenberg
Progressive Printing 
Nathan Michel
Ellis Goodman
Benjamin Asbell
Harry Rose
Jack Goldstein
Total  $391.50

Camden Courier-Post - June 26, 1933

Wife of Druggist Suing for Divorce Petitions Advisory Master

Mrs. Freda Brown, wife of Joseph E. Brown, druggist at Third and Market Streets, who is suing her for divorce, appeared before William J. Kraft, advisory master in chancery, yesterday and asked for maintenance for herself and their two children"

The hearing was adjourned until July 10 to give Brown's attorneys an opportunity to prove his claim that Mrs. Brown is employed in Philadelphia at $18 a week.

Brown has entered suit charging his wife with infidelity and naming Dr. Alexander Ellis, 37, of 513 Broadway, as co-respondent. However, suit is not actually on file yet as Brown's lawyers stated they have been unable to serve papers on Mrs. Brown.

Isaac Eason, attorney for Mrs. Brown appeared yesterday with a bill for maintenance. It set forth that, the Browns were married at Elkton, November 23, 1923, and that Brown deserted his wife. In the petition, Brown is accused of getting his wife out of their home by a pretext and then refusing to allow her to re-enter. Eason stated he knew nothing about a divorce suit;. as no papers have been served on Mrs. Brown.

C. Lawrence Gregorio and Grover C. Richman, counsel for Brown, stated that Mrs. Brown does not need maintenance as she has a job. Kraft asked if they could submit proof of this today, whereupon Richman asked for the adjournment, saying he could obtain such testimony by July 10.

 Mrs. Brown's address was given as 541 South Forty-seventh Street, Philadelphia. Their children, Gerald 8, and Dolores, 6, are in custody of their father.

Camden Courier-Post * February 1, 1938

Retires Today

Miss Taylor's Fondest Wish to Come True After Retirement Today

Miss Carolina W. Taylor bids goodbye today -to the second grade class room at the Broadway School where she has taught for 35 years.

In that time this quiet little teacher has seen the surrounding neighborhood change from a languid residential area to a business center and methods of teaching and even the attitude of the school children transformed.

Now comes the biggest change of all for Miss Taylor. She is going to retire and keep house. And believe it or not, all the time she has been earning the title of a most efficient teacher, Miss Taylor confesses she has longed to do but one thing, keep house!

The scene of Miss Taylor's homemaking activities will be the residence at 104 Powelton Avenue, Woodlynne, where she makes her home with a sister, Miss Harriet Taylor, formerly a teacher at Central School, and a brother, Thomas A. Taylor.

Attended School Here

Miss Taylor’s experience with Camden schools dates back 


even further than her teaching career for she was born and educated in this city.

Discussing her education in the old high school at Second and Federal Streets, Miss Taylor laughed as she recalled lapses in class work while the teachers hastened to tend the coal stoves.

She graduated from high school in 1901 and finished the normal school course, then included in the high school, in 1902. Her first assignment was substitute work at Broadway School and with the exception of a couple of months spent at Liberty School, she has instructed second grade there ever since.

Miss Taylor thoroughly approves of the newer methods of education in which more freedom is allowed the pupil. She declares much, more can be accomplished with a class and the children do not dread school. "We have no bashful pupils any more," she declared. If I can remember how I suffered from shyness when I was the age of these little tots."

Recalls Many Pupils

Despite her many years in the classroom and her long procession of pupils, Miss Taylor can rapidly recall their names to mind. There was Judge Clifford A. Baldwin, who she remembers as a quiet, lovable little boy; Dr. Alexander Ellis, who she terms her "cutest" pupil; Clarence Fuhrman, Dr. Byron Tuttle, the late Dr. Russell Atkinson, Anna Snow, of Temple University; E. Howard Broome, Dr. Everett Hemphill, Dr. Paul Ironside, and Warren Mainak.

Many of her boys, she declares, seem to have become professional men, while few of her girls, so far as she has been able to ascertain, have followed the teaching profession. Miss Taylor's niece, Miss Ella Ellis, also is a teacher at Broadway School.

Camden Courier-Post - February 12, 1938

The new edition of the Who's Who in America Jewry" lists eight residents of Camden among the 10,140 Jewish notables in Camden, to wit: Bernard Bertman, A. M. Ellis, Dr. Hyman Goldstein, I. B. Levine, Herman Natal, Rabbi N. H. J. Riff, Leon H. Rose and Samuel Shane.

Camden Courier-Post - February 28, 1938
Diabetes and Mental Hygiene Subjects for Public Relations Meeting

Diabetes and mental hygiene in their relation to public health will be discussed authoritatively at the annual public relations meeting and tea of the Auxiliary to the Camden County Medical Society to be held tomorrow afternoon in the Camden Woman's Club, 424-26 Linden street.

A discourse on diabetes will be presented by Dr. Alexander Ellis, of this city, who is a member of the Cooper Hospital staff, in charge of the out-patients diabetic clinic.
"The Basic Principles of Mental Hygiene" is the topic which has been announced for a second speaker, Dr. Camilla M. Anderson, secretary of the Mental Hygiene Committee of the Pennsylvania Public Charities Association.

Dr. Anderson covers the entire state of Pennsylvania. She is the psychiatrist in charge of the women's division in the Pittsburgh City Hospital and the Allegheny County Hospital. She is assistant professor of nursing at Duquesne University and a special lecturer on mental hygiene in the department of nursing education at the University of Pennsylvania. "Emotional Hygiene, the Art of Understanding" is the title of a book which was written by Dr. Anderson during the past year and which recently has been published.

Mrs. Orris W. Saunders, of this city, is hospitality chairman for the day. Mrs. Arthur J. Casselman, of this city, and Mrs. E. Reed Hirst, of Haddonfleld, will pour and those assisting will be Mrs. William Braun, Mrs. Penrose Thompson, Mrs. A. Lincoln Sherk, of Merchantville; Mrs. Kenneth B. MacAlpine, of Gloucester; Mrs. Kenneth Athey and Mrs. Alfred M. Elwell, of this city.

The Auxiliary has planned a fashion show to be followed by cards for Monday evening, March 7, in the Hotel Walt Whitman. Mrs. H. Wesley Jack, of Haddonfield, is general chairman for the affair.

Mrs. Oswald R. Carlander, of Merchantville, is president of the Auxiliary.

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