DANIEL A. CARTER was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on January 31, 1847 to Nathaniel Carter and the former Mary Beck.

Daniel A. Carter enlisted for a three year term in the United States Navy at Camden on February 6, 1862. He was discharged at Mound City, Illinois on February 5, 1865, having completed his service.

By the 1880s he was receiving a pension from the United States government for his Civil War naval service. On January 31, 1890 he was granted an increase in his allotment, which was reported in the local press on February 8.

Returning to Camden after the Civil War, Daniel A. Carter entered the world of commerce and to an extent, politics. He married Laura V. Horner in Camden on October 29, 1876. Six children were born of this marriage- Mabel in 1877, Frank B. in 1880, Helen V. in 1883, Eva M. in 1890, Laura in 1892, and Estella in 1895. Sadly, Frank and Eva died as babies and Helen did not see her ninth year. The Carters are listed in the 1878-1879 City Directory at 731 Federal Street. Peter Carter the worked as a commission merchant. The family remained at that address through 1885. The 1880 Census shows them living at the home of Laura's parents, Thomas and Lizzie Horner, 731 Federal Street. Also living at the Federal Street address was Laura's brother, George Horner, who had been a member of the Camden Fire Department for several years in the 1870s.

Daniel A. Carter was elected Chief of the Camden Fire Department in 1882, replacing Samuel S. Elfreth. He served for three years, Elfreth being returned to office in 1885..

The 1887 and 1888 Camden City Directories shows Daniel A . Carter at 733 Federal Street. He was then working as a solicitor for the West Jersey Railroad, which by 1888 had become the Camden & Amboy Railroad. By 1894 Daniel A, Carter had moved to 737 Federal Street. He changed jobs three times in this period, directories giving his occupation as bookkeeper (1894), salesman (1896), and insurance (1898). The 1900 Census shows the Daniel Carter and family living with his in-laws at 737 Federal Street. He was still selling life insurance at the time of the Census. Also residing at that address was his brother-in-law, George Horner, then a Camden police officer.

Sadly, by 1903 Daniel A. Carter and his wife had separated. He was living in Philadelphia by 1906. 

Ill health plagued Daniel Carter's later years. He was admitted to the U.S. National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in Dayton, Ohio on November 18, 1912. On November 5, 1918 he checked himself out, but was readmitted on November 29th. He again left the home on March 21, 1919. The 1920 Census shows that Daniel A. Carter was living and working as a librarian at the United States Naval Hospital in Philadelphia. However, he was readmitted to the Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers on August 20, 1920, where he remained, except for a 15-day period in February of 1921, until May 9, 1929. 

It is not known at this time when and where Daniel A. Carter passed away. Records indicate that he did not die at the Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers. He died on January 3, 1930 and was buried at Colestown Cemetery in Delaware Township (present-day Cherry Hill), New Jersey.

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 2, 1882

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 19, 1883

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Philadelphia Inquirer - September 22, 1884

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Philadelphia Inquirer
September 29, 1884

Daniel A. Carter
Barney Harvey
Benjamin Kellum
Amadee Middleton

Front Street
George Street
Market Street

West Jersey Hotel
West Jersey Ferry Company
Taylor Brothers
Penn State Mantle Works

Samuel Cooper
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Philadelphia Inquirer - June 29, 1891

Frank L. Vinton - Howard Pine - Richard Evans
Alfred Hugg - Thomas McDowell - James S. Henry
William Sexton - John Smith Jr. - Charles Bosch
W.H. Fredericks -
James M. Lane - Robert F. Smith
John A. Furey - Andrew Rabeau - D.B. Murphy
William J. Sewell - Francis Ford Patterson Jr.
John H. Fort  - U.G. Styron - Wallace Armstrong
Joseph W. Cooper - C.C. Reeve - Frank S. Heister
Fred Newton -
Daniel A. Carter

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Philadelphia Inquirer - August 14, 1897


Grand Army
of the Republic

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William B. Hatch Post 37
William P. Robeson
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Sons of Veterans

Robert M. Hillman
R.L. Robinson
Daniel A. Carter
S.S. Weaver

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John L. Westcott
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Philadelphia Inquirer - April 25, 1903

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Philadelphia Inquirer - November 7, 1909

William Abels - Henry Surault
Robert Bender - Claudius Bradshaw
Daniel Carter - Samuel S. Elfreth Samuel Buzine - George P. Cox
Walter Browning - Harry M. Read
William W. Mines - William Shearman

U.S. National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers
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Dayton, Ohio Hampton, Virginia