CHARLES W. WHALAND was born on June 6, 1876 to Mary and William H. Whaland. His father had served during the Civil War, mustering out as a Sergeant with Company B, 121st Pennsylvania Infantry on June 2, 1865. He lived in Philadelphia into the 1870s,  and was living there with his mother and his sister Abby when the Census was taken in 1870. He married his wife Mary at some point after the 1870 Census was taken. The census does not indicate a profession, but by 1876, when he had already moved to Camden, William H. Whaland was working as a bricklayer. The 1879-1880 Camden City Directory shows William H. Whaland living at 628 Cherry Street. William H. Whaland was appointed to the Camden Fire Department in the spring of 1884 to serve as an extra man with Engine Company 2. He replaced Charles Fitzsimmons. When the Fire Department was reorganized on July 1, 1885 and eighteen of the extra men were laid off, William H. Whaland was among that number.

When the Census was taken in 1880, the William H. Whaland family resided at 411 Hartman Street in South Camden. Hartman

Street was renamed Clinton Street in 1882. The family at that time consisted of William H. Wahland, his wife Mary, and children Lillian, Charles W. Whaland and William K. Whaland. Another son, Harry, was born in 1881.

The family moved to 721 Walnut Street prior to the compilation of the 1881-1882 City Directory. By the middle of 1882 William H. Whaland had moved to 717 Walnut Street. On September 16, 1900 William H. Whaland was awarded an $8.00 per month pension for his Civil War Service.

Charles Whaland appear in Camden City Directories in 1896. In that year and the following his occupation is listed as salesman. In 1898 and 1899 he worked as an umbrella maker. From 1900 through 1905 Charles Whaland is listed as a foreman. He does not appear in the 1906 or 1907 Directories. On January 1, 1908 Charles W. Whaland was one of 25 men appointed to the Camden Police Department. 

Census records indicate that Charles Whaland was still residing at 717 Walnut Street as late as the  summer of 1910. By the time the Census was taken, his mother, Mary Whaland had passed away. His father William H. Whaland was also still living at the Walnut Street address as was brother William K. Whaland, an umbrella cutter. Youngest son Harry had married Harriet Davis and was working as a telegraph operator. By 1914 Harry Whaland had become a lawyer, practicing in Camden. By 1920 brother William K. Whaland had also joined the Camden Police Department.

Charles W. Whaland served approximately 20 years with the Camden Police Department, and had been promoted to the rank of Detective by January of 1920. City Directories show addresses at 1421 Mount Ephraim Avenue in 1912 and 1913, 1027 Atlantic Avenue from 1914 to 1920, and 1147 Whitman Avenue in 1927 and 1928.

Charles W. Whaland Sr. had retired and moved to Quakertown, Pennsylvania by October of 1931. He died as a result of a cerebral hemorrhage in Quakertown, Pennsylvania on November 27, 1931.

Philadelphia Inquirer
January 1, 1908

Charles H. Ellis
Edward Hyde - A Lincoln James
E.B. McClong - Edward Hartman
John Brothers - Fred Schwetzer
William Bryant -
Charles Humes
Charles Wilbur -
Wright Cox
Walter Stanton - John Barnett
Tabor Quinn - John Gilbert
Joseph Palese - William Haines
Frederick Watson -
Charles Whaland 
William Kiker - James Hutt
George Krown - Ule Andrews
Daniel Stanton - Albert Archer
Harry Bakley - John Shuman
Oscar Till - Albertson Matlack
John Devlin -
George Hollins
Frank Koplain -
Edward King
George Beasley
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott

Camden Post-Telegram
March 9, 1908

Charles Whaland 
Orchard street
Chestnut Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 14, 1910
J. Oscar Weaver - George W. Anderson - James Clay - Edward S. Hyde
James E. Tatem - Charles Whaland - Howard Smith - George Cooper 
Albert Shaw - Harry Mines -
Elbridge B. McClong

Camden Daily Courier
August 22, 1910

Charles Whaland 
Orchard street
Chestnut Street

Charles Whaland Family - circa 1911
Charles Whaland
Clara Bell Whaland, and Charles Whaland Jr.  

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 25, 1912
Joseph Hughes - Charles Whaland - Kaighn Avenue
Engine Company 3

Charles W. Wahland
Charles W. Whaland Jr.

On Atlantic Avenue, circa 1913

Philadelphia Inquirer
February 16, 1914

Charles Rudolph
Margaret Rudolph
Milton Stanley
Edward S. Hyde
Elbridge B. McClong
Frank Crawford
Peter Gondolf
William Lyons
Harry Miller
Arthur Colsey
Thomas Reed
William Potter
Tabor Quinn
Charles Whaland
George W. Anderson
Albert Shaw
Thomas Cunningham
William C. Horner


Philadelphia Inquirer
January 6, 1916

Norris Street
William Oswill
Charles Whaland

Des Moines Register - February 27, 1916
William Oswill - Harry F. Bushey - Charles Whaland - Norris Street

Charles W. Whaland

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 4, 1917

Police Beneficial Association - Camden Day Nursery
Camden Home for Friendless Children
West Jersey Orphanage - West Jersey Hospital
Y.M.C.A. War Fund
Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
Arthur Colsey - Thomas Cunningham
Edward Hyde - James E. Tatem
E.B. McClong - Charles T. Humes
Charles Whaland - Howard Smith
Ralph Bond - John Develin

Philadelphia Inquirer
January 2, 1918

T. Gordon Coulter
George Kappell
Frederick A. Finkeldey
William C. Davis
Theodore T. Kausel
Allen Jarvis -
Frank S. Van Hart
Frederick von Nieda
Joseph Forsyth
Dr. Charles P. Tuttle
Dr. H.F. Bushey
Elisha Gravenor
Charles Whaland

Philadelphia Inquirer
June 30, 1918

William Schregler
Princess Avenue 
Benjamin Landersman - aka Benjamin Burke
Charles Whaland

Philadelphia Inquirer
December 29, 1918

Edward S. King
Charles H. Ellis

Charles Whaland

Philadelphia Inquirer
January 20, 1919

Mrs. Erdbrink
Kaighn Avenue 

Charles Whaland

Woodbury Daily Times
April 8, 1920

Viola Spiegle
Chestnut Street
South 4th Street
Kaighn Avenue
Leon Corsey


Philadelphia Inquirer
July 12, 1920

William Schregler
Charles Whaland
O. Glen Stackhouse

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel * June 14, 1921

Ernest Grief Jr. - Emma Grief - Charles Fitzimmons
O. Glen Stackhouse - George Wagner

Philadelphia Public Ledger * August 4, 1921

Walter Hall - Kaighn Avenue - James Weaver - Parkside Trust Company - Charles Whaland

Philadelphia Public Ledger
October 27, 1921

Annie Franchetti
Van Hook Street
Dr. William Moore
Mt. Ephraim Avenue

Philadelphia Inquirer
August 4, 1923

Charles Whaland
Clayton Stormfeltz
Salem Street
Isadore Poplawaski

Van Hook Street