CHARLES SCHULTZ was born in Pennsylvania of German immigrant parents on April 4, 1865. He appears to have been the son of Charles and Eva Schultz, and the youngest of four children. The family was living at 26 South 4th Street in Camden when the 1880 Census was enumerated. Charles Schultz was then working as an apprentice printer. He was still at the South 4th Street address and working as a printer when the 1882 City Directory was compiled. Charles Schultz stayed at that address through at least 1885. The 1887 City Directory shows him residing at 227 Taylor Avenue. By 1890 he had moved to 324 Federal Street. He married Jennie Goodwin in Camden on March 30, 1891. Their first son, Charles G. Schultz, came the following year. The 1894-1895 Directory shows Charles Schultz at 1162 Maple Street. The Schultz family was living at 1141 Maple Street when the 1896 and 1899 and 1896 City Directories were compiled. A second son, William E. Schultz, was born in Camden on December 12, 1902. 

By the time the Census was taken in 1900 the family had moved to 214 North 11th Street. Interestingly enough the next door neighbor at 210 North 11th Street was Elmer E. Burkett. Both Schultz and Burkett would go on to long careers as members of the Camden Fire Department. Charles Schultz would remain at 214 North 11th Street through at least 1943.

On November 27, 1907 Charles Schultz was appointed to the Camden Fire Department. He began service on January 1, 1908. He worked at Engine Company 5 and later with one of the companies north of the Cooper River in East Camden and Cramer Hill. Charles Schultz was still working for the Fire Department as late as 1931, retrining on April 7th of that year. He was an active member of the Tenth Ward Republican Organization Club, and was still involved with this group as late as 1936. Jennie Schultz passed away in July of 1936. Charles Schultz was still living at 214 North 11th Street when the 1943 City Directory was compiled. He is not listed in the 1947 edition, and most likely had passed away. 

Son William E. Schultz was appointed to the Camden Police Department in 1926, and  graduated from the New Jersey State Police Academy on March 14, 1929. He soon was noticed for his expertise with firearms and as an expert marksman. William Schultz retired as a Lieutenant from the Camden Police Department in 1965. 

Philadelphia Inquirer - November 28, 1907

Newton Ash - Ephraim Hires - Gardner Corson - John H. Lennox - Herbert Hibbs
Dr. A. Haines Lippincott - Charles H. Ellis - E.G.C. Bleakly - Charles Schultz

Engine Company No. 5 at 14th and Federal Streets, with newly converted hose wagon. Originally a horse drawn rig, it was modified to electric power by the Commercial Truck Company of Philadelphia PA. A storage battery powered each wheel. 
Pictured with apparatus are (I to r): Chief
Peter Carter, Fireman W. Scott Franklin, Chauffeur Bert Coffman, Firemen Edward Kelley, William Buzine, John Prucella, Charles Schultz, Horace Cairns, Daniel Grimes and Chief's Aide, Fireman Harry Hankins.

Camden Daily Courier
October 29, 1921

W. Scott Franklin
Dan McSurdy
Charles Schultz
Albert Dukes Sr.
Maurice P. Foley
Gardner Corson
Jacob Woodside
Charles Robinson

Camden Evening Courier - December 13, 1930

William Foehl - Charles Schultz - Newton Ash - Irvin K. Lederman
Engine Company 9 - Engine Company 11 - Ladder Company 3
East Camden - North 27th Street - Hayes Avenue - Federal Street

Camden Courier-Post * February 20, 1936

Republican Club Will Be Hosts at Eagles Hall February 28

The tenth annual ball of the Tenth Ward Republican Organization Club, Fifth and Pearl streets, will be held February 28 at Eagle's auditorium, 415 Broadway.

William Dolan, Jr. is chairman; William B. Sullender Sullender, treasurer, and Fred Becker, secretary of the general committee.

The members of the other committees are as follows: Hall, Louis Kahnweiler, chairman, Harry Everhart, James Flaherty; advertising, Henry W. Aitken, chairman, John Stringer, Frank Sheridan and Andrew Robinson; door, Alonzo Hires, chairman, Andrew Robinson, Jacob Strecker; music, Becker, chairman, William B. Chain, William Robinson and Andrew Robinson; printing, Stringer, chairman, Dolan and Harry Harwood; refreshment, George Morgan, Ralph Shill, Charles Bowen, Harry Harold, Edward Stafford, Henry Clevenger and Frank Turner; program, Stafford, chairman, Charles Marsh, John Hedegan, Otto E. Braun, George Zietz, William Hughes, Earl Wright, Albert C. Raeuber, Charles Schultz, Stringer and Dolan; floor, Becker, chairman, Garwood, Judson Solley, Howard E. Baird, William Lafferty, James F. Lovett, Henry I. Haines, William Robinson, Braun and Samuel J. Edwards audit, Dolan, Garwood, William Robinson, and Aitken; wardrobe, Marsh, chairman, Benjamin Harvey and George Cox; tickets, John Winstanley, chairman; executive, Dolan, chairman, Stringer, William Robinson, Sullender and Haines. The Penn Troubadors will play for dancing.