CHARLES FOULON was born in Philadelphia on June 28, 1876 to Charles and Anna Foulon. Besides Charles, there was an older brother, Albert, and sisters Caroline, Emma and Anna. His father came to Camden after the 1880 Census 1880 and established a bakery, C. Foulon & Company, at 524 Federal Street. On May 13, 1900 the business barely escaped being destroyed when a large fire destroyed many homes and businesses in the 500 blocks of Federal Street and Taylor Avenue. After the death of the older Foulon in 1905, Charles Foulon carried the business forward into the mid-1920s, when he retired. 

 Charles Foulon married Laura Folker. The Foulon's had three children, daughters Miriam and Elizabeth, and a son Charles Phillip Foulon, who settled in Tooele UT. The Foulons also had a well known ice-cream parlor and restaurant at 506 Federal Street.

Charles Foulon made his home in his later years at 1453 Ormond Avenue in the Parkside section of Camden NJ. He passed away at West Jersey Hospital on January 11, 1950. 

Charles Foulon's sister Emma married Philip Wilson, president of the Central Trust Bank, brother of Admiral Henry B. Wilson for whom the boulevard is named, and daughter of H.B. Wilson Sr., for whom the H.B. Wilson Elementary School on South 9th Street is named.

Camden Post - June 22, 1888

Historical and Industrial Review of Camden, N.J. - 1890


THE best attractions in choice Confectionery, Ice-Cream, Fancy Cakes and pies, with their due accompaniment of imported and domestic fresh and dried Fruits, Nuts, etc., may be always found at the very elegant place of Charles Foulon, 524 Federal street, established by Charles Foulon & Co., in 1886. About two years ago the firm was dissolved and Mr. Foulon became the sole proprietor. This gentleman caters successfully for balls, weddings, etc., and is prepared to supply banquets anywhere and at all times. He sells during the season an average of 1000 quarts a week of ice-cream. 

He employs nine assistants, and runs a delivery wagon in the interest of his customers. His salesroom is 18x28 feet in dimensions, and is a model of good taste and neatness in its equipment.
Mr. Foulon was born in Mulheim, on the Rhine, but has resided in America since 1868.

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 22, 1899
Carrie Foulon - William George Roberts - Rev. William Dayton 

Philadelphia Inquirer - January 22, 1899

Philadelphia Inquirer - May 14, 1900
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536 Federal Street

Albert Foulon
Ice Cream & Cakes

1919 Camden High School
Purple & Gold Yearbook Ad

Camden Courier-Post
January 7, 1928 


Camden Courier-Post - January 11, 1950