CAMILLUS V. APPLEY was born on September 7, 1863 to Lorenzo Dow Appley and his wife, the former Eliza Maria Traver, in what was then Newton Township, Camden County, New Jersey. Newton Township was merged into Camden in 1871, forming the Seventh and Eighth Wards. He appears to be the youngest of seven known children, coming after Euler T. in 1850, Theodocia in 1852, Althea in 1854, Harold Lorenzo in 1855, Urilla in 1857, and Cuvier A Appley in 1859. Census records from 1910 indicate that there were three other children who had died and whose names are at present unknown. The Appley children with the exception of Harold Lorenzo stayed in South Jersey. Harold Lorenzo Appley went west, settled in Missouri, where he died in 1910.  

The Appley family is known to be living in the area of Mt. Ephraim Avenue and Sycamore Streets as far back as 1869. The 1869 City Directory shows Lorenzo Appley and family at South 10th and

Sycamore Streets. The 1877 edition gives their location as South 11th & Sycamore Streets. The 1878 City Directory and the 1880 Census shows Lorenzo Appley and family living at 1118 Mt. Ephraim Avenue in Camden's Seventh Ward. Lorenzo Dow Appley was then working as a clerk for one of the railroads in Camden. He remained an employee of the railroads for the rest of his working days. Only sons Cuvier and Camillus were still at home. Camillus Appley, 16 when the Census was enumerated, was working as a wheelwright. Also at home was an uncle, John Appley, who also worked as a railroad clerk. 

On October 29, 1881 Camillus Appley married Sarah Cheeseman. A daughter, Lillie Appley, was born on August 23, 1883. In 1884 Camillus Appley remarried. His second wife, the former Emma (later in life known as Emily) Earling, bore two children, Estella M. Appley in March of 1890 and Howard Elwood Appley on August 7, 1898.

Camillus Appley appears in the 1890 City Directory, still living at and still working as a wheelwright. The 1892 City Directory has him working as a painter and living at 550 Liberty Street. By 1893 he was back to 1118 Mt. Ephraim Avenue, where he would live out his days, and had gone to work as a laborer for the Pennsylvania Railroad, his father's employer. He went back to working as a wheelwright in 1894 and followed that trade through 1896. He does not appear in the 1897 or 1898 directories, but by the time the 1899 Directory was compiled he had been appointed to the Camden Police Department. 

Camillus Appley was a big man, a very big man in the times that he lived in. He stood 6'4" tall and weighed over 300 pounds. Once appointed to the Police Department, he would follow this line of work for the balance of his days, although there was a time in the early 1900s when, due to political interference, he was off the force. He resigned from the department in June of 1901 and was re-appointed on February 28, 1905.

The 1900 Census shows Camillus Appley, his wife and children, living with his parents at 1118 Mt. Ephraim Avenue. Also at home was a nephew, Euler T. Lewallen, the son of older sister Theodocia. The Census referenced above was taken in Camden on June 1, 1902. After the Census, Lorenzo Dow Appley went to Missouri, either to visit or to stay with his son Harold. He was counted for a second time on the Census, which was enumerated there on June 12, 1900. Lorenzo Dow Appley died in Rolla, Missouri on December 10, 1902.

The 1910 Census shows Camillus Appley, his wife and children and widowed mother at the Mt. Ephraim Avenue address. Eliza Maria Appley passed away on December 31, 1911. Howard E. Appley married Martha Anna Riegler shortly afterwards. The 1917 City Directory indicates that he and wife Martha lived with Camillus Appley at Mt. Ephraim Avenue. A grandson, Howard Appley Jr., was born in 1917. Howard E. Appley and his family were still living with Camillus Appley at 1118 Mt. Ephraim Avenue in September of 1918. They moved in with Martha Appley's family at 932 South 6th Street prior to the January 1920 Census.

The 1920 Census shows Camillus Appley, a widower, living alone at 1118 Mt. Ephraim Avenue. He was still working as a Camden police officer, and was still on the force in 1922. His marital status as stated in the Census seems to be in error. The City Directories from 1920, 1921, and 1922 shows Camillus and Emily at 1118 Mt. Ephraim Avenue, and also show Emily living with Howard E. Appley and his family at 932 South 6th Street. The 1923 City Directory shows Emily Appley, widow of Camillus, at 1118 Mt. Ephraim Avenue

Camillus V. Appley died on January 31, 1923 in Camden, New Jersey. He was buried on February 4, 1923 at Arlington Cemetery in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

Camillus V. Appley's grandson, Howard Appley Jr., was killed in action while serving with the United States Army in North Africa in April of 1943.

Philadelphia Inquirer
July 1, 1898

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Camden Post
July 1, 1898

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August 3, 1913

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Philadelphia Inquirer
November 28, 1922

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