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CHARLES BERNARD "BARNEY" HARVEY served with the Camden Fire Department on two different occasions between April of 1878 and 1893. He was first appointed as an extra man with the Hook & Ladder Company on April 8, 1878, replacing Alexander Wilson. He served until April of 1882, when he was replaced by James Read. He was reappointed in 1884 as a Driver and remained employed by by the Camden Fire Department in that capacity through 1893. 

Charles Bernard "Barney" Harvey was born in Pennsylvania in August of 1849 He appears in the 1860 Census living in Delaware Township, Camden County, New Jersey, on the farm of Joseph Kay. A Catherine Harvey, aged 30, was also living at that residence. There is no indication, however, as to their relationship. Barney Harvey was not living at the Kay farm when the Census was taken in 1870. What his whereabouts were at that time is not known as of this writing. What is known is that he had married Augusta "Annie" Walker in the early 1870s was living in Camden's North Ward by 1878. He appears in Fire Department records, the 1878-1879 City Directory, the 1880 Census, and the 1881-1882 City Directory at 904 Howard Street. The Census of 1880 shows Barney Harvey, his wife,  Annie, and children Emma, 6; Wilbert, 4; Dyadeemy, 2; and his mother-in-law Sarah Walker. Barney Harvey worked as a cater and as a teamster in these years. Another daughter, Florence, was born in 1882.

As stated above, Barney Harvey was appointed to a full-time position with the Camden Fire Department as Driver with Engine Company 2 on March 26, 1884. When Engine Company 4 was organized on June 1, 1890 at 320 Vine Street in North Camden, with a two-hitch, second class Button steam engine and a one-hitch Button hose carriage, he was the new unit's first driver. The charter members were as follows; Company Foreman, Amedee S. Middleton; engineer, Francis Turner; stoker C. Barney Harvey; driver, Edward Hartman; and hosemen Walter W. Browning and Charles Berry

The 1884-1885 and 1885-1886 City Directories show Barney Harvey at 29 Wood Street, and the Directories also begin referring to him as Charles B. Harvey. The 1885 Directory and the 1887-1888 Directories in fact have entries for both given names. Barney Harvey appears to have resided briefly in 1884 at 316 Vine Street, then moved to 224 Main Street by 1885. He resided in the 200 block of Main Street through at least 1914. Directories and Fire Department records show him at 212 Main Street in 1888, 210 Main Street in 1890, 230 Main Street in 1890 through 1893, and at 226 Main Street from 1894 through 1914.

The 1900 Census shows the Harvey household consisting of Barney and Augusta Harvey, daughter Florence, son-in-law Edwin Walker, and grandchildren Jessie and Esther Walker. A boarder, James Rowe, also lived at the Main Street address. 

Charles Bernard "Barney" Harvey passed away in 1914 and was buried at Arlington Cemetery in Pennsauken, New Jersey. 

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