BURHARDT LEODEGAR BUENZLE and his wife, the former Catherine "Kate" Albisser, lived in Cramer Hill at 1144 North 24th Street from the 1880s until their deaths in the early 1930s. 

Burkhardt Leodegar Buenzle was born on October 22, 1857 in Zurich, Switzerland. His wife was born in November of 1857. The were married in Switzerland in 1878 and came to America shortly afterwards, settling first in Philadelphia, where son Joseph Anthony was born on August 26, 1880. The family was still in Philadelphia as late as 1883. By September of 1886 the Buenzles had moved to Camden. The Buenzles were Catholics and soon affiliated with St. Joseph's Church on Howell Street in what is now East Camden.

Catherine gave birth to 12 children, sadly only one, Joseph Anthony Buenzle, survived them.  A son William Joseph, born in Camden in September of 1886, died in 1913 at the age of 21. A daughter Amelia died in 1906 after childbirth.  Amelia's son, William Seidelmann, was raised by Burkhardt and Catherine. All of the other child died at birth or shortly afterward.

Catherine Buenzle died on February 17, 1930 in Camden. Her husband Burkhardt joined her on September 15, 1931.

Philadelphia Inquirer
October 25, 1895

Philadelphia Inquirer - October 26, 1895

Philadelphia Inquirer - March 23, 1896

Philadelphia Inquirer - April 29, 1896

Frederick Feil - John Hoosey
Louis Everly - ,Jacob Walz
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George W. Spicks
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August Muench - John Costello
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Eseker Meeks
Burkhardt L. Buenzle

Philadelphia Inquirer April 28, 1897

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John Hoosey 
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Louis Everly
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B.L. Buenzle
Captain Merritt Hall
Gottlieb Jung
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George W. Spicks
Dora Andrews
Frederick Wolfinger
John J. Trost
William Denneller
Jacob Bendinger
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Philadelphia Inquirer
April 27, 1898

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William Denneller
John Costello - Jacob Bendinger
Gotthard Eisener
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Merritt Hall - Pavonia Park Frederick Wolfinger - Jacob Walz
Charles Kleeman -
Stockton Park
Christopher L. Dietz
Frank Grunert

Philadelphia Inquirer - December 1, 1903

Amelia Buenzle - Joseph J. Gross - Kathryne O'Neil - John J. Tischner
Agnes O'Neil - James Wharton - Frank Debold - Carnation Social Club

Camden Courier-Post * February 9, 1928

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