ANTHONY J. OBERST SR. was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1857 to Lawrence and Mary Oberst. His family, which included four sisters, moved to Egg Harbor City, New Jersey when he was a young boy, then to Philadelphia where they were living in 1880. Lawrence Oberst was self-employed as a music teacher, and Anthony learned the piano. His occupation is listed in the 1880 Census as musician. He would follow that course for much of the rest of his life, however, his primary career was in real estate. 

Anthony J. Oberst appears in the 1884-1885 Camden City Directories as partner in a printing business, Oberst & Schmitt, at 1017 South 6th Street. He was still living in Philadelphia when that directory was compiled, and teaching music part-time. He served as church organist at St. Francis Catholic Church in Trenton and at Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Camden. By the time the 1885-1886 Camden directory was published the business had moved to 906 South 4th Street, and Anthony Oberst had moved to 924 South 6th Street in Camden. In 1886 he moved to 830 Mt. Vernon Street and opened up a dry goods store. Anthony Oberst remained at that address and in the dry goods business into 1899. He also got involved with real estate, saving and loan associations, insurance and in Seventh Ward politics as a Democrat. He was also active in affairs in the German community in Camden, with the Camden Liedertafel, the Turn Verein, and as secretary of the German Centennial Building Association.

In August of 1899 Anthony J. Oberst bought the building at 809 South 5th Street, moved his family there and went into the insurance and real estate business full time while continuing his work with many building and loan associations. Anthony J. Oberst and family resided at 809 South 5th Street as late as the fall of 1918. By the end of 1919 they had moved to 1253 Princess Avenue in the Parkside section of Camden.

As a musician, he led an orchestra which performed at banquets and other affairs in the city. Although he stopped working as a musician in the 1910s, he kept up his membership in the musicians union and in the Philadelphia Association of Musicians until his death.

As mentioned above, Anthony J. Oberst was active in the Turn Verein movement and brokered the sale of Turner Hall. He was an early member in Camden Aerie No. 65, Fraternal Order of Eagles and was on the committee that oversaw the erection of the Eagles Hall which stood at 415 Broadway. He also sat on the board of directors of the Broadway Trust bank.

Anthony J. Oberst retired around 1931 and turned his real estate and insurance business over to his daughter Louise. He passed away at his home, 1253 Princess Avenue, on March 22, 1934. He was survived by his wife, Magdelena, sons Anthony Oberst Jr., Joseph Oberst, John Oberst, George A. Oberst, and daughters Anna Oberst Homan, Margaret Oberst Wilson, Louise Oberst and Martha Oberst. After services at Ss. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church, he was buried at Calvary Cemetery

Camden Daily Courier - October 29, 1886
Alexander Schlesinger - John Heileman
Eli Bacharach - John Pfeiffer
Dr. Conrad G. Hoell - Jacob Vissell
Anthony J. Oberst - Dr. B.J. Weyle
Francis D. Pastorius - John Scharnagl
Wilhelm Hage - Christian Killinger
David Goldenberg - Christian Eckert
John Hausbeck - Charles E. Wentz
Ernest C. Wentz - Solomon Seybold
Wilhelm Myers - J. Henry Sauers
Gus Weber - George Bristle
Joseph Meyer Sr. - George Hill
Theodore G. Mayer - Emmanuel Schneider
Conrad Spalt - Charles Bankert
Peter Dankelmann - John F. Riegen
George Horneff Sr. - Theodore Krug
Anthony Kobus - George Pfeiffer Sr. 
John Welsh Sr. - Dennis Lutenbacher
Frederick Lutz - Fred George Brum
A. Tegtmaier - Michael N. Voll
George Kleinheinz - Lewis Schiemer
Edward N. Cohn - Charles Helm
Anthony Voll - Dr. H.W. Miller
Edward Schuster Sr. - Dr. John W. Donges
John Heim - John Schanz
Martin J. Ewe - Frank Berberick
David Hess
Jacob Meyer - Fred Spuhler
Jacpb Moeck - Gottlieb C. Moeck
Fred Geissel - John Bender
Peter Mucker - Christian Ebensperger
Louis Clipper - John Schnitzius
John W. Wescott
Harry B. Paul
Albert Hoffman

Camden Daily Courier
December 14, 1887

German Centennial Building Association
Valentine Kissling
John Heileman
Anthony J. Oberst 


Camden Post
February 13, 1888

Camden Liedertathel
The Belle
Franz Groebel
Christian Eckert
Anthony J. Oberst
Sixth Regiment Armory


Camden Post
August 30, 1888

Ss. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Church
E. H. Wieland
August Hiller
Anthony J. Oberst 
John Diller
Thomas Fearon


Camden Post - March 1, 1892

Camden Liedertathel - Anthony J. Oberst - Sixth Regiment Armory - John Lock - Elizabeth Lock
Joseph Schaeffer - Leon Streisman - Samuel Dodd - Charles Schultz - August Weber - William Maier
Jacob Seibert - August Hiller - Richard Mason

Camden Daily Courier
August 31, 1899

Anthony Oberst

William V. Hoover - Josiah A. Freeman - Alfred Cramer - John W. Horton - Leonard Messner - Lewis F. Holl
Jacob Stone - Salinda Fisler - Samuel W. Parry - James Fletcher - William A. Potts - James Griffee
George Pfeiffer Jr. - Frederick H. Cornelius - Abraham B. Rulon - David Baird Sr.
F. Joseph Rouh - Wilhelmina Countiss

Camden Post-Telegram * February 24, 1903

Turn Verein - Turner Hall - Martin Hartmann - Frederick Banzhoff - John Maier - August Hiller
Louis Hartmann - Ferdinand Zuber - Claus Ecks - William Uber - Anthony Oberst - Francis T. Steinbach
John F. Rieger - John Schmidt - William Bartelt - Bernhard F. Schroeder - Rudolf Korfhage
Albert Schradin - Louis Holler - Anthony Kobus - Charles Foulon Sr. - Adam Schlorer - George Kadisch
George Brehm - Herman Fuchs - Theodore G. Maier - Fred Lutz - Edward Schlorer - Frank X. Braun
George Kruck - Conrad Walz -  John G. Colsey - John Graef - August Frietag - Herman Ladewig
Benjamin Baier - Fred Schneider - Maynard Dalbey - Ernest Maehler - August Weber - F.W. Kohlenberg
Andrew Haehner - Conmrad Ahrens - Jacob Ruff - Harry C. Halbert - George K. Knauf
Henry Guenther - George Kroecker - Theodore Leopold - Edward McCabe - Adam T. Davis
Gustav Schwoeri - George Lotz

Camden Post-Telegram - May 8, 1905
Camden Aerie No. 65, Fraternal Order of Eagles - Alfred Kemble - William Denneler - Conrad Brill Jr.
Charles Beale - Frank Burt - Dr. Philip W. Beale - Jacob Hess - Daniel W. Bromley - Frederick Johnson
William H. Cole - Harry B. Middleton - John S.B. Candler - Harry J. Weiss - Thomas J. Atkinson
Julius R. Schaff - Anthony Oberst - William F. Jann - William Petzelt - James F. Cleary - Frank Rouh
Frank S. Deveroux - George Blake

Camden Daily Courier
May 8, 1905

Camden Aerie No. 65, Fraternal Order of Eagles
Alfred Kemble
William Denneler
Conrad Brill Jr.
Charles Beale
Frank Burt
Dr. Philip W. Beale
Jacob Hess
Daniel W. Bromley
Frederick Johnson
William H. Cole
Harry B. Middleton
John S.B. Candler
Harry J. Weiss - Thomas J. Atkinson
Julius R. Schaff - Anthony Oberst
William F. Jann - William Petzelt
James F. Cleary - Frank Rouh
Frank S. Deveroux

Camden Post-Telegram
May 7, 1907

South 5th Street
Newton Avenue


Camden Post-Telegram * May 11, 1908
Giacomo Meyerbeer - Coronation March
Franz von Suppé - Morning Noon & Night Overture
Robert Schumann - Intermezzo Traumerei
Eduardo Marzo - Come Gracious Spirit

La Favorita Quartet
Julia Robinson
Katherine Rosenkranz
Arthur D. McNichol
Henry Hotz
William Silvano Thunder

Frances Allitson - The Lord Is My Light
Campana - From the Depths

John Stainer - The Crucifixion

Marianne. Farningham - The Last Hymn

A. Emil Titl - Serenade
Friedrich von Flotow - Show Me Thy Ways

Nicolai - Protect Us Through the Night
Rossini - Inflamatus from Stabat Mater
Rossini - Through the Darkness

Friedrich Heinrich Himmel - Incline Thine Ear
Lowell Mason - Nearer My God To Thee
John Philip Sousa - Stars and Stripes 

Alfred Kemble
William Denneler
Conrad Brill Jr.
Charles Beale
Frank Burt
Dr. Philip W. Beale
Jacob Hess
Daniel W. Bromley
Frederick Johnson
William H. Cole
Harry B. Middleton
John S.B. Candler
George D. Strain
Martin McNeil
Adolph Peschlow
H.J. McNermy
L.L. McClennan
Henry Price
Nathaniel Myers
Isaac "Ike" Toy
Thomas J. Farnan
George Griffin
George W. Haman
Michael Raidon
Thomas Flatley
John F. Berton
Joseph E. Healey
Thomas Dwyler
Michael J. Lynch
Otto Heydrich
John H. Riddle
John A. Furey
James F. Cleary
Julius R. Schhaf
William F. Jann
John J. Cleary
William M. Petzelt
Frank S. Devereaux
Theodore B. Rambo
Charles F. Sattler
George S. Dilmore
John J. Jarvis
Harry A. Durgin
Robert M. Hartman
Bernard Tierney
Anthony J. Oberst
Harry C. Halbert
Charles E. Cullen
Dr. W.P. Wingender
Dr. James Lynn Mahaffey

A.J. Dougherty
Edward Haggerty - Frank Applegate
William Vander Straeten - William J. Lawler
George Fisher - John L. Jarvis

John J. Burk - Frank Moncreif
Louis Bennett - Robert C. Barr
William A. Atkin Jr. - John Lloyd
Joseph Taylor - Charles Mulner
Charles Blank - George W. Johnson
Arthur Colsey William D. Hoover
Fay Lafayette - Howard A. Fern

Camden Post-Telegram
December 6, 1910

Broadway Improvement Association
Broadway Hall
Anthony Oberst


Camden Post-Telegram
April 27, 1911

Anthony Oberst - South 5th Street
Ss. Peter & Paul Roman Catholic Church
James B. West Jr. - John McGowan
Trenton Avenue - Pine Street

Thomas J. Daley - Edmund J. Alff - Thomas Curley

Camden Post-Telegram
April 17, 1912

Anthony Oberst - Frederick A. Finkeldey

Camden Daily Courier
October 11, 1912



Camden Aerie No. 65, Fraternal Order of Eagles
Dr. E.J. McConaghy - William Buck
Thomas Edwards - John Everham
Mrs. W.A. Curliss

The Enchantress
Oh! You Little Bear
Happy Time
I Want to Be in Dixie
Take Me Back to the Garden of Love
Waiting for the Robert E. Lee
Spirit of Independence
Rag Time Soldier Man
Island of Roses and Love
Rag Time Goblin Man
Just a Dream of You, Dear
That Baboon Baby Dance
That's How I Need You
My Little Persian Rose
Remick's Operatic Rag
I'd Like to Live in Loveland
I'm the Guy
Marion You'll Soon Be Marryin' Me
Oh You Dear Sweet Wonderful Boy
My Palace of Dreams
I've Got the Finest Man
That Mellow Melody
Good Morning
Good Bye Everybody


Charles F. Sattler - John J. Lloyd
James F. Cleary - Atlie F. Hoover
Michael Durkin - Ralph R. Reynolds
Harry M. Dey - William S. Van Blunk
William Rudolph - J. Kessler Jenkins Sr.
John M. Gray - Arthur M. Gray
George W. Garton - Herbert J. Tidd
William J. Van der Straeten
James Carr - James O'Hara
E. Vanderslice - Frank S. Devereaux
Anthony Oberst - George Lezenby
William F. Sheer - William M. Petzelt
George S. Dilmore - John Freeman
Frank Applegate - M. Marino
Michael Caulgeld - Harry Antrim
Samuel C. Fisler - Samuel Curlis
James Kennedy - Sylvester McGrath
John H. Riddle - Charles W. Gengenbach
William Cleary - Garry Miller
Claude Chew - James Cahill

Alice Davis - Edith Johnson - Rose Marino - Florence Williams - Mrs. William Gormley
Bessie Haines - Frances Lenz - Alice Parrish - Mrs. Howard Smith

Camden Post-Telegram
February 24, 1914

Turn Verein - Turner Hall
Charles Goeble
David Hunt
William Briant
Francis P. Steinabach
Fred Lutz
Bernhard F. Schroeder
Anthony Oberst

William H. Bartmann
Jacob Gnang
Joseph Schmidt
Joseph H. Pfeiffer

Camden Post-Telegram * October 1, 1915

George Reinhart - William Schlorer - Raymond Dunham - John Hurley - Leonard Hoffman - William Horay
Henry S. Campbell - Adam Schlorer - Anthony Oberst - Jermiah Beaston - Edward Schlorer




Camden Post-Telegram
October 23, 1916

Anthony Oberst - Anna Oberst
Dr. George D. Homan
Camden Manual Training & High School
Camden Commercial College
Camden Fire Insurance Association


Bank Directory - March-December 1916

Broadway Trust Company
Broadway below Walnut St. Camden, N.

. J. BURLEIGH President
ANTHONY KOBUS Vice President - WM. J. COOPER Vice President
BURLEIGH H. DRAPER Secretary and Treasurer 


John J. Burleigh        

William Mills 

Dr. S. G. Bushey         

Anthony J. Oberst 

Ralph D. Childrey         

John Wesley Sell 

Robert H. Comey         

Dr. Marvin A. Street 

William J. Cooper      

Wilbert L. Sweeten

George A. Frey          

Edward B. Stone

Albert Fogg         

Adam Schlorer

Frederick Grant         

Bernhard F. Schroeder

John B. Kates         

Edward Schuster Jr. 

Dr. Grant E. Kirk     

John O. Wilson

Anthony Kobus


Condition of Bank - March 7, 1916

Camden Post-Telegram * May 1, 1918

William P. Hallinger - Raymond L. Warren - Joseph H. Forsyth - Robert D. Clow - George W. Kirkbride
Meyers Baker - Howard A. Walton - George W. Jessup - William B. Hambleton - Johan A. Ackley
Frank Burr - R.A. Rockhill - Maurice B. Rudderow - Ralph D. Baker - Edgar Freeman - William Schmidt
Charles G. Jessup - Clinton I. Evans - Anthony J. Oberst - Leon E. Todd - William Derham - T. Yorke Smith Eldred I. Hibbs - Henry Budney - Carl Evered - Francis C. Ely - William Schmid

Camden Post-Telegram
August 8, 1918

Anthony J. Oberst
Turner Hall
Pine Street
Turnhalle Baufond Geselleschaft

Camden Post-Telegram
August 21, 1918

Anthony J. Oberst
Turner Hall
Pine Street

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 11, 1918
John B. Kates
Charles G. Garrison

Herbert A. Drake
Howard M. Cooper
D. Truman Stackhouse
George G. Bergen
Enos Dellmuth
Louis Clark
Charles A. Duncan
F.L. Peach - W.J. Coxey
Herbert Corson
Elmer Deputy
Herbert C. Felton
W.B. McMullin - Joseph B. Davis
Charles D. Phillips - Ephraim Gill
Charles Austermuhl
Samuel Mackler - Frank C. Dall
J.H. Knerr - Charles M. Curry
Isaiah Hatch
Harry M. Dease
Elmer F. Edwards
Thomas J. Wright -
Anthony J. Oberst

Camden Post-Telegram
May 19. 1919

Princess Avenue - Anthony J. Oberst

1253 Princess Avenue - 2012 

Camden Daily Courier
October 12, 1920

Robert Whitley
Camden Aerie No. 65, Fraternal Order of Eagles
Anthony J. Oberst
John M. O'Brien

Camden Post-Telegram
October 13, 1920

Robert Whitley
Camden Aerie No. 65, Fraternal Order of Eagles
Anthony J. Oberst

Camden Daily Courier
May 11, 1930

George A. Oberst7
Anthony J. Oberst

Camden Courier-Post
June 8, 1930

Camden Aerie No. 65, Fraternal Order of Eagles

Patrick J. Cunningham - Thomas B. MacNamara
Edward A. Stock - Jesse Goldenberg
William Brown - Leonard Musgrave
Elmer Jones - David L. Visor
Fred Moehler - Charles Shock
Phillip Marolle - Seth Foster
Peter J. McGuire -
Anthony J. Oberst
James Connor - Joseph Middleton
David Lukoff - George McCann
Charles Larson - Cooper B. Middleton
George DeMillin - Charels Gengenbach
Leo Cahill - George Tuttle
Charles Meihler


Camden Courier-Post
March 23, 1934

Anthony J. Oberst
Turner Hall
Pine Street
Princess Avenue