ANGELO D. MALANDRA was born in Pennsylvania on April 15, 1907 to Charles and Rose Malandra. The family moved to New Jersey sometime between 1912 and 1917. By 1930 the family had moved to 1909 South 4th Street in Camden's Eighth Ward. Charles Malandra by then had his own tailoring business. After graduating from Camden High School, Angelo Malandra furthered his education. He was attending law school at the time of the 1930 Census. He graduated in June of 1933.

After passing the New Jersey bar Angelo Malandra remained in Camden, where he practiced law and was involved in local politics. He maintained offices in the Wilson Building at Broadway and Cooper Street

Angelo Malandra was an associate of Felix "Man o' War" Bocchicchio, best known as World's Heavyweight Champion Jersey Joe Walcott. Angelo Malandra served as legal counsel for Bocchicchio and Walcott in the late 1940s and 1950s, and later served as Deputy Mayor of the City of Camden, and as a a judge. By 1947 he had moved to 1579 Collings Road North, in Fairview. He later moved to 3129 Atlanta Road.

In 1961 Angelo Malandra turned his back on his former political patron, Mayor George E. Brunner and led a slate of seven candidates against him within the Democrat county committee. Angelo Malandra also was a leader in the 1961 campaign that change Camden's city government from its City Commission to a Mayor-Council format, effectively undoing the reforms of 1922. 

In 1967 Angelo D. Malandra was rewarded for his services to the Democrat party with an appointment to a judgeship by then New Jersey Governor Richard Hughes.

Angelo Malandra died in February of 1973. His daughter, Lynne Malandra Kmiec, made her mark as Democratic chairwoman of Cherry Hill. She headed the Camden County Board of Elections and served as executive director of the Camden County Democratic Committee while George E. Norcross III was party chairman. She also served as chief of staff and political director for Democrat Congressman Rob Andrews.

The Malandra Hall Recreation Center in Fairview is named in his memory.

Camden High School Purple & Gold Yearbook

Camden Courier-Post - June 6, 1933

Extra! Girl Awarded 6 Cents As 'Playboy' Breaks Heart

A verdict of six cents was awarded against William B. Knight, Jr., in favor of Miss Emma M. Thagen in a breach of promise suit at a moot trial in the Chancery Court room.

The trial was held by the graduating class of the South Jersey Law School with an all male jury in the box and the court room crowded.

Young Knight was described as a playboy by his friends. He declared Miss Thagen once told him that she would never marry him if she wanted a "permanent man." He said she declared he was all right as a playboy. He denied he ever promised to marry her. He admitted showering her with gifts and took her out twice a week

Miss Thagen said she gave up Edward A. Finn when she "fell in love I with Billie." She said he always led her to believe they would marry some day. She admitted calling him a "scarecrow once." The fair plaintiff collapsed when the jury "vindicated" her wounded heart with the verdict.

"Judge” Henry F. Stockwell presided. Knight was represented by Robert Norris, Angelo D. Malandra and Henry Miller. John L. Morrissey and Ellis H. Wood were counsel for Miss Thagen.

Raymond J. Jubanyik was a character witness for Knight. Edward A. Finn and Lawrence Finlayson testified for Miss Thagen. F. De Witt Kay acted as sheriff and John F. Rogers was clerk of the court.

The jurors were Henry Wille, foreman; Samuel Singer, Joseph McCullough, Walter W. Evans, John Kerrigan, Harold W. Kotlikoff, Mitchell Stern, Charles Hale, Robert Landis, Fred Streng, Elmer Bertman and Joseph Liebeman.

The constables were Wiedner Titzck, Theodore T. French, Samuel T. French, Jr., William G. Freeman and George A. Streltz.

Elmer G. Van Name, president of the college, was among the interested spectators. The trial was given under the direction of Professor Edward L. Platt, associate dean.

Camden Courier-Post - June 9, 1933
College of South Jersey Will Also Graduate Class at Walt Whitman


Of 208 White Horse pike, Haddon Heights, who is an honors student in the senior class of the South Jersey Law School, which will be graduated tonight. Norris was graduated from Haddon Heights School in 1927 and is also an alumnus of South Jersey College. 

Dr. Arthur Holmes of the University of Pennsylvania, will be the principal speaker tonight at commencement exercises to be held by the College of South Jersey and the South Jersey Law School, in the Walt Whitman Hotel

Robert M. Norris is the valedictorian and Edward E. Finn ss the Salutatorian. Finn will also conduct the mantle ceremony, as president of the senior class. S. Thurman Lovitt will deliver the valedictory of the graduating class of the college. Robert I. Holllngsworth, president of the senior class will make the mantle address for his fellow graduates. 

Rev. Dr. R. E. Brestell, pastor of St. Paul's Church, will be chaplain of the day. Diplomas will be awarded and degrees conferred by Elmer C. Van Name, president of the institution. 

Academic honors are to be awarded to Miss Bella Winigrad and Robert Norris of the law school and to S. Thurman Lovitt in the college. Among those receiving their diplomas and degrees are: Benjamin J. Dzick, Raymond T. Jubanyik, H. Wolfe Kotlikoff, Louis Krichev, Harry Levinsky, Angelo D. Malandra, John F. Rodgers, Bella R. Winigrad, Thomas Fallon, David Fatlowitz, Frank Halpin, Robert L. Hollingsworth, Gregory G. Lagakos, S. Thurman Lovitt, Samuel A. Melamed, John T. O'Neill, Edwin Segal, Adolph J. Stern and Edgar K. Graham (certificate) of Camden. 

Other graduates are: 

Law School- Samuel L. Aronson, James E. Collins, Edward E. Finn, Milton Manuel Kaplan, William B. Knight Jr., Joseph I. McCullough, Henry Miller, John L. Morrissey, Robert M. Norris, Albert K. Plone, Charles F. Richman, Ursula D. Simone, Joseph Wainer, Ellis Howard Wood.

College- Clayton E. Burdick, Phillip Frank Casella, Vincent A. DeMarco, Leonard A. Duffy, Franklin A. King, Stephen J. Kovrak, Andrew C. Levy, James J. Oakley, Charles Edward Sharp, Charles F. Steinruch Jr., Frederick B. Thatcher, William B. Watson, William R. Wordhoff, George W. Westcoatt. 

Those receiving certificates for special courses are: William Allen Barrett, C. Russell Briant, J. Lawrence Finlayson, W. Donald Risler, Joseph Henry Johnson, Cornelius Q. Read, Fred C. Sacks.

Camden Courier-Post - October 11, 1933

Young Professional Members to Be Guests at Dinner Dance

Six youths of Camden city and county, graduates of various institutions of higher learning, who have embarked upon professional careers within the past ten months, will be honored tonight at a dinner-dance, to be tendered them by the Circolo Italiano of Camden County.

The event is scheduled to begin at 8 p. m. in Hotel Walt Whitman.

The honored guests are Dr. Anthony Di Ielsi, of 1018 South Fifth Street, graduate of Hahnemann Medical College; Dr. John Carman Canal of 101 Black Horse Pike, Haddon Heights, graduate of the Temple University Dental School; Dr. John D. Del Duca, of 919 South Fifth Street, also a graduate of Temple University Dental School; Philip M. Mealo, civil engineer with a degree from Carnegie Tech., Angelo D. Malandra 1909 South Fourth Street, graduate of the South Jersey Law School, and Dr. P. J. Chinappi, of 1728 Broadway, who holds a degree from Temple University Dental School.

Common Pleas. Judge Eugene V. Alessandroni, of Philadelphia will be one of the principal speakers. Others include State Senator Albert S. Woodruff, Mayor Roy R. Stewart of Camden and Dr. A. A. de Porreca, noted Philadelphia architect.

Rocco Palese, assistant prosecutor of Camden County and president of the Circolo Italiano of Camden County, will preside as toastmaster. Other officers of the organization are Edward V. Martino, vice president; Vincent A. Sarubbi, recording secretary; Cosmo Buono, corresponding secretary and Dr. Troiano, treasurer.

The Circolo Italiano of Camden County was organized in October, 1931 with a membership of six. Today its membership totals 44 men. Its purpose, is set forth in its charter of incorporation, "to engender, stimulate, and foster interest in the movement for the betterment of the Italian American citizens in the County of Camden.'

The committee directing tonight's dinner dance includes Chairman Martino, Gene R. Mariano, John R. Di Mona, Anthony Marino, Dr. Troiano and Joseph Bantivoglio.


Camden Courier-Post - October 16, 1936

Camden Courier-Post - January 7, 1938

Camden Courier-Post * November 29, 1949

NAMED CHIEF of the Camden police department today, Captain‘Gustav Koerner, a 26-year veteran of the department and one time baseball player, is shown receiving the congratulations of Public Safety Director Aaron. A native of Camden, Chief Koerner succeeds George W. Frost, who resigned Jan. 1, 1948. Captain Samuel Johnson had been acting chief since then.

Gustav A. Koerner - George W. Frost
E. George Aaron - Mary MacClennan 
John Garrity - Walter Mattison
Albert Cornog - Edward Carroll
Samuel Johnson - Walter Rowand
Frank Call - George E. Brunner
Angelo Malandra - James J. Mulligan
Bart A. Sheehan - Nathaniel Petit
David S. Rhone - Mitchell Cohen
Charles T. Humes


Camden Courier-Post
April 21, 1951

Edmund A. Walsh
Angelo D. Malandra
L. Wayne McCormick
Kenney's Restaurant


Camden Courier-Post - October 23, 1953

Camden Courier-Post - November 6, 1953


Walter N. Carley - Leon B. Niewinski - Jules Kornberger - Thomas Kenney Sr. - Albert Kornberger
Anthony Skolski - Carter Paper Company - Joseph Lack - Walter Heim - Samuel D. Payne
William Rohrer - Angelo D. Malandra - Joseph J. McComb - Lawrence J. Wisely - Frank H. Ryan
William A. Stretch - E. George Aaron - Edward Goldsmith - Willard Schriver - John McCloskey
Dominick Sasso - William J. Myles - Edward Brewer - Julian Masso - Edward Garrity

Camden Courier-Post - December 22, 1953

DROPPING 1200 BUCKS to help more than 500 families in the Camden area have Christmas cheer, workers in RCA Victor Division plants turned their contribution over to union officials who presented it Monday on their behalf, to-Drop-a-Buck-Club officials. Smiling at the total are, left to right. Bernard Kavanagh, president, Local 110; George Norcross, president, Local 106; Deputy Mayor Angelo Malandra, Drop-a-Buck chairman; Anthony Perry, president. Local 103; Frank H. Ryan, editor, The Courier-Post, and Daniel Arnold, international representative for the International Union of Electrical, Radio and Machine workers, CIO, with which the locals are affiliated.

Completion of the Camden City volunteer organization which will distribute 1500 can containers to business houses throughout the city for the 1954 March of Dimes was announced today by City Commissioner Aaron, Camden County chairman. 

With leaders in every ward n Camden City, as well as in all the municipalities of the county appointed, Aaron predicted the com­ing campaign, which begins next month; will surpass all records.

"Never has the need been greater than it is today, and never have the prospects been so heartening for combating the .dread disease of Infantile paralysis” Aaron said.

"While this tremendously important work is going on. we must in care for those already stricken and those who will be stricken next year. More than 60 patients  afflicted with polio this year, as well as past polio cases, have received treatment at the Camden Municipal Hospital, treatment made possible by past contributions to the March of Dimes. Your money has saved the lives of countless people; countless others need your help.

The committee follows; First Ward, Joseph Davis; Second Ward, David Hagarty; Third Ward, Louis Di Renzo; Fourth Ward, John Odorisio; Fifth Ward, Mrs. Anna Anderson and Mrs. Lena Rago; Sixth Ward, John Salvatore; Seventh Ward, Mrs. Alfreda Hart; Eighth Ward, Anthony Bezich and Delaware Palmer; Ninth Ward, Oscar Moore; 10th Ward. Edward Kelley; 11th Ward, Mrs. Ella Mae Russell and Carroll Gooch; 12th Ward. Margaret Foley and Wayne McCormick;  13th Ward, Albert Becker and 14th Ward, John Emmel.

P. Donovan Cragin is executive secretary  of Camden  County Chapter, National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, sponsor of  the March of Dimes.

Camden Courier-Post - December 22, 1971
Angelo D. Malandra - John Giletto - Harold Pike - Thomas DiBiaso - Thomas Grieff
John R. Evans Leather Company - Cooper Hospital - North 2nd Street - Erie Street

Camden Courier-Post - February 2, 1973



Camden High School - South Jersey Law College - George E. Brunner - Richard Hughes
Veterans Boxing Association Ring No. 6 - Atlanta Road - Ralph J. Kmiec