ALBERT CHARLES RAEUBER was born August 20, 1894 in Camden, New Jersey to Karl Frederick Raeuber and his wife Emma. His father, known around town as Fred Raeuber, was a harnessmaker. The family moved to Camden in the early 1890s, and by 1900 had settled at 933 Pearl Street. The Raueber family would remain at that address through the 1940s.

Albert Raeuber had served for two years as a private in the New Jersey National Guard prior to his registering for the draft on June 5, 1917. His National Guard duty had him working in a hospital unit. He was then working as a punch press operator at the Lindholm Metal Stamping Company at 107 Erie Street. Both Albert Raeuber and his brother William served in the military during World War I.

Returning to Camden after war's end, Albert Raeuber was still single when the Census was taken in 1920. He was living at home with his parents and older brothers Frederick R. and William. He married shortly afterwards. The 1924 Camden City Directory shows that Albert Raeuber and his wife Mary were living at 931 Pearl Street, next door to his father and brothers, and that Albert Raeuber was a member of the Camden Fire Department. Also living at 931 Pearl Street was brother fireman John Reilly and his wife Hazel. By 1930 the marriage had produced two daughters, Virginia, born in 1921, and Alberta, who came in 1925.

On January 19, 1925, Fireman
John Reilly of
Engine Company 4 made the Supreme Sacrifice in the line of duty. About 9:30 P.M. that Monday evening, Engine 4 turned out on a phone alarm reporting an oil stove fire at 924 North 2nd Street, in an occupied building near Second and State Streets, North Camden. The fire occurred in the residence of Max Kosh, located above his grocery store, Upon arrival, Firemen John Reilly and Albert Raeuber carried a large copper portable extinguisher to the second floor. The flames were quickly extinguished and the nozzle closed. Suddenly, the fire extinguisher exploded like a bomb. Fireman Reilly was struck in the face by pieces of the fragmented appliance. He was killed instantly. Fireman Raeuber sustained serious lacerations and bruises, requiring an overnight admission at Cooper Hospital. Probationary Fireman John Reilly was thirty-five years old and a member of the Department for seven months. He had become quite popular among the members and neighbors of Engine Company 4.

Fire Department records from 1931 show that Albert Raueber was living at 933 Pearl Street. He moved to 938 Elm Street in the early 1930s. Albert and Mary Raeuber moved to 415 North 10th Street by the end of 1939. He then was assigned to Engine Company 6. He retired on disability in 1942, suffering from a throat ailment that eventually took his life.

Albert Rauber died on December 3, 1944. Mary Raeuber was then still living at the 10th Street address in 1947. Last a resident of Merchantville NJ, she passed died in December of 1979. 

World War I Draft Card

Camden Post-Telegram * December 30, 1920

Peter B. Carter - Thomas Nicholas - Walter Browning - George B. Wade - William W. Patterson
Francis Ford Patterson Jr. - Charles H. Ellis - David Jester - Joseph Forsyth

Engine Co. 1 - Alfred E. Green - Charles Errickson  Charles W Cooke - Leroy Hatchett

Engine Co. 2 - Howard Landon - John K. Voll 
Edgar Ellender - Harold Lohrang - Chester Andrus  Harry G. Layton

Engine Co. 3 - Charles B. Haines - Charles Clements
August HaverkampFrank Kuda - Louis Quinton

Engine Co. 4 - Frank A. Obermann - Walter B. Gray
Albert Raeuber
- Fred Schucker - Harry Kleinfelder

Engine Co. 5 - Richard A. Farris - Frank Fennrio

Engine Co. 6 - William H. Reed - Manuel J. Kane Edward Perairia - Thomas Shanahan
Rocco De Varro

"Frank Fennrio" is for the moment a mystery

Engine Co. 7 - August Scholl - Nicholas Romaine
Lawrence H. Mathews

Engine Co. 8 - Samuel Oshushek - Edward C. Crane Adam Mead - Frank Sapp - William J. Taylor Sr.

Engine Co. 9 - Kennard Naylor - Daniel McSurdy John Mohrfeld

Engine Co. 10 - William Schwartz - Hugh Rementer Harry Greenan - Rocco Abbott

Hose & Chemical Co. 2 - Laurence Newton
Edward Hauser - William Getner

Ladder Co. 1 - Thomas Cunningham
Leonard Megee

Ladder Co. 2 - John Gaylor - Walter White

Ladder Co. 3  David Ellis - George W. Attison
John Mulligan - David Humphries - Albert Dukes

Tennie G. Hutchison Jr. - Ladder Co. 4 - George A. Quimby

Camden Courier - January 20, 1925 

Companion Hurt As Extinguisher Explodes at Second Street Fire
Injured Fireman Finds Self Lying on Comrade's Dead Body

Peter Carter - Charles Gladney - Samuel Harring 
John ReillyWilliam W. Patterson - Albert Raeuber  
Max Koch - North 2nd Street - Pearl Street - Engine Company 4

Camden Courier-Post * February 20, 1936

Republican Club Will Be Hosts at Eagles Hall February 28

The tenth annual ball of the Tenth Ward Republican Organization Club, Fifth and Pearl streets, will be held February 28 at Eagle's auditorium, 415 Broadway.

William Dolan, Jr. is chairman; William B. Sullender Sullender, treasurer, and Fred Becker, secretary of the general committee.

The members of the other committees are as follows: Hall, Louis Kahnweiler, chairman, Harry Everhart, James Flaherty; advertising, Henry W. Aitken, chairman, John Stringer, Frank Sheridan and Andrew Robinson; door, Alonzo Hires, chairman, Andrew Robinson, Jacob Strecker; music, Becker, chairman, William B. Chain, William Robinson and Andrew Robinson; printing, Stringer, chairman, Dolan and Harry Harwood; refreshment, George Morgan, Ralph Shill, Charles Bowen, Harry Harold, Edward Stafford, Henry Clevenger and Frank Turner; program, Stafford, chairman, Charles Marsh, John Hedegan, Otto E. Braun, George Zietz, William Hughes, Earl Wright, Albert C. Raeuber, Charles Schultz, Stringer and Dolan; floor, Becker, chairman, Garwood, Judson Solley, Howard E. Baird, William Lafferty, James F. Lovett, Henry I. Haines, William Robinson, Braun and Samuel J. Edwards audit, Dolan, Garwood, William Robinson, and Aitken; wardrobe, Marsh, chairman, Benjamin Harvey and George Cox; tickets, John Winstanley, chairman; executive, Dolan, chairman, Stringer, William Robinson, Sullender and Haines. The Penn Troubadors will play for dancing.  

World War II Draft Card

Camden Courier-Post
December 4, 1944







Camden Courier-Post * December 4, 1944