Joseph A. Ware


JOSEPH A. WARE was born in 1878 to Emma and James Ware Jr. and lived for most of his life in Camden's old Eighth Ward. In his early years his family lived near South 7th Street and Ferry Avenue. His father worked a number of jobs, but it seems his primary occupation in the 1880s was politics. The 1887 City Directory states that he was working as a chemist. Camden City Directories show the Ware family at 1713 South 6th Street in Camden's Eighth Ward as early as 1888. Politically active, James Ware Jr. was then working as the Superintendent of Camden Cemetery, which is known today as Old Camden Cemetery. In 1888 he was elected to the Board of Education, and was active politically through at least 1892, when his wife Emma died. James Ware Jr. was appointed to the Camden policeman in 1898, was on the force as an inspector in 1910. James Ware Jr. retired on May of 1914. James Ware Jr.'s brother, John A. Ware, was a Camden firefighter. He served with Engine Company 3 from 1890 through 1904.

Joseph A. Ware married around 1902. He was still living at 1713 South 6th Street  with his wife, also named Harriet, and son James when the 1906 Camden City Directory was compiled, His father was still with the Camden Police Department. 

By 1910 Joseph A. Ware and family had moved around the corner to 1709 Fillmore Street. Joseph A. Ware was then working as a timekeeper. His father, James Ware Jr., still had a lot of influence in local politics, and shortly after the 1920 Census was taken Joseph A. Ware was appointed to the Camden Fire Department on November 15, 1912.

When the City Directory for 1914-1915 was compiled, Joseph A. Ware and his wife Harriet were still living at 1709 Fillmore Street. By this time he was serving as a member of the Camden Fire Department, attached to Engine Company 1

Less than six weeks after his father filed his retirement papers, tragedy overtook the Ware family on June 6, 1914. During a working fire at Locust and Spruce Streets, Fireman Ware was seriously injured. While cranking the apparatus motor on Engine 3, the crank slipped, striking him in the face. As a result of the injury, Fireman Ware was blind and paralyzed. Complications set in, and Fireman Ware passed away on July 21, 1914.

Survived by his wife and son, Joseph A. Ware was buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Camden. He was also survived by his father, stepmother Harriet F. Ware, siblings and step-siblings.

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